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 Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP-

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Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP-   Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP- Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 8:58 am

Name:Sigma-17 'Deras'
Planet Of Birth:Kamino
Family:His Pod brother died in the battle of genosis
Outlook:Muscalar with short black hair and the face of a clone.
Following Class:Not force sensitive
Bio:Served in the battle of genosis his pod brother was killed by a spider droid.He as served in various battles since.Serves under Eugen Darkrider and is a Commander in the clone army.Commander 'Deras' stood by eugen and awaited his order and carryed it out with his best extent when they were stuck as slaves.His personality is friendly but always has his finger too his trigger and enjoys demolitions.A crack shot with his guns.Hates too be left out of the fight or take orders from someone not with the republic.
Charecter Voice:Has the same voice as clones.

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Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP- Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP-   Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP- Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 11:52 am

I hope that this is a wip, add more to it and then ask for approval.
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Sigma-17 'Deras' -WIP-
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