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 Daskaria Komora - WIP

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PostSubject: Daskaria Komora - WIP   Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:12 am

First Name:

Middle Name(s):

Last Name:

Characters Age:

Characters Species:
Human but with a cybernetics to keep him alive

Characters Gender:

Characters Home Planet:

Languages Learned:
Sith'ese, Basic, Ryl, Rodian, Huttese, Miralukan

Character Appearance:
Mask and hood: (imagine a black cloak over him and a hood on)
without mask and hood:

Character Skin:

Character's Theme(s):[/b]

Midiclorian Count: 12,697

Character Faction & Rank:

Character Personality:
Dark, Evil, but at times can be kind... sort of and likes to talk

Characters Inventory:
Equipment belt, Cape, Suit for flexibiity and armor, Red Lightsaber x3(his own, his fathers and the Dead Sith's), Purple Lightsaber x1(his mothers)

Characters Parents:
Karin Komora(Mother, ALIVE, weak. Location - Medical bay on Courscant) Garos Komora(Father, DEAD - Killed by Daskaria)

Characters Siblings:
Jameson Komora(18 year old brother. Location - Jedi Temple on Courscant)
Karin Komora II(18 year old sister. Location - Jedi Temple on Courscant)

Characters History:

Daskaria was born on Korriban 26 years before the Clone Wars, His parents were Exiled Jedi which they were Exiled, His father had become a Dark Jedi and he managed to persuade Karin to become one as well, It was only a month later that Karin had discovered her pregnancy, Once she told Garos that she was pregnant, Garos was filled with an evil and twisted grin so from then on, he planned on a way for his child to grow strong in the Dark Side assuming it would be a Force Sensative to take revenge on the Jedi... AND the Republic... Karin and Garos had fled to Korriban to live 'safely' Garos, after Karin's 2nd month of pregnancy had stumbled upon an Ancient sith tomb dating back to the Sacking of Courscant... Who's name was not carved upon the tomb entrance... Garos walked inside to fight booby traps, Tuk'ata(Sith Goat things) Hssiss and other Creatures that dwelled within the dark cave... Later he got to the end of the tomb to the grave of the Dead Sith... he opened it and a black aura, dark and cold... Garos fell to his knees with his hands on the floor, breathing, he got up slowly, he craved the aura, the aura soon took an image of the Dead Sith named Darth Kamakira, The image spoke to Garos, feeling his potential and attacked him with a lightsaber that had managed to remain intact... the crimson blade gammering down at Garos while he was being forced back to the wall, no match for the Darth... The Darth said to him "You.... Have potential yet you dont know it... If you crave power... USE YOUR FEAR!" (Does this seem like it's going somewhere Ponya? XD) Garos felt the fear of his child becoming stronger than him, the fear he would die, the fear he would lose Karin... and pushed back the Darth and attacking, Darth Kamakira was laughing the whole fight and once it stopped, Kamakira began to teach Garos the ways of... The Sith.

after 7 months of brutal training, Garos had become strong indeed from Kamakira's training... Kamakira felt that Karin had gone into labour and was in the medical bay in the town of Dreshdae, He grinned and laughed then he stopped and plotted a way for the child to be his apprentice and destroy Garos in his weak state... Garos sensed the child would be born and hurried over to the medical bay in Dreshdae he got there in time to see Karin holding a baby boy in her arms... Kamakira had come along but made it so that they wouldnt see him... Kamakira grinned in delight at the child, he had black hair, blue eyes and damn cute... they named him, Daskaria. After 5 years, Daskaria's strength in the Force was recognised by Kamakira from using telekenisis to push back an Tuk'ata while it was running at him to try and kill him. Kamakira watched the boy grow stronger and stronger each day, Daskaria was running around the area that he lived in, his mother Karin started to sway back from the Darkside in order for her son to be fully protected and not scared... Daskaria as I said before was running around untill he came to the same tomb Garos had come to 7 and a half years ago... the doors to the tomb opened up as Daskaria walked inside... the tomb was dark but had some light coming through for him to find his way around... Kamakira was waiting for him in the grave room, Daskaria arived shortly and saw Kamakira as a cloud, then it came into Kamakira's form and they talked... Kamakira said things about the Force and that his father is too weak... He twists Daskaria, beginning to use him against his parents, Daskaria came home later that day with a few cuts on his body, he walked to the main room to have his dinner and left it heading to his room and as he led down he thought about Kamakira's words and teachings...

Daskaria headed back there the next day to see his father Garos in training, he hid himself behind a pillar, Kamakira grinned noticing him, Garos was sweating like a pig during his training, after about 5 hard long hours, Garos headed home, Daskaria came out and looked at Kamakira. "Who are you?" Daskaria tilted his head, looking at Kamakira, Kamakira looked down at him, his peircing blood red eyes analysing Daskaria, taking note of every detail and feeling how strong Daskaria was connected to the Force, He 'walked' over to the boy and knelt on one foot, his face right infront of Daskaria's, Daskaria felt the shar cold of the darkside even without training, he was afraid... ''You asked who I am... I am the Darkness of the night... the pain... the fear... the hate... every cold emotion you would even feel... I FEED on your fear boy...'' said Kamakira with a cold and emotionless stare... his voice sounded like it was a bit metalic and his breathing could be heard... very... wind like but evil... Daskaria took a few steps back from him, a fearful expression on his face... He stood his ground, Kamakira took up his Lightsaber and went to strike him down to see what he would do, Daskaria out of pure fright, ducked and grabbed Kamakira's hand but it went straight through and he fell, he kept doing a few simple swipes at Daskaria, He rolled out of the way of most of them and had a few cuts which hurt like hell, he was grinding his teeth to get over the pain, in a way, accepting it, ebracing it... His fear kept him alive and finally he let out a Force push like he had done against a Tuk'ata although Kamakira was blown back a few steps. "Very good... I saw you do that to the Tuk'ata... i'd say you have alot of potential... Join me... And I can make you strong..." Daskaria hesitated but accepted his offer and the day after... The training had Begun.

After 3 years, soon after Daskaria's 8th birthday, his mother Karin gave birth to twins Karin Komora and Jameson Komora... Daskaria, continued to train at Kamakira's side in secret... Garos Komora however after Daskaria was around 18, faced Kamakira for a power grab and failed... Kamakira called Daskaria and he picked up Garos' Lightsaber... He thumbed on his father's Lightsaber and walked over to Garos, Garos who was in pure shock to see that his son was about to kill him, closed his eyes seeing that he was used as a puppet to make his son Daskaria even stronger than he already was... Daskaria went home that day with his own Lightsaber, having consulted and given instructions on how to build a Lightsaber from Kamakira, headed home to find Karin making lunch for himself, Karin(younger sister) and Jameson... but Daskaria went to his mother, and gave her the news that Garos had been found dead... He showed her Garos' Lightsaber and she cried... She didnt tell Karin and Jameson of this news, she kept it between herself and Daskaria... Kamakira was watching through Daskaria's eyes, he was laughing in his head at how good Daskaria had manipulated his own mother into thinking that Garos had died from a Tuk'ata attack, she wiped away her tears, holding back her emotions and brought lunch over to Jameson and Karin, while Daskaria went to his room, eaten his food quickly, sat in his room, on his bed in a meditation like stance, after a few hours, he went outside to play with his brother and sister, making them giggle, laugh, he had fun with them... and after that, he went to Kamakira's tomb, he had a chat with Kamakira... and soon, Kamakira's spirit had entered Daskaria's, the two became one, the agreement was that Kamakira could live inside Daskaria's body and train him through mental methods.

After another 2 years, Daskaria had become even more stronger, learning more Force tecniques and stances, he had retrieved Kamakira's Lightsaber from his tomb and his younger brother and sister discovered their Force Sensitivity a year ago, her Mother would of trained them but she decided not to... Daskaria got home one day and found his mother holding her Lightsaber in her hand, she glared at Daskaria in anger, he thought why and wondered if she had discovered the body of his dead father, which she had... Jameson and Karin turned and looked at Daskaria and their mother, Daskaria chuckled "Dear, dear... You found him didnt you... Such a shame..." She ignited her Lightsaber and attack Daskaria judging by his words that he had killed him, the fight lasted hours on end outside their house, Force Blasts, Lightning, loads of Force techniques used, Daskaria seemed to be winning against his mother, he wounded her badly and she blasted him far across the desert, Jameson and Karin went to their mother, her Lightsaber had rolled away, helped her up and they went to their ship and flew off, Karin(mother) managed to fly their ship to Coruscant where she took Jameson and Karin to the Jedi Temple, she disappeared only to be found unconsious outside a hospital, the doctors and med-droids took her in, they managed to keep her in a bacta tank for healing, she was there for several days, once she healed up, she was taken out of the tank and layed on a bed, still unconsious... The Jedi Council tested Jameson and Karin which they had passed, they were given rooms, robes and training Lightsabers... Even though they were 12 at the time, they were granted permission to stay over the age of 13...

6 Years have passed now... The Clone Wars has begun, Jameson and Karin are Jedi Padawan's of the order, being trained by sperate masters, which they are doing well... Their mother is in an unconsious state or Coma, still alive... Now back to Daskaria... He walked along Coruscant's platform's heading to a bar, he wore a mask, had black robes, hood up, gauntlets, black gloves, armor and 4 Lightsabers... His own, His fathers, Darth Kamakira's and his mothers which he had found on Korriban just after his mother, brother and sister flew off planet... He entered the bar where he went to the counter and payed for a Coruscanti Cooler... He looked around the bar and noticed several thugs, rich people and Jedi Knight Eugen Darkrider along with Ex-Senator Stephany Kushina... once Eugen had left, Daskaria walked over, noticing a possibility she was a Miralukan, they talked and she left, he followed and boarded her ship where Kamakira, through Daskaria's words, told her that someone great and powerfull will rule this Galaxy and that he shall stand by that person... but if that person is weak, then he shall not... they talked about Fear and much more...

Currently going on: Daskaria is still working alongside Stephany...

Force Powers:
Jump 3 push 2 pull 2 speed 2 sense 2 Grip 2 Lightning 2 Drain 2 Rage 2 att 3 def 1 throw 1

-= I've added IG stats to show you and if needs to have something lowered, tell me pls! ty=-
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∂єαth ƒσr¢є ∂αҜα

∂єαth ƒσr¢є ∂αҜα

Posts : 371
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Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Daskaria Komora - WIP   Tue Aug 24, 2010 6:19 am

DONE! and awaiting approval
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∂єαth ƒσr¢є ∂αҜα

∂єαth ƒσr¢є ∂αҜα

Posts : 371
Join date : 2010-06-11
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Daskaria Komora - WIP   Wed Aug 25, 2010 11:48 pm

need someone to RP as Karin(mother), Jameson(brother) and Karin(little sister)
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PostSubject: Re: Daskaria Komora - WIP   

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Daskaria Komora - WIP
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