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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeSun Jun 13, 2010 9:16 am

Forum Rules:

1.No Spamming.
2.No Going off topic aka writing bullshits on topics.
3.No Swearing Flaming.
4.Aways watch out your language.
5.No raging its not allowed, we belive that we all are enough mature to talk as normal people and don't get into fights.
6.DO NOT ASK FOR ADMIN STATUS!!!!((You'll either get yelled at or banned Sad Just stating >_>))

Server Rules:

1.No Metagaming
2.No powergaming
3.No Flaming
5.No Random Killing you cannot go to someone and kill him without a reason.
6.You can Kill someone only if hes on Your ground of Neutral Ground.
7.Perming on Enemy Territory is allowed only with the agreement of the bouth chars
8.Kidnaping with point of Perming is not allowed You cannot Kidnap someone so you can perm him.
9.The Fighting must be Keep real as possible as you can.Witch means no random running and shooting and no jumping.
10.Getting a Character on the same planet as other character to perm his is Concidered as Metagaming if you ask him in OOC where he is.
11.Reporting! If there isnt any proves do not start spamming the admins.
12.In game problems if you stop someone that is cousing problems you can report him in the REPORT SECTION.
13.Every Death rp without the Duel Proves will be voided.
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