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 Kyvard Deimos

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PostSubject: Kyvard Deimos   Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:34 pm


Name:Kyvard Deimos
Age: 30
Planet of Birth: Coruscant
Family: He grew up as a jedi and lost all of his family to a terrible tragedy
Codename: The Historian
Race: Human
Outlook: The skin:;71611

If its Merc add the Class in here!!!<------
Following class: Jedi Knight Saber Based (Out in the galaxy trying to learn, like a mobile historian)

Kyvard Deimos was born into a wealthy family. His parents worked decent jobs with high pay and the family was happy for a time. As a young child he had always shown interest in sword fighting. He used toy polearms, swords, axes and otehr harmless plastic toys to play with the other children in his appartment complex. He would always win however and his parents thought the older children were letting him win. But it was the force. Life was easy and fun until the day the mercenaries came...

Twenty mercenaries came through the apartment complex. Someone hadn't paid their debt to a Hutt or a crime lord of sorts. The pirates searched each and every room for the one in debt starting from the top. They set each room that did not contain the person on fire and shot all of the spectators. When they arrived at Kyvard's parents complex they kicked down the door and immediatley shot the mother. They had learned of the mercenaries and decided to save Kyvard at all costs. Kyvard was climbing down the side of the building, scaling for windows, and preciously hoping he wouldn't fall. His parents had decided to prevent suspicion from the mercenaries by remaining in the room to die. Next the father was shot, a shot piercing his left eye, and he collapsed to the floor lifeless. Kyvard was at the bottom now! It must have been through the force because no six year old could have climbed five floors down on a building.

This is when the Coruscanti Security Forces and the Jedi found him. Shortly after all twenty mercenaries were rounded up and killed by security the Jedi checked for surviovrs. The only survivor was Kyvard and when he told them his story the Jedi Knight on the mission immediatley tested him. Thus began his life as a Jedi Initiate.

Jedi Initiate

As a Jedi Initiate he learned about the force, the ways of the Jedi, and about the lightsaber. He had always understood the world as being a place of life and beauty, a place of good luck and bad luck, and a place where love is the most important thing in the world. He was wrong... The Jedi taught him to forgo attachments and that the force was the most important thing in the world. It was a glorious thing and the Jedi were and would always be defenders of peace and justice all throughout the galaxy.

They also began teaching him the lightsaber. Using training sabers Kyvard was able to overcome most of the other initiates with his superior skills. Jedi Padawans had trouble holding off the ferociousness of his saber style. The Jedi worried that the way he fought with a lightsaber was a reflection of his character but they did not take it very seriously and said "only time will tell..."

Becoming a Padawan

Jedi Knight Kyl Tyrnox had refused to take a padawan for a long period of time because she felt she wasn't ready. Now, she felt was the time, the time to pick an apprentice. Kyl had always focused on lightsaber skills above the other aspects of the force and chose to select a padawan through that way. She decided it was time to surprise the initiates...

"Greetings initiates," said Jedi Knight Tyl as she walked into the room, "the three of you have been selected for your lightsaber skills. You will be tested in a series of two rounds. The first round will go to usingtraining sabers in a ring with 3 contenstants at the time. The second round will go to a one on one training saber battle. If you are hit by the training saber, you are automatically disqualified."

The three initiates moved into the dueling room and Kyvard began sizing them up. "The female initiate will be quick and unnacurate but the male will be slow and powerful..." he thought to himself. While Kyvard was pondering to himself Kyl came up to him and gave him two training sabers.

"Good luck," she whispered to Kyvard. The initiates entered the ring facing one another.

The girl ran at him with a flurry of slashes and stabs pushing Kyvard backwards. She was so fast he had barely any time to block all the blows. As time began to pass the girl began to tire. Her attacks became slower and Kyvard waited for an opening. She ended her attack to fall back but as she backflipped Kyvard's training saber nipped the bottom of her boot ending the match. The other initiate, the big one, had never moved. He would be the dangerous one...

Each initiate entered the ring and were given training sabers. Kyvard began judging the strength of the initiate. The initiate was a bulky human male who would be hard to defeat. He looked like a bodybuilder from one of those corny holonet shows and his power was in strength.

Kyvard and his opponent ignited their training sabers and twirled their weapons around trying to find a new balance. He craved challenges. His opponent, Bulv, charged at him and Kyvard prepared himself for a mighty attack. He attempted to hook himself to the floor of the areana so he would not be knocked down through usage of the force. Bulv smashed into him and Kyvard, even hooked, flew backwards. Luckily, he recovered quickly, and was able to dodge the next slash remaining a part of the match.

"the Force has betrayed me, I called upon it but it doesn't do what I want it do, I am weak..." he thought to himself. When the second rush came he once again tryed to hold himself to the ground with the force but the bigger opponent easily knocked him over once again... The force wasn't going to help him here. He then realized his mistake... He propelled himself with the force and a flurry of slashes and kicks and had his opponent on the ground in an instant. He landed one blow and then extended his arm to the boy. "Good Fight," said Coren as he lifted the kid to his feet.

"Congratulations, You're a padawan." said Tyv to the triumphant Kyvard

Master Athanasios speaks with Tyv

"You wanted to speak with me master?" asked Tyv

"Yes, Tyv you do realize your padawan is a tactical genius for his age? I was spectating." replied Athanasios

"Yes, He seems to size up every opponent and has an answer to every situation," answered Tyv.

"He may be difficult to train and try and find ways to learn faster and different material." answered Athanasios relieved that she wasn't unaware of her padawan's intellect.

"Very well, I understand Master Athanasios," said Tyv, "Now if you would excuse me I must begin training my new padawan."

Life as a Padawan

Immediatley, Tyv, saber based as she was, brought her apprentice to Llum and instructed him on the lightsaber. Kyvard learned much from his master about the weapon: historical meaning, its purpose, and most importantly: when to use it. Kyvard built his lightsaber carefully and put lots of effort into each part. He ended up choosing to wield a blue lightsaber. He had always been the fighter; wielding a training lightsaber, a stick, or a plastic sword.

Kyvard sparred with his master constantly and went on many missions with her. They combatted the scum and villany of the galaxy, found diplomatic solutions, and even battled some dark jedi. They formed a special bond, a little more than the master/student bond but not quite love. They became eachother's family and wove a longlasting friendship. Kyvard and Tyv learned eachother's battle styles so well that it was said they could guess eachother's next move. Fortunatley, they surprised eachother from time to time.

Tyv and Kyvard had worked together for a long time now and they understood eachother and were becoming great friends. The next mission was going to be tough. Space pirates were robbing from transport ships. The plan was to take an unguarded transport full of nothing to the Korriban Rest stop. The Jedi would wait inside and ambush the pirates when they boarded the ship. Unfortunatley, a republic spy tipped the pirates off and when they showed up they blew the transport out of the sky...

Tyv looked at her apprentice and said, "Hold on! It's going to be a long fall." Kyvard nodded and called upon the force to hold himself in place. He had learned from his battle with the initiate and had a backup plan when his force hold did not hold him in place. He would launch himself into a series of rolls and jumps and land safely and hopefully with nothing but a few, minor injuries.

The Crash

The transport plummeted through the atmosphere of Korriban steered to a remote area to prevent civilian casualties. "I would have crashed us closer to the city," thought Kyvard, "At least then our injured bodies would be found. Then again, we might have hurt the civilians." Tyv and Kyvard held their ground when the ship smashed into the ground but not even the force could prevent them from feeling the impact. Both lost their concentration and landed on their backs. Both were quickly on their feet to see the wreckage of what was once a republic transport.

Unfortunatley, the engine exploded destroying the remaining parts of the craft and trapping Tyv under a pile of wreckage. Her head stook out and she grimaced saying, "I'm not going to make it out alive. Take a recorder and record me now." Kyvard did as he was told and Tyv said with her final breath, "This is Tyv, Kyvard is ready for the trials, I cannot return but I hope he makes a fine Jedi Knight. Tyv, out" Then Tyv died...

The Trials

When the Jedi Rescue Team arrived Kyvard walked up to them and simply said, "She didn't make it." Shortly after Tyv's funeral Kyvard was brought before the council and after unveiling the recording the Council had a long meeting to decide if he was ready. When he was readmitted to the room he was told he could start the trials. Mace Windu approached him and said, "We know how the trials would have been administered by your master and we will try to do them as closely as possible to honor her memory."

Trial of the Flesh: The loss of his master

Trial of Courage: Staying calm during many missions and having a plan for the crash and surviving

Trial of Spirit and Skill: Kyvard entered the hologram room and a hologram of Darth Revan appeared. He nodded his head at Mace Windu signaling he was ready and ignited his lightsaber. Almost instantaneously Darth Revan launched himself into a flurry of strong attacks aiming at all different spots of the body. Kyvard dodged and parried forming a battle plan in his mind waiting for the moment he could begin his offensive. When Darth Revan's attacks began to slow he launched a flurry of counter thrusts hoping to land a fatal blow but the hologram was ready and kicked him in the stomach sending him hurtling accross the room.

As Darth Revan charged towards him he got on his feet and held himself to the ground with the force. This time however he would be ready. Darth Revan stopped his charging just in time and aimed a slash at Kyvard's legs... Unfortunatley for revan, Kyvard had a backup plan. With a jump that could be nothing but the force he launched himself over Revan and spun slashing Revan's head off cleanly. Then the mask fell off revealing Kyvard's face.

Jedi Knight

Shortly after these traumatic trials Kyvard was made a Jedi Knight. Becoming a Jedi Knight was something he had always dreamed of but the costs were something he could never have imagined. He had lost his master, his family, and even his identity. He had experienced true pain to get where he was today and it meant something. It meant that he needed to go out into the galaxy and discover himself and discover his true purpose in life. After finding permission from the Jedi Council he left the temple and began venturing out in the galaxy to discover these things.

First, he went to Llum and built a saberstaff. In this weapon he placed a green crystal and trained with the weapon on Llum for approxiamtley a year. At the beginning of the Clone Wars Kyvard assisted in minor ways but he would never truly join the battle as a Jedi General or pilot a Jedi Starfighter in a major space battle. He was content to help in small ways and gain knowledge.

As he traveled out in the galaxy he began to discover that it would take a lot to understand himself and the galaxy. He would have to venture places he had never been before, in himself and in the galaxy and he would have to attempt things that would make the normal man run away screaming. He would someday understand the force, himself, and the galaxy he vowed to himself even if he wouldn't understand until the afterlife. As he traveled he began to write what he learned down. The three things he always carried were his blue single lightsaber, his green lightsaber staff, and finally his Journal. He learned a lot about the galaxy during the pilgrimage but he also realized he had much to learn...


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This Biography is Completed

If anywhere it says Coren, pretend it says Kyvard
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Alright, only one problem: Initiates dont get ''training'' saber staffs and dual sabers. Initiates only have 1 saber and thats it. Fix that, and Ill approve you. You can still have a sbaer staff in yourKnight position since you are Saber Focused.
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All Fixed
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Kyvard Deimos
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