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 Marco Turenia

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PostSubject: Marco Turenia   Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:06 am

Marco Turenia
Age: 22
Race: Human
Genre: Male
Faction: Royal House of Turenia
fs: yes

This family is one of the oldest royal family on Datalon. Centuries ago many different Families ruled the different parts of Datalon, the house of Turenia is one of the oldest from the time the planet was divided in many small kingdoms. 13 Years before, the Royal House of Turenia ruled the capital region until they we’re set off by another family like happens many times

Look: Black hair, Robes change from time to time, is long for his age
Currently doing: searching for Jod Laty

Early life
He was born on Datalon in the Outer Rim, his mother died two years later from a disuse.
His father was a proud Datalonian, he said that stealing the most important rule was.
When you kill someone you steal his life, when you lie to someone you steal him the right to know the truth.
They had a servant living in a small house in the garden, this family worked for a long time for the Turenia’s.
The servant just gained a baby too, and the mother was prepared to take care of both of them. She feeded the two boys until they we’re old enough.
But as soon as the boys we’re old enough she left the man.
The servant took care of the boys, because the father of Marco was a arrogant man and he didn’t want to see the boy as his son.
The city where they lived was a busy and rich city.
There we’re two different groups: The religious Rometen, that was the group that consisted out of servants and tramps.
Asjad, Their servant, was one of them, so was his son, Roda. The other group consisted out of the rest of the citizens.
His father was proud on his name, but he had his secrets

“I made my first steps together with Roda, we ate together and learned each other how to understand ourselves. In many ways he looked like me”

Marco on Roda
Marco never saw Roda as a friend, but as a servant. When Marco had problems, Roda was the one who had to fix them.
The two boys had their own thoughts about each other.
When Marco went to school, Roda stayed at home. Roda was a Rometian, and was mend to serve.
Marco learned how to write, while Roda was cleaning the mess with his father. But when Mraco came out of school they went playing together

Their started up a problem between his father and him. Marco knew that his father didnt saw him as his son.
Roda was the one that acted like his father.
Everytime Roda solved Marco's problems, his dad turned his head away in ignorans.
From young to old(er) his father had a giant ego

On free days Roda and Marco went to the market, and bought useless toys that they would never use.
They ran trough the market to their favourite place, the weapon mercenary.
When marco watched the laser guns and blades, Roda stared at the daughter of the mercenary. Marco always pushed him to talk to her.
"On the nice days... But I wish I didnt do that"
Things happend in later years

When Marco went to a starter diplomatical course, he was 12. Roda sped much time on the market, and slowly marco's and his friendship lowered down.
His course went pretty well, and his father showed since a long time a proud face again, But all would change very soon

On his 13th birthday Marco, his father, Roda and his Roda's fahter wwent to the southern Capital.
His father gave them some money and pointed at the point they would meet at.
Roda and Marco walked pass many nice and old streets, but then there where three boys out of nowhere. The first one saïd "What the hell are you doing here Romee". The next minutes are not really very clear anymore, they changed their life.
They grabbed roda, but he pulled away. Then one of the boys hit him in the face with a fist. marco just stood there with a white face. THen Roda took a run, and the boys ran after him. They didnt even looked at Marco. Once again he stood there. A minute later it was like Marco woke up and he ran to the street they went in. He asked araund and found a small street witha dead end.
He stopped as soon as he heard voices. He slowly looked araund the corner.
What he saw was terrible. Roda was turned araund in the arms of two boys. roda's pants lay on the ground.
Marco pulled his head away and took a run, as far as he could.
When he saw Roda again, his face was white and his pants wheir full of blood. Marco didnt asked or said anything.

The three years following, wheir years of guilty feeling and sleepless nights.
He went to bed early but almost never slept. But when he was sixteen, it slowly lowered.

In the same year he discovered a realation ship between Roda and a girl from the market (Faell) that went out of hands. Faell was pragnent from Roda, on her 16th. Roda was ashame of himself, and everyone araund them looked at them like they made a crime.
Marco's father act like noone else on Roda, he had never been so angry. But then roda's father went angry.
On a night Marco went downstairs becasue he heard voices speaking.
The first things he heard wheir "You had to watch over him" It was clearly my father, then I heard Roda's father "I was not the one that had to take care of him in the first place.. Remember that you wheir the one that went to bed with my wife!"
Marco couldn't believe his own ears. Roda was his half brother!
marco was done, and angry on his father. The day after he packed his bag and left the house.

When he was 18, it was a time of civil war on his planet. The Rometen wheir killed on the street, by their enemies. Even after the civil war it kept on. marco got worried , and went back to his fathers house. He cried out at the message that all the rometen in the street wheir ececuted. he also heard about a son of Roda, Jod. maybe that was a way to at last make it good with Roda. The boy was taken by several off world bounty hunters. Thats where it started...

After several years he found the boy and delivered it at the jedi temple
He wanted to start over and took a new name and apearnce leaving everybody thinking he was dead


Sword handling
As young boy he learned how to handle a blade. The Turenia family has a tradition from father to son, to carry the with gold decorated blade

Not much training, but he can handle a gun. altough it ar eonly hold outs and ight blaster

Wooden staff
Learned during travels, these moves are just basic manouvres
This is the weapon he ussualy uses, its light but strong. Its made of tur wood, from thee tur tree that grows on Dantooine

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PostSubject: Re: Marco Turenia   Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:17 pm

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Marco Turenia
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