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 The end of Season One and the Begining of Season two :P

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PostSubject: The end of Season One and the Begining of Season two :P   Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:46 pm

For those who wasn't in the chat last night i've decided to post it in here, On th next friday there will be a Major Event that will put the end of the Clone Wars and YES there will be Order 66.Kind of changed but anyawy the event will be two days as we will use some new systems they will be announced latter the week, please be paitient, as we decided there won't be chance for your characters to die if you rp proper. That doesn't mean that you're allowed to OP and kill 40 clones at once, i'll personally kill your character if i see you doing it. Okay now back on the topic the first day will be only for the Battle between the Clones and the Jedi aka Order 66 and on the next day our Edition of the end of The Clone Wars. More information will be released latter on you Can request to rp a Cannon Character but this means that you MUST learn the lines that he/she says with Proper and correct grammar as in the movies.
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The end of Season One and the Begining of Season two :P
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