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 Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)

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PostSubject: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:24 pm

//Edited 10th July - Change of Skin, Due to the Skin being lost\\

--- Information Loading ---
--- Information Loaded ---

Name: Jason Medusius
Age: 24
Planet of Birth: Tatooine
Codename: Dark Jedi Jason
Race: Human
Grander: Male
His Outlook At This Point: Jason has very short dark brown hair. He has Pale skin and red eyes due to the force corrupting him. Jason mostly focuses on his force abilities so his legs seem to be his strong point, so he is able to run from place to place in a matter of minutes.

Jason is usually seen wearing a black hood covering his head and a black robe, He wears a mask to cover his identity but usually the hood covers most of the mask anyway. He has black pants and black boots. Jason always keeps his lightsabers hitched at his side.

//Skin Download:
//Sorry about it being in a pack. If you wish to just have the skin without downloading the whole pack then add me on xfire and i will send you it. Xfire: zeonomega

Following Class: Dark Jedi Knight


(Jason's Home)

Jason was born to a family of a drunkard father and a loving but sick mother. His mother had a terminal illness but Jason, not knowing what this was, grew to love and act like his mother. He liked to help her around the house and try to clean as much as a 3 to 5 year old could. When his mother died when he reached 5 he was deeply saddended but knew he could help his house be safe. He continued to do his chores in memory of his mother, nursing his father back to health when he came back from one of his ... drunk rampages.

As Jason grew a bit older and when he turned 5 he was often sent to the local market to retrieve groceries for his disoriented father, whom Jason knew, would not be able to live a day without him. This chore was usually his mother but he knew without her there someone had to shop, so he took on this responsibility as well as many others. Every time he went to the shop it was considered a perilous journey with the many gangs that liked to hang out in the alleys of Tatooine, waiting to mug or murder a helpless adult. Although the gangs wouldn't always hurt children he was often mugged or beat, but it was usually minor, never anything serious that could lead to death.

After being attacked many times by the gangs he realized he couldn't just stand by and allow them to beat and rob him. He had to run or tell someone about what had happened. When the gangs attacked him from them on he would dodge their attacks in a quick movement and run from them to a safe place like his house or the market district.

Later he was found by a jedi master. This master had been on a mission to find a lost jedi who had, supposedly, been dropped off on the sand planet of Tattooine to work on a matter at hand. The lost jedi had been captured by the tuskens, or so the jedi thought, and had sent the master to look and investigate. By chance he found young Jason, but never found the lost jedi.

The jedi master asked his father if he could take him to Coruscant as any force sensitive should. His father was drunk at the time of the questioning, which was obviously a very unfair advantage for the jedi, so he simply nodded and said, "Sure ... just ... just get me ... get me ..." Then he had passed out on the floor. The master had helped the father into bed and left him a note explaining what had happened. The master was reluctant at going ahead and taking his son, but he felt that somewhere in the father's mind he wanted Jason to go. He could sense it. The master then had taken young Jason with him to Coruscant.


(Jason in his Class)

The youngling years for Jason were exceptionally difficult. He had a hard time living a normal jedi's life knowing his father was probably at home, dying, or maybe he was already dead. The masters always told him and the other students that you should forget about the past and look on to the future but Jason found this impossible. Jason spent most of his days in the temple worrying about his father, wondering what he was doing that night. But most of all, did he love him anymore?

This difficulty was dealt with by the jedi though. Some masters pulled him aside during one of his training sessions and told him about how his father was doing and that he had moved in with a local family and was nursed back to health, now being a great man who worked at the market. This was usually against the code of the jedi but they thought Jason was a ... special case. He needed to be reassured that his father was ok so that he could move on without his attatchment. The jedi felt this the right thing to do to help prevent an attatchment that had been known to cause a jedi to fall. This overjoyed Jason so he went about his business, happier than ever, he could finally live a life without worrying about his father.

Jason was disliked by the other younglings for no reason other than where he came from. They were very angry with him at times, blaming him for the disappearance of the jedi that had gone missing when the master had found him. The younglings often said that he was involved in his capturing, even though they all knew he wasn't. Jason knew they just needed someone to take their anger out on. They would often pick fights ... or try to ... with him but Jason was always ready. He would simply dodge their attacks until they became tired, then he would run from the scene. The jedi masters eventually did intervene in the childish nonsense and told the younglings how to resolve their conflict. The masters allowed the children to debate under their supervision to reach a conclusion and it did eventually work, making his youngling years a bit easier. In all his youngling years were ... hard.


Althought almost all of the younglings did seem to hate him there was one that seemed to enjoy his company. The youngling didn't have many friends either and he seemed like he didn't care if the others made from of Jason as long as he was a friend. What made his friend disliked was because he was a Miraluka. They would often call him "Blindey" or "The Unseeing Eyes". The insults were stupid but they still hurt him so Jason took him under his wing and they became great friends as Younglings.

Their relationship continued as they each were given a master. They did, however, eventually have to part ways and forget about eachother and when Jason left the temple he figured that his old friend wouldnt care and wouldn't know. Jason, did not know that his friend did know and would come looking for him in the future.


Jason was given a master and achieved the padawan rank when he reached the age of 13. The reason why he achieved the rank so quickly was because his master had been keeping watch on Jason for his Youngling years and was keeping in touch with him as well. His master's name was Aunlin Kenter. The master was extremely strict to Jason, expecting the most from him, more than any of the other padawans could ever do and sometimes Jason found them nearly impossible. Some of them even caused near death experiences.

(Jason with his Master)

The master would send him on missions that were both easy and extremely difficult. They ranged from finding a necklace lost by a local to hunting down and imprisoning a thief or bounty hunter. However, as easy as that may sound, the master's missions always had a small twist. One twist often given was no force or no lightsaber.

Jason's master did have a good idea in this aspect of his training. After this idea many other masters tried it with their padawans and found it very useful. The masters would send them on missions and forbid them to do things like not use the force, not use lightsabers, not ask any civilian for help, it was actually quite fun and difficult for the padawans. It taught them not to rely on one thing and to know all aspects of being a jedi. His master was always standing by to make sure nothing went wrong while he achieved his missions.

His master, for example, once sent him on a trip to repair a fallen bridge and guide the civilians away from it with no help. Jason, at first, thought this would be easy but was proven wrong when his master said not to use any force powers whatsoever. This troubled Jason. How was he supposed to fix a fallen bridge with no force? Jason, eventually, did find a way to do it, but before he did so he had to find a ship, some rope, and a grappling hook.

What his idea was that he could ask permission to use a local ship and then tie himself to a bar on the bottom with the rope so he could reach lower than usual. He then would carry the grappling hook and latch it onto one end of the broken part of the bridge and signal for the ship's driver to bring him to the other side. This plan did succeed although it left Jason with a few cuts and rope burns.


After being trained for many years Jason discovered that he was a true Counselor, being very talented in the force, able to move things with his mind and throw them over small distances and having very sharp reflexes. After his 15th birthday he began his training in advanced force use. The master instructed him in this way but was not the same as he had been in the beginning course. He would no longer allow Jason to use his lightsaber, EVER. He would only allow him to use the force. He would throw things at him to try and make his reflexes sharper. However, when Jason failed to do so his master would continue to throw things at him, no matter how injured he was. Did the other jedi know about this? Would they save him? He would think constantly. He was too scared to go and ask them himself. He was afraid that his master would hurt him even more. Would they ever be able to help him? No. He had to save himself.

(Jason Angry and Upset)


The night that he planned to kill the master, after he had begun to hurt him, the jedi had sensed his cruelty and had sent him a summoning for in the morning, where he would be stripped of his jedi responsibilities.


Jason began to fear for his life, not knowing what to do he began to make a plot. This master was obviously much more powerful than him but if, in his drink, he would kill him and then run, no one would ever find him. After weeks of thinking of a plot he came up with placing a small amount of poison in his master's drink. The master and padawan were at a local's house, getting information about a late crime that had just happened. As they sat down for a drink Jason sprinkled some poison into his master's drink. He got the poison by mixing certain ingredients which he had learned from a mission he had took. The mission was to find a jedi padawan but it turned out he had been killed with the same poison he was about to use on his master. This plan worked but his master wasn't dieing as fast as he thought he would of. Jason thought he didnt put enough in and he had to act fast, he ignited his saber and swung at his master, beheading him. Afterwards Jason felt that many masters had sensed it.

(Jason igniting his saber, ready to kill his master)

He ran from the home. He managed to escape them by finding an alley and meditating in it. He blocked all his thoughts from the jedi's minds and he forgot about his feelings.


When Jason was nearly as far away as he could get from the dreaded Jedi Temple he was found by a dark jedi outcast who promised Jason that he would be the greatest Counselor that ever lived, but everything comes at a cost. He and the dark jedi met when Jason was trying to get some nuts to eat down from a rather large tree that had no branches, preventing him from simply climbing it and retrieving the nuts. He was in a large square in Coruscant but had made sure no one was around while he used the force. The tree was in a garden in the square that welcomed animals to make the town look nicer. He eventually used the force to get them down but the dark jedi saw him do this and took him in. The dark jedi had sensed something in Jason but had not messed with it until the boy used the force. When this happened the master immediatly thought it was destiny. Fate was giving him a chance to give someone his knowledge.
And that was how they met.

Jason, now 15, and the dark jedi, Brice Kindred, were very much alike. Both had run from the temple when they were around the age Jason had run at. The dark jedi had ran because he did not believe in what the jedi did. He thought that they wanted to take over the galaxy, that they were planning to overthrow the senate and everyone in the galaxy. Both were great in the force. Jason and him also both were made fun of by other younglings. However, the dark jedi never told Jason his name for reasons unknown to him or to anyone.

The dark jedi was harsh but not nearly as harsh as the master he had been given at the jedi temple. Jason was taught many new things from the dark jedi like how to throw things over even greater distances than before. He also learned how to use force lightning but only got as far as a shock, not being able to feel angry enough to make a full lightning attack.

(Jason being trained, Read further for how he got the red saber)

The master gave Jason missions to steal things from locals and to kill of people, but none of it ever bothered Jason. He thought everything he did was just a stepping stone to what would one day bring Jason unlimited power.

A very important mission of Jason's was to make a new lightsaber. Jason enjoyed this quest more than any of the others he had been given. He went to the caves where crystals were and constructed his own red lightsaber.

(Jason with his Red Lightsaber)

Jason was given many years of training by this master until he was 22. He had been given some hand grenades, which he used his force powers on to throw at things over great distances. These bombs had the power of a small hand grenade. He was also given small knives which he used with the force as well. This unique fighting style became natural to him so he continued to use these weapons although his red lightsaber remained hitched at his side. He hardly used the bombs so he hardly ever has to wasteany of them. He usually restocks about once a year unless there was some battle that he fought in which would be paid to fight for them so he would have money to get new bombs.

(Jason with his new Master)


Later, however, Jason ran from the master with his weapons, becoming a nomad, moving wherever food was able to be found and where a home could be lived in. He left the master because he began to go a bit insane in the head, thinking that the master was out to get him and wanted to kill him because he was becoming too strong. Jason thought that the master was not trying to help him but feed him things so that Jason would become nothing but a clone of Brice. Jason first suspected this when he saw the notes to the master. They had said that all his training was nearly complete and that after he became more powerful than him he would- but the rest was smudged so Jason had assumed it had said he would kill him. Jason was saddened by leaving his master but he thought he was doing a good thing. A good thing that would save his life. Each night Jason has dreams on wheither leaving his Jedi training, his friends, and killing his old master was right. His dreams start making him confused and even more corrupted.

(Jason in one of his dreams, thinking about what he has done)


As Jason grew tired of hiding in the best spots possible he began to slack just a bit and this caused the jedi to sense him. One particular Jedi Knight, Rue Lygreen, became more of a stalker of Jason than a hunter. She would constantly look for clues of his existence, wanting to find him so she could turn him over to the jedi order. She had been looking through the jedi records and found his file. She had become very interested in him and dedicated her life if needed to finding him and redeeming him.

Jason eventually did sense her presence but learned to ignore it, thinking she would never be able to find him. But he was wrong. Not long after she had begun her search she found where he was hiding, an abandoned shop that used to sell fine jewelry and pottery. What an odd place for a dark jedi. She planned to approach him at night when no one was around so that no one would care about what she was doing. Rue walked into where Jason was observing his stolen goods for the day and said to him in a kind manner, "Hello, Jason." Jason was so frightened by her sudden arrival that he drew his lightsaber from its sheath and pointed it at her face. The red glow illuminated her face.

(Jason with his saber ignited)

"What do you want with me ... Jedi?" He asked, shoving the lightsaber at her face, as if warning her of what could happen if he simply .... tripped.
"Jason, don't worry I haven't come to hurt you. I came here to help you return to the jedi. We dont want to lose you and we want to welcome you with open arms."

"Why should I trust you .... You haven't helped me as I struggled on the streets of this cursed planet! You haven't even given me a loaf of bread to keep me going! Why should I believe that the jedi want me back? Why do I even want to go back?"

"You should trust me because I am not against you. Althought I haven't helped you we do care for you and we love you but we can't do anything for you and not do anything for the rest of the people in Coruscant. It just wouldn't be fair."

Jason leapt for her when she said the words it wouldn't be fair. How did she know what was fair? She had been living a great life! She wouldn't know what fair was in all of her life! He tackled her into a nearby glass case that held false pearls on a necklace. "How dare you act like you know me!" He shouted at her over and over again as he slapped her many times in the face. He then could feel all the anger from his life. How he had killed his master and left another one ... how the jedi had come after him and he knew that they planned to kill him. Then without knowing what he had done, he had cut the jedi's head off and, he saw Rue laying on the floor of his makeshift shelter, dead. He had killed a jedi. Now they would be after him forever! They would want to kill him even more. He then disposed of the body in a trash bin and ran from his makeshift den. He did, however, steal her blue lightsaber from her sheath and take it, teaching himself the way to use two lightsabers as seperates. It seemed to Jason that everytime something bad happened to him that something good came from it.


Jason practiced using two lightsabers for a long period of time and enjoyed it very much. He would kill local Maitenance droids and slice of metal and even some other things to make his technique grow. He became very good at this skill and soon was good enough to fight that way but not as well as with one lightsaber. Practice makes perfect though so he continued to use this technique no matter what until he was a master which so far he has not accomplished.

(Jason's lightsabers)


Jason's old Miraluka friend, Tar Shleekek, eventually did come look for him and find him. Tar's master had been murdered by a dark jedi and this corrupted Tar, turning him into a Dark Jedi. Tar didn't know who to trust anymore so he went in search of an old friend, Jason Medusius.

Tar did find Jason at a junkyard living under a makeshift campsite. Jason had been hiding once again from the jedi and at the moment was practicing using two lightsabers in combat by attacking small droids that tended the trash heap. He was just beginning to progress when an old friend came into the junkyard and began making his way toward him. Jason did see Tar and was so happy to see him that he ran up to him and hugged him and said, "Hello, old friend! What are you doing here?" Jason was not afraid that Tar might be here to kill him because he figured he didn't even know about his fall.

"I came here for your help, Jason. I-"

"I see you have your own lightsaber now!" Jason drew the lightsaber towards him with the force and pushed a switch which released a red light. This surprised Jason. He knew that red was the color of the Sith. Why did his old jedi friend have a red lightsaber like himself?

"Why do you have a red lightsaber, Tar?"

"I didn't come here to discuss my lightsaber now shut up and listen to me!" Jason had never heard Tar be so openly mean and violent before and to tell the truth it kind of hurt him.

"Hey, I just was asking a question! No need to be so rude about it!"

"I am not the one who is being rude! You won't listen to me!"

"Because I want to catch up on old times not babble about the jedi order! I don't care about them anymore! I have left them behind."

"I know that, Jason. I know how you turned from the light side and that is why I came here. I too have turned away and I need your guidance on what to do now."

Jason didn't know how to respond to this. How could he mentor someone on the dark ways. It was never a path he would have chosen if it was his choice so why should he help someone else. As Jason thought it over he felt the lightsaber being sucked out of his hand. He then saw that Tar had ignited it and was about to attack him.

(Tar running to strike at Jason)

Jason drew both of his lightsabers and said to Tar, "You don't have to fight me! I didn't do anything to you!"

"You weren' going to help me! I sensed it!"

Tar swung his lightsaber at Jason but Jason deflected the blow with one lightsaber and went after Tar's side with his other. Tar quickly dodged the attack but made a mistake of moving his lightsaber to his side instead of keeping it protecting his vital positions. Jason extended his arm in a quick motion and used the force to push Tar back against a pile of trash. Tar landed with a thud and seemed to go very quiet for a minute.

"I will help you but only if you promise to stay with me and never leave me. I dont want to lose another one of my close friends."

Hearing no response, Jason grew worried. Had he knocked Tar out? Jason ran to his friend's side and grabbed on to his shoulders and pulled him off the pile of trash. This revealed that he had been impaled in the back by a sharp piece of metal. His friend was dead. Jason grieved for many days as he thought about how many people he had killed now. Most had been on accident and he wished he could take them back. Jason kept his friend's lightsaber with him as a reminder of how easy one could fall. How easy his friend had fallen and how easily he had fallen.


(Is to happen on the server)

Lightsaber: Single lighsabers
Red (Jason's lightsaber)

Blue (Rue's lightsaber)

Red (Tar's lightsaber)

Lightsaber Form: Shii-Cho

--- Information Closing ---
--- Information Closed ---

// I have finally finished it. I hope you enjoyed it and if there is anything that needs to be changed i will see what i can do. Thanks for reading.

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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Tue Jun 29, 2010 3:12 pm

Very nice effort, story, and very big bio as-well.

Approved, although i will wait for another admin to response un till moving it.

You all should read the bio and take example from it.

This bio is example of Not Overpowered character, and perfect story without involving clone battles and others.

Approved By -Kristifor Head Admin.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:19 pm

*CLAP** bounce I loved it.. it was complex it was like epic... very good rp quality! cheers Good luck!! -Amy!

The only thing (cuz im a grammer freak) there were some grammar mistakes in there but they are pretty unnoticable.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Tue Jun 29, 2010 7:20 pm

Wow! where did you get all the pictures?
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:35 am

Thank you guys. Oh i got the pictures from google. They were hard to find well some of them, since i also had to look for the correct ages so the pictures look realistic and match with the bio. I will listen to Kristifer first and wait for another admin to take a look before i RP with Jason. But thank you so much for reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:08 am

Indeed...Pretty nice bio. Approved aswell from me. Badly NO ONE uses MY method of writing bios but meh, im special that way XD. Going off topic so...Moving this to approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)   

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Jason Medusius (Dark Jedi)
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