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 Koren E'lenis

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PostSubject: Koren E'lenis    Koren E'lenis  Icon_minitimeTue Jun 29, 2010 7:07 am

Name: Koren E'lenis
Age: 30
Planet of Birth: Naboo
Family: E'lenis
Codename: None
Race: Human
Grander:Male/Female Male
Outlook(You can use Words to describe it, or you can post a picture too)
Koren E'lenis  Matuka11
If its Merc add the Class in here!!!<------
Following class: Matukai Adept

Age 10
Koren E'lenis was a force sensitive child. He could "feel the force". Jedi came searching for force sensitive children and found him. He wanted to join the Jedi, but was told he could not because he was not strong enough. So, he left the city, his parents, and the Jedi and headed to the forest feeling left out. There he walked through the lush wildlife and was almost in the clearing when he saw a bush move. He quickly went into his belt and got out his pistol and held it, aimed at the bush. A man walked out, his hands up. He came towards Koren begin him not to shoot. Then five men came up from the behind and prepared to knock him out. Koren swung around and shot one of the men who were behind him. The man who had his hands up got out a rifle and hit Koren in the head with it. He was then knocked out.

While he was knocked out a group of three Matukai saw the five men carrying the helpless knocked out child. They decided to help him, so they took out there polearms, or wan-shens, and attacked. One Matukai flipped behind one of the men and stabbed his wan-shen into the back of one of the five men. The man hit the ground and the two other men turned around with rifles in their hands. They shot at the Matukai but he was too fast. He dodged the bullets, because the Matukai had amazing bodies, as the two others came up behind the men. One sliced off the mercenaries head and the other knocked one over and stabed him in the back. The other two carrying the boy decided to drop him and run. The Matukai decided to see to the boy instead of chasing after the mercenaries. They healed the boys head wound and talked to him, discovering that the boy was force sensitive they asked him to join them, and he agreed.

He discovered that the group he had found had two adepts and one other apprentice. He was accepted and became an apprentice to the adept who did not have an apprentice. He went through much rigorous and harsh training. One day he was told to do meditative martial arts with the other apprentice. They were called this because the Matukai used exercise as a form of meditation. He started by jumping over the apprentice and trying to punch him in the back but the apprentice spun around and blocked his attack. He then tried to kick the apprentices head but the apprentice ducked and punched Koren in the gut. This caused Koren to fall backwards on his back. The apprentice was running at him to land his foot on his stomach but he flipped back onto his feet causing the apprentices foot to hit nothing but the ground. Then the apprentice ran at him and tried to kick him but he grabbed the foot and flipped him onto the ground. Then the apprentice got up and tried to punch him but Koren caught the punch in his hand. The apprentice tried it with his other hand but the same thing happened. Then Koren kicked him in the gut and let go, causing the apprentice to fall on his back. Then the Adepts told them to stop, because that was enough.

They decided to do another training method. They walked in the forest for what seemed like hours and found the tallest tree in the forest. He then had to climb up the tree, this took a long time. He had splinters in his hands from the wood by the time they had both gotten to the top. Then he had to stand on one foot, perfectly straight, for two hours, and had to have the other foot touching the right of the other foots knee. He stood there for what seemed forever. During this hour the winds bacame strong and rain came down heavily. There was a loud thunder in the distance. His splinters began to hurt again and when it seemed like he couldn't go on much longer, his master told him to stop. Then they had to go through one more challenge, get to the bottom of the tree and get back to the camp. He walked and climbed and became very weary, but he knew his body would be much stronger after this, he then layed down in his tent, exhausted. He also went through much training to establish a better connection to the force.

The day seemed like it had finally come. His master told him that tomorrow he would become an adept. The next day he went through the ritual. He took off his apprentice robe and got his Adept robe. He also got the tattoo on his head, signifying that he was a true adept. He felt proud, but later felt sorry for the other apprentice. The other apprentice had been there longer and trained hard, but had not become an adept. But he knew this should not make him feel down, he should take on his true responsibilities as an adept.


The group decided to go space faring the day after he became an adept. They had a small ship that had four escape pods, a pilot and co-pilot seat, and two gunner stations. He and the apprentice were gunners and the two older adepts were flying. They were flying when the apprentice shouted mercenaries! They saw four mercenary ships, aggressive and armed. He and the apprentice began firing. He fired at one ship, and hit its wing, causing it to spiral and almost hit the other ship, then exploded. The apprentice shot a ship in the cockpit, causing the drivers to die and it flew off into space. Then the two ships fired at their engines and gave a direct hit. They knew they were now dead wait. They decided each of them were to get into an escape pod. He flew down to the planets surface, and was seperated from the others.

For more information on the Matukai go to
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Koren E'lenis
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