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 Corenth's Ship.

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Corenth's Ship. Empty
PostSubject: Corenth's Ship.   Corenth's Ship. Icon_minitimeTue Jul 06, 2010 11:33 am

name: Corenth Shendo
ship name: Shendo's Claw
what's the reason for requesting this ship?: well, it's corenths ship that he built himself. he uses it whenever he goes offworld. he and kirana used it to get to naboo and tatooine.
what do you intend to do with it?: use it for both transportation and space battles, it's not just for flying, it's good in combat too.
what type of vehicle do you request: starship

give us prove, we will need one to accept your money(Credits on the republic planets):in total, about 500,000cr or more for all the parts. because he built it himself, the price to get the parts is obviously gonna be ridiculous. the tech of the ship is exactly the same as the rogue shadow from force unleashed, if allowed it will have all the same tech except for the cloaking device. and not as advanced as the rogue shadow considering the timeline.
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Corenth's Ship.
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