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 Daka Terras

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PostSubject: Daka Terras   Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:59 am

Name: Daka Terras

Code Name: Red Gage

Age: 14

Eye Color: White(Lightside Attunity), Red(Alter Enviroment Attunity)

Homeworld: Classified

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Family: Mother(Red Raven, Alive), Twin Sister(Ponya Terras Alive), Father(Dorian Keltic, Dead)

Character Theme: ((Just thought I should post this cause I think it suits him XD ))

Faction/Group: N/A

Rank: N/A

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Powers:
Speed: 1 (due to running at very fast paces and also from Free Running)
Sense: 1
Heal: 1
[Force alignment]
Light Force Enlightenment

[0] <---
Dark Force Submission



A New Kid In Town...

Daka was born on the planet CLASSIFIED INFORMATION With a White eye which in Terras tradition meant Attunity to the Lightside of the Force and also Red eye which in Terras tradition meant Attunity to Alter Enviroment in the Force... His mother Red Raven Raised him even in the currant possition she was in...

I Got A Bad Feeling 'Bout This...

Daka kinda got in trouble with the police on Corellia with his family and to be honest... He even got into a lot of trouble with his family too, He would steal money or something and then Free run his way out of trouble, he stole about 500 credits from someone then ran up a pole and jumped onto a building, Climbing up window's and reached the roof it was swarming with cops, Daka runs to the edge of the roof jumping off and grabs
The ledge of the other building make a Razz face and kept on running but alot faster than any human could...

Force Sensitivity and learning...

When he got home, he went in his room and hid the money somewhere like in a trap door the he would just stare at a crate, and it would lift up a tiny bit, he smirked wodering if he could do that with all sorts of things, he got out a small box and held out his hand to see if it would lift up but it wet forward like a push motion... then he thought about pulling it back ad it worked. He left home again going onto a roof of a tall building where he can practise silently away from others... Someone followed him and watched him practise, She steps out and showed the face of Red Raven... She tells Daka that She might be able to help with learning something called The Force...

He wondered if he could go faster, He asked the Raven if it would be posssible, She said it is possible for him to go faster, She also said hes seen some of his free running and it was quite impressive, The female also said he wouldnt need to worry about that since he was fast at running and his ability to know his way around places easily but She decided to teach him it, Daka started running from edge to edge on the roof wanting the Force to allow him to go faster, he kept at it and eventually he felt his legs pick up and run faster and faster, Daka tried stopping, he slipped and rolled off the roof hanging onto the edge, Then Raven runs over and pulls him safely.

He tripped over and cut his knee, Raven went over to Daka and placed a hand over it, Then a blue light appeared on his hand, and the cut sealed itself slowly, Daka watched amazed at what his mother had done, He asked if she can teach him how to do that. Raven pulled out a small knife and makes a small cut on Daka's hand, She tells him to focus on the hand hard, like you want it to stop, like you want the cut to go away and disappear, Daka does as his mother had said and placed his hand over the cut, a blue flicker Happend and his white eye glowed a bit, the cut closed a tiny bit Daka tried again and the cut healed a bit more but slowly, Daka then tried a 3rd time and the cut finally managed to close... Raven smiled and stood up, impressed how good Daka was with how far he had progressed with using the Force, He went of and walked into the darkness, went home with her...

The next day, Daka went back to the roof top, with Raven awaiting him, She watched Daka train more and more each time, Daka put candle's out at night his red eye glowed and the flames all came together to make a bigger one, Daka looked supprised, his eye still glowing He thinks about shapes and things and the flames literally became like a triangle, grew larger, smaller even wider altering the flame's shape, he moves it off the candle into the air, making it flow around... He puts it back on the candle slowly, his mother watched and smiles seeing he could alter the enviroment which can take a very long time to learn, Raven goes up to Daka and makes the flames all sore up in the sky and runs around Daka like spirals, Then Rave goes on more teaching Daka...

Sword Practise

Daka went to a few fighting classes as a kid few a few years and aced a few but after that after discovering he could use the Force he would go over to the roof and took out some sort of pipe then he would start swinging it aroud like it was a sword for extra practises, he set up a punch bag or hit bag and practised on that instead Learning and Practising how to fight with a sword... Raven came back and watched him, She said he could also help with that, Daka agreed on her helping him to learn how to fight... Over the course of the next few weeks, Daka was taught something called Shii-Cho, Also called The Way Of The Sarlacc and The Determination Form... It was what many Jedi Initiates and Younglings needed to learn in order to use a Lightsaber aswell and one of the most ancient and basic Lightsaber combat forms in the galaxy... Daka was also told that by learning this it would allow him to rely on the Force and make him more attune to his senses, Daka took up the stance that his 'master' showed him trying to get the hang of it and gave it a few swings, Raven taught Daka a bit more about Shii-Cho and gave him a few spar's...

Meeting Someone Special.

soon after Daka's 14th birthday, he was walking around Taris now that his mother Vanesa was going to be married to Joey Bra'vu, A Jedi Knight of the Republic and an old friend of hers... He was walking around and saw thugs following a girl that was around his age, he followed them to watch, he saw them close in on her, he hid the Lightsaber he recieved from his mother on his 14th birthday, the Lightsaber of his father Dorian Keltic... They saw him and well since they had trouble with Daka before, they charged at him, He Force pushes one aside and jumps over them to Natalie, He Carries her and uses the Force to speed off carrying her to a hideout, he took her to his ship to sleep for the night since her parents were'nt home at the time.

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PostSubject: Re: Daka Terras   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:21 am

Alright, I dont see a problem. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Daka Terras   Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:58 pm

hey daka mind changing your story around with these details

-you were always with Red Raven since you were born till now.
-you were trained by red raven
-and alex is not in this bio

thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Daka Terras   Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:19 am

I was about to get onto that.... -_-
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PostSubject: Re: Daka Terras   

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Daka Terras
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