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 Sam Exilian

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PostSubject: Sam Exilian   Tue Jul 13, 2010 4:39 pm

First Name: Sam
Last Name: Exilian
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Corellia

Occupation: Refugee on Taris.
Rank: [Ex]Dark Jedi Inquisitor (DJK/I)
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 6' 3''
Weight:173 lb


  • Hacking.
  • Disguised conning
  • Lightsaber wielding.


  • Cell comm
  • Personal computer

Force Powers:

  • Lightning 1
  • Drain 2
  • Saber 3
  • Saber Defense 3
  • Saber Throw 1
  • Jump 3
  • Push 2
  • Pull 2
  • Speed 1
  • Sight 2
  • Grip 2

Saber Forms:

  • N/A


Chapter One: A Greater Good.

The earliest days of Samuel John Exilian were like the salt of sweat in the eyes of a hard working man. They were blurred, nothing was clear prior to the accident as it was called by his mentor. The normal days of Sam was being part of a middle class merchant family that resided on Corellia. However Sam would usually only spend his first four years of his life on Corellia when it was a planetary holiday festival. Sam remembered the cheer of the Corellian people, who at this time were independent of CIS rule, freely expressed themselves as an individual society and planet. The childhood memoir of Sam had always stung him throughout his future in an enigmatic way as his life off the planet proceeded. Yet it was preached to him it was all for a greater good.

John Exilian, the father of Sam was the inheritor of a famous vibro-blade and rare liquor salesmen of the "Winchester Sharps and Brews", on the streets of Coronet. At the end of each holiday festival on Corellia, the Exilians would excel in sales and sometimes rise as to the top due to their famous family businesses. However on Sam's fourth and last Corellian holiday was the opposite of what was expected. A forever unstoppable juggernaut that had sprawled distant stars and enforced them to submit to their rule, law, and obligated expectancies. The defiant Corellian people had fought off the foreign invaders until the last freedom fighter had succumb to the blast bolts of an E-11 or the flesh sizzling bombings of the infamous CIS Bombers.

A young Sam Exilian watched in horror as a man cloaked in an dark robe with a blood red saber easily cut down Corellian rebel's that had frivolously fought the tall cloaked man. Barging through the door was Sam's father telling him to get ready to leave. With all his things, Sam walked out the front of his apartment door turning to see the roof collapse upon his father's body instantly crushing him to death. The tall man looked at Sam, his tattered cloak and saber had flown with the the wind as he eyed the boy. The man raised his hand to move Sam out of the way to search to see if there were more rebel's behind the collapsed rubble, only to see the boy didn't budge. The four stormtroopers behind him looked confused then raised their rifles to fire upon the boy seeing he stood both as a nuisance and a Force sensitive since he didn't move to the tall man's hand movement. The tall man was quick to react by raising his hand throwing an electrical support line immediately through the stormtroopers bodies expiring their services. Guiding the boy out, the tall man had finally found a worthy weapon to his future plans.

He would later reveal himself as a Dark Jedi Master named Ferus, his master, the Corellian uprising had been ended and his master knew it wouldn't be the end of future rebellion on the planet. The cruel and cold personality of the man had immediately shaped Sam into an unquestioning obedience that would create him into a powerful apprentice and ally of the Dark Side and the Galactic Empire. Henceforth preached to Sam as a future path of a greater good and a destiny he must fulfill by the will of the Force itself. The unveiling of a new follower and warrior of the Dark Side has finally come to a commencement.

Chapter Two: In the Beginning.

In the beginning there was very little hope, very little incentive for the young potential ally of the Master Ferus. His master's purpose was for him to become his tool to overthrow the Dark Jedi loyal to the Emperor and not to Ferus. Ferus elaborated that the seat of the Emperor was becoming a weak and corrupted seat of power and in order for it to be "cleansed" for fit rule, it must be taken by no other than a Dark Jedi once more. Ferus frequently taught the child throughout his childhood how to harness the power of the Force, how to control the core power of it, to let the emotion of vengeance and hatred to circulate a pedestal of power. The power of the Force in young Sam Exilian, now codenamed Manus to avoid identification by the Emperor's spies. The identity of Sam Exilian was soon lost to the known Galaxy, and at times to Sam himself. Zealous to the Dark Side of the Force and the Dark Jedi, Manus now looked to fulfill his destiny of meeting the stating of affairs that were to be accomplished for his master. Ferus looked for nothing but the needs of improvement for his apprentice, by means of even putting his life in danger at the most of times.

Manus was, like most Dark Jedi underlings, sent to do covert missions for his master Lord Ferus. Manus's first mission was to assassinate a local Tatooine militia organizer that had threatened the Empire's security and interests in the planet. Their base of operations was located in the Anchorhead slums.. Manus had been under cover of night for this operation as well as given the crowded streets of dissidents and sketchy looking by-passers. The street had given Manus had taken the advantage of entering the militia base of operations as a young patron that looked for some side job. Approaching a cell, Manus used his mind control power to have him brought to the militia leader for a more "personal" approach. Appearing before two guards in front of an make shift rundown office, Manus entered the office without problem due to the low competence of the guards themselves. Before the ugly weequay militia leader, Manus had his saber up his traveling cloak sleeve, the leader looked over at him suspiciously. Before the militia leader could speak Sam used the Force slide the blaster pistol and comm off the weequay's desk. Manus then jumped over the table thrusting the saber through the rebel's throat, he turned to look over to the two now surprised guards with primitive blaster rifles pointed at Manus. Manus simple turned to face them, his first mission for the Dark Lord was complete.

Chapter Three: A New Step

Some good amount of years have passed, the Galaxy had been drastically changing each day it seemed. Rebel strikes had been popping out of no where each day, the Moff's had passed laws to limit or extend political, economic, or military freedoms of each sect of the Galaxy, and Manus had been doing the bidding of his Master, Lord Ferus. Loyally answering the word of the Dark Master, Manus had done small missions, often enough killing many privately trained Republic personnel in the process of his destructive and hard handled moving across the Galaxy. Manus's orders were to kill both Republic and other personnel alike on many of his missions. His identity was to be kept a secret to all others. His status was nonexistant to the known Galaxy, every mission he had been involved with were erased in Republic archives, those survivors who managed to live through Manus's entourage were ultimately silenced by the Dark Lord's spies.

"Your training is almost completed Manus, Apprentice of the Dark Lord." Said Ferus one fateful day. His mission was to kill a Jedi Knight who had been planning a series of organized guerrilla attacks on Republic supply routes. He had been located finally on a space station that was crucial to vulnerable Republic supply fleets that had been transporting back and forth on each route. Crucial supplies had been raided and looted by the guerrillas under this clever Jedi Knight, finally it was to end.

Being dropped off by a stealth Republic ARC-170 fighter, a war was being raged it seemed in the space station. Republic ships caught off guard burning and bombing guerrilla vessels and forces. The durasteel of the ships were still molting and burning to the crisp as they floated through the empty space of the hyperspace lane. Finally making his descent into the space station, Manus searched for the lone Jedi Knight commander.

As destiny commanded, the Jedi Knight's presence had made Manus's will to bring him down in the name of the Dark Side was not stopped by the militia men under the Knight's command. His connection with the dark side was almost complete, and its urgence to defeat the Knight was dire. Killing many of the militia fighters and Republic soldiers alike, Manus had finally reached the Knight's headquarters which had been heavily guarded by elite militiamen trained to defend her from the Sith's puppets or a dark side assassin. Manus had used his training in the Unifying Force to throw a large crate through a observation window which had vacuumed many of the guards before they could react to his entrance. The moment they sealed, he used his saber to throw at them as they rose and his lightning power to electrocute the room while the Jedi Knight had simply used her light side absorbance power. She was impressed, Manus had felt through the Force, but she would not let that move her stance based upon what had been done to non Force Users. They clashed moments later, their dueling skills were perfected, in a complete circle they deflected each of their strikes, yet Manus drew the first official punch by empowering his blade with his lightning embedding a lightning strike. It of course set the Knight off balance but Manus temporary winded, gaining quick balance she threw him into an electrical cord that had been ripped open by debris that had been vacuumed out with her militiamen. Experiencing a short electrocution, Manus absorbed the power and used it in a blast to Force push her away so he could reengage her officially. Her body flew back as planned, nailing her into a wall while Manus got up and pulled for his saber which had been a few meters away. Jumping forwards he attempted to strike her down, yet, her reflexes were indeed extremely quick having her catch the strike before he could kill her. Pushing him back he quickly swiped side to side misleading her, she had managed although to slash across his chest leaving a burn mark from her saber. Further enraging Manus, he scoffed using a rage filled strike to reassure his power and the assistance of the Dark Side that he had all along in the mission. Cutting in a awkward fashion, the Knight leaped to attack Manus's back, however he used lightning while she was in midair throwing her across the room into a dark corner. Her saber had been in the midair, Manus caught it and ignited it walking towards the dark corner to finish the fight once and for all. Only to see a small pool of blood and a collapsed vent. She had escaped. However his master requested her saber assuming, as he did most often in these situations, she was dead. Forcing open the doors in front of him he stalked into the shadows and soon was extracted from the doomed militia and Republic battle.

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PostSubject: Re: Sam Exilian   Tue Jul 13, 2010 11:14 pm

To start off: Read the Saber/Force System here -

Second: Read the Timeline and Plot here -

Then edit this bio, so I can look it up again. There are NO dark lords, neither can you have the requested stats. I get you want to make it as the Clone Wars but this isn't exactly what is expected. Also: no E-11, it didint exist back then. Say DC-15 Carbine
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PostSubject: Re: Sam Exilian   Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:52 pm

havent seen anything edited... Denied untill Edited properly. you have 14 days.
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PostSubject: Re: Sam Exilian   Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:01 pm

Daka this has to be a joke, this bio is twice the size from the last time i saw her.....Re-read it and check Atris post if the following reasons are still in you can deni it because it was denied already.
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PostSubject: Re: Sam Exilian   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:51 am

Kristifor wrote:
Daka this has to be a joke, this bio is twice the size from the last time i saw her.....Re-read it and check Atris post if the following reasons are still in you can deni it because it was denied already.


W. T. F.

As far as I'm aware of there havent been any Emperor's during The Clone Wars from my knowledge... I still say Denied and Galactic Empire wouldnt be around this time line also E-11's still arent around edit it!
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PostSubject: Re: Sam Exilian   

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Sam Exilian
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