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 Away for sometime

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PostSubject: Away for sometime   Away for sometime Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 7:34 am

Hello people, i know that you all will be happy but i don't care anyway, i'm having major problem with the computer and i am not sure when i am going to be back, it may be someday on the next week after the weekend or maybe after a month......The problem! Simple after the epic electicity shock that my brother made While "Experimenting" to get better grades at school my montor Went of Fire.....So i'm not sure when i am going to get enough money to buy new one, but i'll be here for the event i moved to my other town for the weekend so i can be on it becuase i don't want it to be cancelled because of me.And because there will be a party at the town but that's another story Smile, anyway cya today on the server, i'll be watching the forums from my phone, don't be happy i started working for GTA community and they pay me 400 euro per month for coding so i'll probably buy new one till monday but i'm positing this message in case i fail in gathering enough money for new PGP monitor.
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Away for sometime
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