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PostSubject: Xyu'veror   Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:55 am

Name: Xyu'Veror
Gendar: Male
Age: 16(Not noticable physicly)
Homeworld: Ruri
Species: Eterium
Faction: Republic(Jedi order)
Jedi Focus: Force
Physical Appereance: Xyu'veror would most likely appear robed with a hood. His bindings reveal a golden/red Force Essence underneath them. His body is human shaped.
Bindings color: Golden-Grey
Essence color: Red-Yellow
Personallity: Xyu'veror has great manners. He would often name anyone who is polite to him as ''sir'' or ''miss''. He hates being left without a job and would often make himself usefull in completing the smallest things someone asks of him. His voice is slightly whispery and he is always calm.
Voice Sound:
Outlook(Without hood):

The Eterium crafter walks over to his room in the Jedi Temple. He reaches for his belt and takes out a key. Veror opens the door and enters his room. It is filled with tools, engineering goods and tablets. He walks over to his rack of tablets and reaches for it. Puts it on his table and looks around it for any damages. It seems intact. Veror reaches for his rune-forger and takes it. He turns it to the sharper part and begins to forge something on the tablet in his own language
My Life and My Duty
He continues down. Shapes the runes perfectly.
My name is Xyu'veror. The Eterium Jedi. I am an Eterium...Just like everyone else from my kind...Whats the diffrence? I chose the path to defend my pride and my people, instead of becoming a mercenery for the Droid invaders or creating weapons for them. I was born like everyone else...From a minor Force Essence...To a bound Eterium male. I was born in Ruri, between two mountains. The ''safest'' areas...So we thought. I had a sister. We looked alike. We shared the same Essence. I loved her. Mother and Father were both Arcanists. That means they travelled alot. Mother was caring and she always looked after us. She took us to many places with her. That is probbly one of the reasons I am a Jedi. Mother showed me how to read the Force and Saber crystals. She was a genious in Force Scribes. I learned from her. I helped her. As for father...He showed me how to craft anything I need...Like I am doing right now. Firstly he just gave me a piece of rock. Then he gave me his Forge hammer. I remember what he told me first: ''Think of someone really close to you...If you focus hard enough, you can make this rock look like them.'' I took the forge hammer and tried to forge my sisters essence. It turned out quite well for a first time. It was an intresting doing. I continued following my fathers steps. I became a forger. He also showed me how to build things from the simplest sticks to hard engineering. That is bassicly my Childhood. I was happy. I had friends. We used to go out into the Crystal vales. I read my friends the crystals and waht they mean, like mother showed me. They stared at me amazed. Heh, even then I took my first steppes, Yes. Later on came the most intresting part of my life though. While mother and father were away a ship landed on the surface of the planet. Me and my sister were out, exploring. She was already a grown Eterium child, while I was like the humanoids call it ''teenager''. We walked over to the ship. I took out a small kknife I made, while she stayed behind me. The Red-White markings were the ones of the todays Jedi Starfighter, yes. Suddenly a hooded person came out. By the moment I saw the robes and the look on her face I knew it was a Jedi. She smiled and said: ''No need for that.'' I shuffled my knife and looked at her, puzzled: ''Excuse me, madam...Might I ask why you are in our humble home? No one visits Ruri often.'' She answered calmly: ''I came here to examine your people. Hardly anyone knows about the existance of the Eterium. You are Force-Sensative beings, am I right?'' I nodded. She kneeled looked at me and asked: ''May you show me your home? And what is your name?'' I was parlty confused, though I answered: ''My name is Xyu'veror....Or just Veror for short. Our home is nearby. I know Jedi dont cause trouble so it wouldnt be a problem.'' She looked rather suprised when I mentioned Jedi. I think she didnt expect me to know. I welcomed her in my home. She looked around our life-style and class, so to say. We were quite advanced, and she was rather suprised by the looks of our homes. Mother and father welcomed her aswell. She reported our ways tot he Jedi. I was rather happy, since I didnt see much off-worlders in our land. One night I went out. I was studying a Force Crystal. I sat down on a hill. The wind made my bindings flow in the air, underneath my hood. I heard a soft patern of footsteppes behind me. I turned around and I saw her. I was thinking about her. I have never seen a Jedi before, and she behaved so well. Out of curiousty I asked: ''Excuse me, I never got your name, madam.'' She chukled and sat down beside me: ''First off I am still young. I am around 27 years old. And secondly: Airis. That is my name. I was thinking about you...You were the first to greet me and unlike the rest, you have more in yourself then the rest of your people. I sensed a higher amount of Force Energy inside you. And you seem like a calm and friendly Eterium...Would you like to join the Jedi, as my Padawan? I already asked the Council and they agreed. Its up to you now.'' Or I think she said something like that. I of course, really wanted. My thoughts were consumed by her offer. In a few moments I nodded happily. We came back home after awhile and went to sleep. The next day, she got me up early. We went out. We began traning on Telekenesis. Though my people are natural Telekenesis users, that worked out quite well. She decided tos how me something a bit more offensive: Force Crush. It was a combination between Telekenesis and your thoughts...your movements. Airis left a rock infront of me. She told me to lift it up. I followed her order and lifted it up with my mind. Then she told me: ''Focus on this rock's inner parts. Think about something that is truly valuable inside it. You want to get it. But there is no way to get it like this, yes? And if you cut it the valuable thing inside it will be gone.'' I focused on the inner side of the rock. Slowly I used telekenesis to rip the inner part of the rock out. The remains colapsed with only a little piece elft in my hand. She nodded. It was a success. She stayed with us a few more months. We trained every day. I kept improving my Telekenesis skill. It is the only power my people can know, though it is far more powerfull when we use it, then any other Force-Sensative. Until...The day the CIS came. They took our land by Force. They killed our King. Our people couldnt stand for it. An army we formed, yes. The Nexus Stalkers we called ourselves. My master joined us. We defended our city. The first line of droids were slaughtered easily. The B-1 were no threat. Though when the Super Battle Droids and they're AAT Tanks came...Lasers rained down upon our structured. My family couldnt evacuate our home. They were trapped inside. A second AAT blast his my fathers structure again. It fell ontop of them...My father. They were all gone. I charged the Droids infront of me. I cut them in half with the War Axe I created myself. Though later on I was shot. The AAT tank aimed its top gun at me. I knew I was about to die. Though just then...My master came infront and pushed me away. The canon fired and she flew away. I ran to her. I kneeled down ontop her body. I lifted her hand up. She was lifeless. I had no one now. I took my masters over my shoulder and ran back to her starfighter that was still intact in the end of the city. Another explosion hit the ground behind my feet. 3 of my Eterium brothers flew away dead. I flied forward. It gave em a temporary boost. I got inside the ship, and put my master beside me. The controls were known to me. I started the engines and lift up in the air. I saw 3 more shuttles lift up from the ground with remaining Eterium inside. I looked down upon the battle underneath. The remaining Nexus Stalkers fought till the last of them. Until they were all gone. The shuttles split in diffrent directions. I flew away to Taris, since my master told me it was her home and where she was trained. I didnt bother passing the CIS blockade. When I was outside the Planet's atmosphere I pinched the co-ordinates and flew to Taris, through a Hyperspace route. I took the ship down on the Platform. Taris was magnifficant. My master got the funerals he deserved with her family and Jedi friends. While I was in the Temple, I continued training. My Padawanship was lifted after my masters death. I was a Jedi Adept. Or so the Council said. It wasnt exactly the next stage rank, but It was a little higher then the padawan. I continued training on ym own, while searchong for a new master to guide me on my journey. At last, this is my purpose...this is what I live for...I will cleanse the vile droid armies out of my planet! I will bring peace to my home again! The Eterium will retake Ruri and live there as the rightfull owners. This is what I live for!
Xyu'Veror finishes and forges 3 Big runes reading ''End''

OOC: This si my skin:;114693 Golden Reborn from it.
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PostSubject: Re: Xyu'veror   Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:05 am

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