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 The Eredar

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PostSubject: The Eredar   The Eredar Icon_minitimeTue Oct 26, 2010 10:25 am

Race/Class Image:

Race/Class Small(Deatiled) history.the eredar are interdimensional beings that are war like in nature but since they reformed there goverment there warlike nature is now only used if a being attacks them first they have the ability to manipulate energy and use it as a weapon or a shield but only there leader is able to use energy and the elements as well they can use there dimensional abilitys to explore there homeplanet hat was torn by war now only has ruined structures and dead skeletons except for the palace wich holds there kind the top 10 that make up the council are only decerned from weakest to strongest and they havnt made them selves known to the galaxy yet and they themselves have yet to explore the inhabited part of the galaxy there appearence is by color adn there powers are different as well

Race/Class diffrent signs(Something to show them off as diffrent from the others):the 10 high ranking clases will have numbers on there skin its the Eredar that is in that clas who will choose where his number should be the other eredar are discerned by skin color

Race/Class racial abillities(Like better vision/improved hearing w/e): they can manipulate energy and use there dimension to help them

Race/Class diplomatic stabillity and position in the Galaxy.: they arnt known in the galaxy yet

Race/Class home planet(Also customly made planet. Give info about it aswell):there home planet atesan is in the same dimension the eredar occupie but its mostly desert and volcanic very view rock mountains and the onyl water is in the eredar palace wich is the only large structure on the planet and theres ruins of old destroyed buildings and temples that cover the planet theres some arrobial areas but only around the palace

OOC: well here it is i hope this gets approved i tryed my best at this >_<
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The Eredar
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