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 Sadon Tarash

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PostSubject: Sadon Tarash   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:31 pm

''Accessing Data ''History Of Sadon Tarash''
''Access Granted''

Surname: Tarash

Given Name: Sadon


Planet Of Birth: Tatooine

City Of Birth: Mos Eisley

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Faction/Group/Guild: Bounty Hunter

Rank: Bounty Expert

Weapons: Rifle, Shotgun, Disruptor(Special Scope), Thermal, 1 Rocket, Jetpack, Dagger

Equipment: Comm Link, Pack Of Clothes,Data Pad.

Force Sensitive: Preferably Unknown

Force Powers (If Any): None

Light Saber Name: None

■Scars: Short Scar(Right Cheek)

■Tattoos: None

■Piercings: None

■Prosthetics: None

Height: 6 Foot 5 Inches

Weight: 15 Stones 7 Lbs

Skin Tone: White

Eye Color: Turquoise

Hair Color: Light Brown

Quotes: ''Know Pain,Accept Pain.''

Shorter Version Of Quote: ''No Pain,No Gain.''

Armor Color: Red and Black

Model URL: -


Character Voice: Han Solo

■Vehicle #1: The Resolver - Shuttle

■Vehicle #2: None

■Vehicle #3: None

--Chapter 1 The Background--
--Location:Tatooine,Mos Eisley--
--Current Age: 2-6--
--Main Objective Of Chapter:Background--

Sadon Tarash was born to a clumsy,and rather lazy man and a beloved joyful woman. They ran out of money when his father became a fool,giving credits to the poor,until one day he had given most of his money away,as they were forced to move to a small house. Since that day,Sadon had never acknowledged him as a good father. He treated his mother the same way his mother would treat him,as if she's everything to him.

One day he had an argument with his father,Sadon left the house instantly. He went for a walk in the streets,until he confronted three street thugs. They surrounded him,and was going to beat him up if he wasn't going to give them credits,though Sadon didn't fear them,as he stood still and silent. The Thugs slowly counted to ten. As they said five,Sadon punched one of the thugs. The remaining two dived towards him.

Sadon's Father as a smuggler.

He rolled out of the way as the two hit each other in the head. He took their credits,and walked home. He had the courage to never give up since the fight. As he walked in his house,his parents were on the ground as if they were half dead. Sadon walked towards them,and got on his knees. He looked at his parents,and his father spoke. He told him to look for Bounty Hunter Purvis Rayguel to seek out his training to seek revenge.

Sadon nodded slowly. His father spoke the last words. He told him that he will soon find the one who had done all this. He told Sadon,that he is now an avenger. Then he said ''Son..'' and had closed his eyes. Sadon had tears in his eyes,his mother rubbed the back of his head,and had died as well. Sadon left,and asked everywhere for Purvis Rayguel,though he didn't get much information...

Sadon Tarash,confronting the three thugs.

--Chapter 2 Purvis Rayguel--
--Location:Cantina,Mos Eisley,Tatooine--
--Current Age:6--
--Main Objective Of Chapter:Finding Purvis Rayguel--

He walked into the Cantina,towards the bartender. ''Excuse me sir,but do you know a famous Bounty Hunter called Purvis Rayguel? If you do,tell me where he is please.'' The Bartender turned around and nodded, ''Who doesn't? He's hanging out with his first rookie over there.'' Sadon thanked him greatly,and walked over to Purvis, ''Hey,can I train under you - to be a great Bounty Hunter like you ?''

Left to Right,Hidan and Purvis

Purvis sighed, ''First,I got a test for you. Who am I?'' Sadon shrugged. ''Purvis Rayguel.'' Purvis nodded ''Good,you passed your first test. Now,First we're going to train you in the ways of the Bounty Hunter,then your going to come with us to meet the Boss. We'll see if he'll hire you or not. As you know,I'm Purvis and your future Bounty Partner is Hidan Leaghburgs.'' Sadon nodded, ''I'm Sadon Tarash.''

Hidan shrugged, ''Instead of introducing ourselves and have a tea party,Why don't we head off to Yavin for his first Survival Test?'' Purvis nodded, ''Great idea,let's go - Hidan,Sadon.'' Purvis led them to a big shuttle. They headed towards the Forest of Yavin.

--Chapter 3 Survival Test--
--Location:Forest Of Yavin--
--Current Age: 7--
--Main Objective Of Chapter:Surviving--

A Few days later have passed,and the day they arrived was the day after Sadon's Birthday. They stepped off the shuttle. Purvis pointed ahead. ''Okay Sadon,make it to the other side of the forest before tomorrow evening.'' He gave him a tent.

''Hunt Animals down and find a way out to eat it. Make sure you survive. Don't fear the animals who will attack you.'' Sadon moved on. He ran inside the forest,as Purvis and Hidan took the ship to the other side.

Sadon encountered many friendly animals,and some who will attack him. He defended him along the way, Finally reaching the middle of the forest by night,he set up his tent and started a fire with two sticks.

He cooked the animal he had chosen to capture,and ate it. He walked inside the tent and rested for the day. Early in the morning,he continued on. He reached the other side a few minutes before evening.

Purvis tapped his shoulder, ''You passed the test. We'll do Weaponry Training at Planet Coruscant,Better not be late. Let's go.'' They headed off into space,sending the space towards Coruscant.

Planet Yavin

--Chapter 4 Training Course--
--Location:Coruscant Crime Base--
--Current Age:7--
--Main Objective Of Chapter:Complete The Training Course--

They were walking towards the hidden Crime base. Purvis had talked to the Boss about Sadon,and the boss had finally accepted Sadon into the Crime Orginization under the teachings of Purvis.

He was sent to the Training Course. He grabbed the guns. He ran towards Area 1,and shot the dummy. Then threw a grenade inside Area 2 - Moving onto Area 3 at the same time.

He grabbed his dagger and sliced at it as the dummy popped out of the ground. He sprinted to Area 4. He completed the Training Course - Purvis gave him the Bounty Hunter Uniform..Then he left with his mates.

Planet Coruscant

--Chapter 5 Defeat--
--Location: The Hills Of Dantooine--
--Current Age:13--
--Main Objective:Fight The Stranger--

After six years training with Purvis,he was strong enough to head out on his own,though not strong enough to find the person who destroyed his home. He went to a small village in the hills of Dantooine.

The village had been talking rumors of a strange killer upon the hill in front of the village. Sadon went to buy a drink,then he went to check out the hill in front of the village.

As he went there,a Dark Figure with a Red Light saber attacked him. Sadon got out of the way. ''A Dark Jedi..?'' The Dark Figure laughed, ''Who are you child?''

Sadon spoke, ''I am Sadon Tarash.'' The Dark Figure nodded, ''The Son of the two couples I killed at Tatooine..I see.'' Sadon's eyes widened. ''So your the one..I'll avenge my family!''

He fought against the Dark Jedi,but was no match for him. The Dark Figure tried stabbing him,but Sadon nudged to the side,and he grabbed the hilt of the saber. He tried taking it from him.

He failed taking it,so he grabbed out his dagger, then the Dark Jedi stabbed Sadon a bit,not hitting the vital organs or anything. At the same time Sadon stabbed him with the dagger as well.

Sadon blacked out,and rolled down the hill.

--Chapter 6 Awaken--
--Location:Medical Bay Of Crime Base--
--Current Age: 13--
--Main Objective:Recover From Injury--

The next thing he knew was,he was in a Medical Bay. He got out of bed. He asked the Medical Droid where Purvis and Hidan is. The Medical Droid shook it's head.

''I'm sorry,but Hidan was killed in action recently. It was said he was captured by the Guards and was executed..or so,we heard. Purvis found you by a hill,and brought you back.''

''He then went to look for Hidan,and theres no news of him yet.'' Sadon went to the cabinet and got his items. He walked away from the Crime Base.
Sadon was never seen for six years straight...

Cartoonified Picture of Sadon Waking up.

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PostSubject: Re: Sadon Tarash   Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:17 pm

I think that's all I'll add,I'll add more if needed.
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PostSubject: Re: Sadon Tarash   Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:50 pm

No, I see no problem. It may be usual for it to be 1 Dark Jedi on Dantooine since it has many dark places. I approve this, though Ill wait for another admin to also approve.
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PostSubject: Re: Sadon Tarash   Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:28 am

Not bad but, i insist you to change the sentance where it says The Dark Jedi Was No Mach For Him.There is no such thing, no one takes a jedi for apprentice bellow knight in this era.

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PostSubject: Re: Sadon Tarash   Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:37 am

No no, he meant He was no match for the Dark jedi.
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PostSubject: Re: Sadon Tarash   

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Sadon Tarash
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