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 Jedi History Subject - JEDI - CIVIL- WAR.

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PostSubject: Jedi History Subject - JEDI - CIVIL- WAR.   Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:22 am

A section in the Jedi Library is activated... Section BTC - Jedi Civil War and Return of The True Sith Empire....... This knowledge is brought by Master Gnost Dural , one of the Old Republic's most trusted Jedi Masters and Historians... Species Kel-Dor....

Sections opened..... Searching..... SUBJECTS FOUND Acess Granted.... Welcome Back Master Dural.

ATC 0 - Gnost Dural's Introduction.

BTC 7 - The Mandalorian Blockade Surrounding Courscant During It's 'Sacking'.

BTC 8 - Return Of The Mandalorians.

BTC 14 - Change Of Plans In The Sith Empire.

BTC 18 - Battle Of Bathawui.

BTC 28 - Onslaught Of The Sith Empire.

BTC 103 - Republic Peace?. No.

BTC 303 - Restricted knowledge but now accessable from a powercut a few days ago..... Subject - Revan and Malak. Topic - What Happened To Them.
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Jedi History Subject - JEDI - CIVIL- WAR.
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