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 Carolos Dias

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PostSubject: Carolos Dias   Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:39 am

Name:Carlos Dias
Planet of Birth:Coruscant
Family:Mother and Father.
Outlook(You can use Words to describe it, or you can post a picture too) Handsome young man.
If its Merc add the Class in here!!!<------Soldier
Following class:Rank 2

Chapter one:His life as a kid.
He was born on coruscant nice planet with population of many species, his mother was a office worker and his father a Cantina VIP guard.As a kid he was nice to everyone and his parents where proud with him, his father wanted his son to become something better then him and requered good grades although Carlos was never good but nerver bad in the basic school, he was somewhere in the middle.After he passed to the high school he somehow changed, Carlos was starting to drink alcohol go after girls witch wasn't something new for the kids at the age of 14 but some parents as his though that he needs to be older for those things......He wanted to show off in-front of his class.He managed to steal his fathers speeder/car and decided to scare his class teacher by speeding up like he is going to crash inside the class room.The kids inside the room saw him and the imedeatly ran away from the room and then Carlost hitted the stop button but something went wrong, the car was somehow damaged and crashed inside the room braking his arm.The principal came right away taking him in his office caling his parent in the school, soon he was expelled and the only school he was able to go was the military school.Carlos was set in the soldier class and soon he had two loyal friends a girl named Vania Fernandes and a boy named George Devano.The girl was mandalorian but her family died when she was little and her grandpa trained in the ways of the mandalorian was too old to train her and he decided to sent her in the school so she can have at least some skills.Although he never honored her as mandalorain he knew that there she can't have the right training but it was the best he could do for her.And the boy had some shitty parents so he had to went somewhere he can be free and have starting job after he finish the school.Carlos was a good friend to them and really loyal as his only real friends in his life he honored them and protected them in any of the messes they both where getting in.One day he decided to take them in the cantina so they can have some fun, after getting in the local cantina they started to drink and there was two mans looking at the young girl she was dressed a bit of fancy because she wanted to show off in-front of them and she kind of took their eyes.In like two am if the night the two man came closer to them 3 friends and one of them said to the girl "Hey there shuger, can i have your name sweetie?"The girl looked at him he was much older then her and she said "Va- Vania, why?"Then the second man said "Because he wants to sleep with you honey don't be shy....come we will do it on the street or right here"Then she said "No thank you, now get off me." Then the man smiled and said "No hon, i think that you didn't understand me....bitches like you don't have the word, now get you ass on that table and start dancing before i rape you!"Then He swing with his hand to slap her but Carlos was faster and he punched him twice directly to the face and once in the stomch the man grabbed for his stomach he wasn't prepared then Carlos swing with his foot slapping him right in the nous the man falled down and the other man punched Carlos few times in the face making him fall aswell.Then his friends went to panic, allowing the two man to beat up Carlos very bad.....They somehow freeze and soon the guards came taking the two man in the jail and the two fellows in the VIP till the police come to take them home.Carlos saw his father and then he went to panic aswell His father said to him "CARLOS!?"then he explained how everything happened and the two fellows where free and Carlost spent the night with his father.On the next day Carlos was having fist fight class and the teacher said to him "Well Carlos it looks like you tried to use those trainings outside, is this right?"Then he answered "Well i had to fight a gorilla Alone, now can we continue?"Everyone started t laugh except the two friends the girl felt really sad because they didn't help the class ended and they soon went for a brake.She had some interests in Carlos from long long time but she never said that to him in this view she was shy person.Carlos looked at her and said "Are you okay?'then he smiled.Her eyes filled up and two tears started to run down on her cheecks.She said "I-i-I am so-sorry, W-we ----We ha- Had to help you!"HE smiled and then wiped out the tears from her face saing "Nah don't worry it happens to everyone, it's not your falt."She hugged him tightly frogeting a bout the wounds, he moaned a bit from pain with a smile on his face."Mind if you let me go now, not that i don't like it but it kind of hurts...."She said worried "Aw, sorry i didn't want to....Once again i am sorry"She smiled and then kissed him on the cheeck "Today i am going to take care of you, your coming home with me..." They went to her apartment and had fun all day waching movies chatting talking around.....Then her feeling went stronger but she was still too shy to share them.

Few years latter

After finishing the school Carlos was sent on guard duty, as first mission he had to protect a senator but somehow they failed not because of him but because of a traitor.The traitor killed the senator while he was sleeping, then they all where sent back to the building......Carlos spent 1 week without a job, then a diplomat that owned Alderaan contacted him offering him a job.

-Hello there, are you Carlost Dias the guard my friend told me for?

*Yes i am the guard sir, how can i help you?*

-I'm willing to offer you a job, my daughter needs protection.......Someone loyal someone that will serve her well, i'm willing to pay a lot of money if you do whatever she says-

*I'll sir, when do i start?*

-Right away, come to the capital building and meet my princess....Hope we can work the things out, i don't want her to get hurt and you might find some of her orders strange.-

*I have no problem with that sir!I'm coming right away*

He took the first ship and within 2 hours he was there and he met the girl, she represented herself and he returned saying "Greethings miss, my name is Carlos Dias your new guard" he bowed his head and few moments latter her father gave like 2000 credits to Carlos just so to buy her something if she needs anything to eat or drink.They took the royal ship to the other part of the city and then the girl wanted to see what's inside of the jedi temple.They spent like 4 hours there, Carlos though her a bout the Mandalorians and the jedi themself.He said everything he knew a bout them and the girl was pretty much interested in them.

Few months latter:

They already made plans for her future and Carlos contacted the Mandalorains, and made a deal.....Soon they owned a planet witch was later renamed on Liandras name and she got the title Empress.

Character voice(100 % needed.)

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PostSubject: Re: Carolos Dias   Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: Carolos Dias   Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:05 am

that was so easy, lol

and now i understand more (how do i precent the intro)
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PostSubject: Re: Carolos Dias   

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Carolos Dias
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