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 Kaden (Force user Jedi)

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PostSubject: Kaden (Force user Jedi)    Kaden (Force user Jedi)  Icon_minitimeSun Jun 27, 2010 1:00 pm

Planet of Birth:Tantoonie
Fs:Only uses force powers
Kaden (Force user Jedi)  Jamp-20100415-221630

History:When Kaden was born he was always friendly and helpful to his dad and mom others he saw as enemys. He helped them plant on there farm but he knew something else was out there.So he asked his dad about the force and his his dad said "The only jedi are on Coruscant lightyears away." But raku ignored what he said and at the age of 13 he sneaked into a ship that was traveling to Coruscant. Thats where he became an initiate.

Becoming A Jedi Padawan.

As an intaite he always wanted to use force powers.He knew he wouldnt learn about soon enough.So he started studying diffrent languages.He started studying the language of the Trandoshans.He caught on to it in a few minutes but he was suprised on the weird way they spoke and wrote.He wanted to know more knowledge so he began studying the writing of trandoshans.He took him a good while to learn it because of all the weird shapes and curves.Any language he tryed learning was like trying to find a needle in a haystack after that.So he quit studying diffrent language and started teaching himself to saber.

As an intaite when he was saber fighting,Studying history.But he could never get the hang of saber training.He learnt alot about the jedi and was curious to learn there force powers.Finally,the day he became a padawan had rise.Jedi knight Quin-Tain Forte was searching for A good padawan.He lined up 2 intaites and asked each one what they wanted to learn about Kaden said "Force powers." And the other intaite only wanted to learn the way of the saber but Quin-Tain Forte picked Kaden to teach him force powers.Quin-Tain Forte Gave Kaden simple task to meditaite and listen..and use powers and send it towards his hands and bodys.Kaden thought there was more then just sitting down and meditaiting so he asked Quin-Tain Forte about sabering.Quin-Tain Forte then answered by "If you want to learn sabering.Learn the power of force."So Kaden meditated and then his first task Quin-Tain Forte gave him was to use force push to push a block.Kaden focused and he was able to push the block on his first chance Then Quin-Tain Forte said "You have great potential for a padawan."So he studyed and learnt the ways of force push for a while.Then Quin-Tain Forte said "You are ready."So Quin-Tain Forte started teaching Kaden others force powers such as Pull but Quin-Tain Forte made it so Kaden had to stable his mind with patients and calm ablitity so he excercised and meditaited almost everyday.At the age of 15 he knew force pull and push.Quin-Tain Forte Decided to teach kaden the power of sense and told him to "Hear everything around you and put the force around it."Kaden found it hard to do that.Quin-Tain Forte then said "Just focuse."Soon enough Kaden found out how to use sense and Quin-Tain Forte Congruated him.But still Kaden wanted more then just these force powers.So he asked Quin-Tain Forte "Is there more out there more I can learn."But Quin-Tain Forte said "Your not on a quest for power."But Kaden ignored But then asked can you teach me force jump? Quin-Tain Forte Answered and said "Yes But it will take patients."So Kaden waited and excercised everyday and meditaited.But he really thought he would never learn it.Day by day he woundered if he was goin to learn it.One year passed and kaden was 15 by now.Then his master came out and started teaching him force jump.Quin-Tain Forte said "Send it towards your feet learn how to glide as if there is nothing to worry to about in the world.stay calm."Kaden tryed on the first try but couldnt make it.Quin-Tain Forte said "Think about peace and harmony and dont think of your mistakes."Kaden jumped that time and managed to jump up but not far enough.Quin-Tain Forte then said "Good enough for today go back to sleep."When Kaden was asleep that night he decidied to train force push he managed to push a large rock he been studying for a while and he was very happy he did it.Quin-Tain Forte Woke him up the next day and said "Why are you so tired boy?"But kaden replyed nothing.So Quin-Tain Forte begin the training of teaching him how to use jump but when Kaden tryed to jump this time he grabbed on to the tree and glided towards the branch where Quin-Tain Forte was standing.Quin-Tain Forte said "Tommurow we will train on force pull."So the next day Kaden and his master were training force pull Kaden studyed everything around him seeing if he could maybe pull once of it towards him feel it.He managed to pull a branch off a tree.Quin-Tain Forte said "I cant train you anymore you are ready to go by yourself i have taught you patience and other ways."The day Kaden woke up he couldnt find his master anywhere.Now hes on search for another master at the age of 20 to teach him what he missed.
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Kaden (Force user Jedi)
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