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 Liandra Tyria

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PostSubject: Liandra Tyria   Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:57 pm

Liandra's portrait is up on the wall in her room. The Windows are inscribed with her look. The rooftop of her room has her image.

Database files
Name: Liandra Tyria
Age: 15
Gendar: Female
Species: Human - Diathim
Homeworld: Alderaan

Nickname: Miss(So far)
Personallity: Sees herself as the most important person in the Galaxy.
Physical appereance: Wears a long blue(Gray) dress, thin body structure, 2 Black Wings, Silver - White hair, Light red eyes.

How did I get to where I am...A 'diplomatic' conquerer? Yes, we can say so...Though its not all MY doing. The idea came from a servent like all servents. His thoughts guided me to my destiny. My guard searched for any planet with a reasonabble credit payment. I asked my father to give me the money for the price of not getting ANYTHING for around 5 years. Daddy agreed...Besides a few million credits are nothing for him since he 'techniclly' owns Alderaan. But that doesnt bother me...No, no, no. I payed for the planet fairly. Now It is all mine diplomaticly. Under my name, under my control. Now the planet will be declared as neutral...Until i get things going. A senate meeting will be done as far as Ive been told. I wont be taking part in this war...yet.The recording stops there though what is left unsaid is also recorded but security locked.To tell the truth...My servent read me some stories...About the so called Mandalorians and they're remains. I hired the Deat Watch for a 2% of the actual planet cost. It was fairly easy, since they were willing to do anything to gain a planet without the Republic knowing. And here is how it went. A disguised transport ship landed. Took the minister's building until I myself arrived. We persuaded him to lower the price to 100 000 Republic Credits, and sign the treaty. He was rather resistant at first...But all worked out. Then he SOMEHOW got shot on his way out...Oh who am I kidding I gave the order. I took my money and ''enslaved'' its people. They constructed my chambers and my 'fortress' while under the protection of the Death Watch that are on the planet hidden from the Republic under my hand. Why I take security on my own measures? Because the Republic cannot protect their cantinas from assassins, hell will they protect MY planet. I will take matters in my own hands...besides, no one knows where I will be getting my NEXT defence unit. After I decalre neutralitty no one will bother me until I get my plans working as intended.
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PostSubject: Re: Liandra Tyria   Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:29 am

Approved, there isn't much to add anyway....Have fun rping it Smile
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Liandra Tyria
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