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PostSubject: Esper   Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:22 am

Name: Esper
Gendar: Female
Faction: Forsaken
Age: 19(after death)
Class: Rogue(Deathstalker)
Specialization: Assassinations
Phyiscial Discription: Thin body structure. 48 kilograms weighting
Personallity: Depends on mood.

Esper without helmet:

Sits under a tree, by the lake in Nagrand, thinking about her past

Scourge attack on Lorderon:
Remembers the Gates of Lorderon. Sees herself infront of the doors in her Royal Knight armor. She is sitting on the stairs, talking to her boyfriend. She removes her helmet and rests her head on her shoulder. He puts his hand around her neck and hugs her. Esper smiles and kisses him. They stay like that for 1 hour, guarding the Lorderon gates. Suddenly she rises and looks far in the distance, seeing a green cloud. She takes her sword, and walks slowly, with him. Esper kneels ontop a hill and looks down. The Scourge have already began their assault on Lorderon. The Citizens were running terrified, while Ghouls punced ontop them, and began eating their flesh. Esper signaled her boyfriend to call for reinforcemnts, and inform the king. While she kept observing the land, she saw the Paladin Uther fighting agaisnt the Death Knight Arthas. The Royal Knight jumped downa nd charged the Death Knight, giving Uther some time to regain his powers again. Arthas saw her and quickly stabbed her before she could react. He threw her body off to the distance. Esper felt her powers drain in seconds as Frostmourne ripped the flesh off her shoulder. She felt her hand almost fall off, but after that everything fade to darkness. Her body fell over lifeless.

Espers body rises over that sae spot in the Eastern Plaguelands. She opens her eyes and sees the Dark Lady standing ifront of her. Sylvanas smiles, and says: ''Rise...You are now part of a new Era...This is the hour of the Forsaken...'' Esper rises, holding her blade. She bowed down to the Dark lady. Looked down infront of Sylvanas' feet, trully honored and greatfull. Veramathas - The Dreadlord Commander was behind Sylvanas. He walked over to the newly reborn Royal Knight: ''You are part of an Elite Group now...You are now an assassin. You must have no mercy for anyone, and do anything for the Dark Lady, no matter what it is. Your first order is to destory a Scourge camp to the south...The Forsaken will lead and assault, its up to you to decide your movements. And remember...the Dark Lady watches over you.'' Sylvanas takes out a bow and loads up an arrow upon it. She fires to the South, and a ghoul falls down dead from the arrow went right up its jaw. An army of Forsaken undead charge the Scourge camp. Arthas' minions fell over dead in seconds, before the power of the Forsaken. During the fight Esper noticed one of the Scourge with the face of her old loved one. She was now under the will of the Dark Lady...She cahrged her beloved and ripped him into two pieces with her blades. There was no sign of mercy or weakness on her face. She continued cutting down the Scourge's lines with her fellow Forsaken. They all felt like one person, under the command of the Dark lady, witch was covering them from afar. Esper felt power. More power then before. She was now part of Veramathas' elite bodyguards and assassins...the Death Stalkers.

Esper gets up. She summons her Skletal Steed, and heads to Shttrath again. Her memories all faded away as she came closer and closer. Esper didnt regreat that she is a Forsaken. She respects her kind, no matter how horrific they may appear to some people. Esper walks back inside her home in Shattrath, and calls in her servent. The Aldor Draenei bow down with respect. ''What shall you wish, my lady?'' She smiles: ''Stay here for a few moments...I like to have some company from time to time...Y'know...Chat with someone'' The Draenei sits down on a chair: ''Whatever you wish, my lady...''

OOC: Meh, waiting for approval.

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PostSubject: Re: Esper   Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:52 am

Alright, nice bio...Nothing really like special in it.(I mean like overpowered)

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