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 Anarhan Keliath - Force sensitive

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PostSubject: Anarhan Keliath - Force sensitive   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:20 pm

Name: Anarhan Keliath
Age: 11
Planet of Birth: Coruscant
Family: Julianne, John & Kor'til Keliath
Codename: Anar
Race Human
Grander: Male
Following class
History: Early life:

Anarhan Keliath was born as a force sensitive boy on the sprawling city planet of Coruscant. His parents were rouge jedi who serves the force in a neutral perspective, seeing in neither dark or light, simply the knowledge of the force itself is what they would dedicate their lives to study, scouring the galaxy with both boys at a young age, Kor'til and Anarhan.
but John was more emotion based than his peaceful wife, Julianne had known this from the beginning, perhaps foreseen it, that someday his passion would overwelm him.

The two boys made a pact in a early age, that no matter what happens, they both stay together, and defend each other, aswell as their parents.
Already at an orphaned age, Anarhan and his brother were surprisingly well connected to the force, and a midichlorian count that matched it.
As they grew in age, John and Julianne trained them in the ways of the force, well knowing that the jedi order could train them in ways they could not themselves.
As the clone wars began to close in, John and Julianne, were slowly slipping apart from each other, Julianne wanted to join the jedi order and assist with her wisdom and knowledge, John wanted to join the republic army and fight the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Then one night, they both ended up in a fist fight, and a verbal fight so ear piercing that at last, Anarhan barged in the door, and in rage John murdered Julianne infront of him.
Johns pupils were yellow, his eyes blood red and the rage was turned into madness, Anarhan screamed and ran off with Kor'til, his brother, their father yelled at them that they could not hide from him, eventually he would find them and kill them both in the same way he killed their mother.

The two young boys abandoned their home and lived on the street of coruscant for two years, begging and stealing their way into making a living, untill one day, Anarhan thought about their parents teachings, and headed off to find a way to join the jedi order.

During the travel, Kor'til suddenly disappeared.. he wanted a life of his own with no restrictions, therefore, the two boys parted ways, perhaps for good, but who knows...

Anarhan's only wish is now to join the Jedi Order, and become like his mother, and holding no respect or love anymore for his father.

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PostSubject: Re: Anarhan Keliath - Force sensitive   Sun Jul 11, 2010 10:10 am

mhmm... It's ok I guess... well ill approve
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Anarhan Keliath - Force sensitive
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