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 Tasrix Thunder, Jedi Knight (WIP not done yet!)

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Tasrix Thunder
Tasrix Thunder

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PostSubject: Tasrix Thunder, Jedi Knight (WIP not done yet!)   Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:08 pm

Name: Tasrix Thunder
Race: Human
Age: 25
Class: Smuggler, slightly FS


Tasrix Thunder, Born on Alderaan, was a nice young lad, he had a generally happy Personality, Funny, and is very Kind and Nice. He was born in a little house by a lake that had a pefect view of the horizon over the lake.

He was always a good boy who loved to make things and play with them. Through the force, of course. His parents would watch him stack his toys using the force and play with the water. His parents were Senators and had little time for him but they loved him all the same. either his Father or Mother was always there. His Mother, Jane, would always try to stay with him for as long as possible as her and her husband worked as a team. His Father, Ben, would let Jane off to look after their baby Tasrix.

The jedi came asking for Tasrix eventually, but His parents would not let them take him just yet. Tasrix was already learning how to use the force at home already, and Tasrix was all that they had. The jedi insisted they take him but his parents showed them his progress at home, and they let them keep him with them for a while, but they would drop by from time to time.

Eventually, When Tasrix Grew up a bit more, He went out hunting, which he always loved to do. When he was hunting, he was ambushed by a Bounty Hunter, who wanted him for a ransom against his parents. The bounty Hunter pointed the blaster to Tasrix's head and said "Dont' Move"

The Bounty Hunter

in a quick movement, Tasrix twisted round, ducking round the blaster's barrel just before it fired, grabbed the Bounty Hunter's hand and Twisted it. The bounty hunter screamed and kicked Tasrix to the ground and took out his vibroknife as did Tasrix. They began a heated battle, slashing and lunging at each other with hate in their eyes. Tasrix, holding his knife backhand and level with his head, lunged, but he feinted and made an uppercut with his fist, the blade facing the Kel Dor.

he cut it in the arm and The Bounty Hunter lunged at him, throwing all the force towards Tasrix, who was hit by the bounty hunter who then held the blade to his throat. at that moment, They bounty hunter was held above the ground inexplicably, bashed into the ground so he would drop the blade, and thrown into a nearby tree, knocking him out cold.

A middle-aged man helped Tasrix up, saying that he was called Ken-Tos Var. He said that 'It was Time' and to say goodbye to his parents.

"No!" Shouted Tasrix. "I will not leave my home!"
"but you must. It is the way of the Jedi."

After a heated arguement, Ken-Tos managed to convince Tasrix to come with him, Tasrix Knew, as he walked with Ken, that his parents had known this time would come.

An Older Tasrix

The jedi rescuer

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PostSubject: Re: Tasrix Thunder, Jedi Knight (WIP not done yet!)   Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:56 am

may I ask why you posted this twice?
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Tasrix Thunder, Jedi Knight (WIP not done yet!)
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