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 Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior

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PostSubject: Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior   Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 9:41 am

Name: Keira Jeras

Age: 24

Faction: Death Watch

Rank: Huuka'tir

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Equipment/Items: DC-17m Interchange/Convertable weapon, E-5 Sniper, E-11 Blaster Rifle, DE-10 Blaster Pistol, VirboSHIV and a hidden Vibro Sword

Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Cyntha Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Tiigan%20WIP8%20copy.preview

Accessing Records Keira Jeras........ Access Granted. Welcome Kei'Ika

Accessing History Keira Jeras........ Access Granted.

Historical Records:
Keira's mother was a Mandalorian who had become a Bounty Hunter to gain money so her and little Keira could live safely... Keira like Mandalorian tradition was trained how to fight from the age of 3 and onwards by her mother since her father had died during a mission for the Hutts... Keira's best things were target shooting, often on Naboo in the forest area's, She'd go hunting with her mother, Her mother would help her ease the weapon and teach her how to hold it and put it into a comfortable position... She would also go into there own private area with a load of weapons E.G: DC-17m, E-5 sniper rifle, E-11 and the famous DE-10 blaster pistol, Keira would use the E-5 for a good light weight sniper, aim at a ball that her mother would throw, fire and make it explode... Keira would use her DE-10 pistol in a stun match against her mother for pistol training same with the E-11 and the

One day when Keira was at aged 16, Her mother had died during a mission for the Hutts... Keira deeply sadened by this news, did what her mother would of wanted her to do and carry on with her training, setting up moving targets and holograms to fight against until just after her 20th birthday... Keira went to her mothers room, finding the armor of a Mandalorian but with the Death Watch Vizsla Clan Symbol including detonations like the Thermal and also Plasma Grenades, C-10 stun grenades and C-22 Fragmentation Grenades... Keira, Shocked at her mothers secret of being with the Mandalorian Criminal Organisation, Took a while to get over it and thought that perhaps maybe her mother, shockingly as it is, Might of wanted her to join the Death Watch so she could forfill her mothers dreams... Keira, tried on the armor, it had fit her perfectly, the armour being made of Beskar'Gam and had Black flexibility suit underneath her Beskar'Gam for better movement, She puts on the Jet-Pack, slots her DE-10 into a holster and the DC-17m into another and its componants into a side pouch next to it along with the E-5 strapped to her back next to her Jet-Pack, Ammo for all her weapons in her Equipment belt, Grenades into another pouch including some mini grenades... Keira leaves her mother's house putting on her heltmet and tries flying practise, not liking it but after quite a while getting the hang of it... She lands softly on the ground and enters her mothers massive ''Garage'' she finds a K'el Gunboat, she hops in it having taking to one of those ''flying'' machines... flicks on the engines and takes off heading for Mandalore...

Once she reaches Mandalore, She took off her mothers Death Watch armor and looks around, hearing out for where the Death Watch might be... She notices one bored a ship and fly off, she gets on her mothers and flies off getting into her mothers armor and flies to Concordia, once arrived her ship is surrounded by Death Watch troops, she walks out, some of the Death Watch recognise Keira's mothers armor and the say respects to her and stand down since her mother was one of it's best troops, Keira takes off her helmet and they see its not her and they aim there weapons, Pre Vizsla arrives to see her and grins and tells them to stand down knowing shes Keira, he explains then they respect her again, Keira smiles, she asks Vizsla if she may join his army, He grins and allows her in the Death Watch...

At the age of 23 Keira's become a great warrior withing the Death Watch alliance going into furious battles with troops and bringing them to victory like her mother Jeira had done before at her age, She started to get more respect within the Death Watch with her skills as a Sniper, Demolitions woman and a frontline soldier... Keira's been to Courscant as the leader of the Assassination squad to deal with Duchess Satine but failed in the attempt luckily saved by her respect and honor as an acceptional Soldier, Vizsla forgives her by saying he can't afford to lose a good soldier such as her and lets her have her own Assassination team and an assault team, leading both teams into victory agaisnt the Republic during the Clone Wars... She was one of the head battle leaders during alzoc 3 and succeded in helping the CIS capture the Republic Outpost on Felucia and use it as a supply storage and for tracking starships...

Keira is currently 24 and still leader of an Assassination squad and her own assault team... having fought alongside Pre Vizsla when things got dirty and also used by the CIS in co-op missions leading up to her new rank of Huuka'tir meaning trusted and one of the Elite's, she looks alot like her mother Jeira and still uses her armor as a mark of respect and honor for her mother... She has a trophy room in her place on Concordia, clone helmets, a Clone gun and also a Lightsaber from a Jedi she had killed... and cant wait for her next victory against the Republic army...

Jeira Jeras Death Watch Huuka'tir: Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Mandalorian_Girl_by_Dianamuca-1455_jpg_200x250_q85

Her Lightsaber Trophy: Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Rahm_Kota__s_Lightsaber_1_by_lycanshinobi

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PostSubject: Re: Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior   Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 9:43 am

Nice picture(Finally ANOTHER female mandalorian)
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Keira Jeras - Death Watch Warrior
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