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 Daka Tyria

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PostSubject: Daka Tyria    Wed Oct 27, 2010 2:53 pm

Name(Given Name):

Middle name:


18 (almost 19)


Telnada + Salentharials


Family Relatives:
Mother | DEAD
Father | DEAD
Sister | ALIVE - Liandra Tyria

Faction & Rank/Occupation:
Liandra's Empire, Personal bodygaurd

Telnada Abilities:
Right Cyan eye | Force Control + Force Illusion's | Irisis of the eye looks different to a normal Irisis - (even though it's in a red colour irp it looks cyan) Left Red eye | Alter Environment | Irisis looks the same as the Cyan eye/The picture

Daka Tyria's Appearance:
- Daka when being looked on through the eye's of a miralukan while the glow on the sword is Force Lightning but concentrated around the sword's blade
Close up on Daka
Daka infront of one of his favourite symbols

Midiclorian Count:

Daka Theme(s):

Daka's Personality:
Kind, caring, helpful, likes to be near his sister Liandra some of the time to keep company or to protect her... He'd even give his life for her in the right moment

Daka's Inventory:
A small like robe, quite light making it easy for him to move.
Black armored gauntlets from elbow to knuckles and a strap from the top of the hand around the palm of his hand, quite thick, almost strong enough to deflect a Lightsaber.
A big rope tied around his waist to keep his robe on and used as a belt.
Sandles for all terain and good movement, quite comfortable.
Especially made Katana without a gaurd, sheat/cover is sloted in the rope around his waist but behind his back, fragments inside the blade are shards of Force Crystals so he is capable of channeling the Force into the Sword from the Crystals and also making it easier for him to use Lightning on the sword, the Hilt of the sword is made of a special Lightning resistant material although it feels like plastic.
Although it isnt an Inventory Item, he has a tatoo between his left shoulder and his neck.

Daka's History although some parts have been removed by archivists, requested by Daka himself.

Daka Tyria, Brother of Liandra Tyria and Personal Bodygaurd of Liandra started o- CLASSIFIED INFORMATION

Joined a primary school on the planet where the two grew up planet named CLASSIFIED INFORMATION seemingly happy with his sister, had a Salentharial Mother and a Telnadari Father and were quite wealthy, he took music classes, studied hard, joined Kendo and martial arts classes from an early age of round about 5 or 6 carried it on, he never gave up, he would ask his mother and father, maybe even Liandra for advice... If she would listen...

He gained quite a reputation throughout the years in his school and area of where him and his family lived... He had friends but, never hang out with them much since being a Telnadari meant the feeling of loneliness although sometimes it wouldnt work out because of staying with his sister some of the time... He'd even get order around by her but atleast it gave him something to do so he'd do it.

He was concidered in class as a genius and even asked his teachers if he would be allowed to take his exams at 13 instead of 15 so it would give him more time after it to do as he wanted and more time to focus on his martial arts and kendo practise but it would put alot of pressure on him to study more often... Because of his eye's in Telnadari history, it's said his cyan eye would grant him a good understanding on how to use and to control the Force even create Illusions for that matter... And for his red eye, it would grant him the use of the Force ability Alter Environment. His father, when Daka was still young, most likely 4 although the records were deleted... Trained him in the ways of the Force due to the Telnada species strong connection to the Force and learning to use it at a young age. Occasionally, Daka's father would teach him move's that were taught to him by his parents which were taught to his parents and so on and so on...

When Liandra supposedly left their home (If I am wrong Nori please say what happend in the comment section below... *Points to reply*) Daka felt quite sad and lonely so he spent more time with his parents than he used to and soon after, was told that his mother had been diagnosed with a disease which records dont even know what it was and she died later on leaving Daka to be alone yet again with just his father... He did however pass his exams with one of the highest exam scores in the school, he continued his martial arts practise and kendo practise getting stronger and even practised fighting his dad a few times which he enjoyed then on his 16th birthday, he left home to find his place in the world... and he already heard that Liandra had become the Empress after the Clone Wars ended... He signed up to the Imperial military under the Royal Gaurd sections... There he was able to protect his sister again, it also gave him oppotunities to keep on his kendo and martial arts still and he'd go to the gym when off duty to train by himself while maybe a few would watch and I think the Empress might of at one point... Recognising him, she sent him an invitation to her office where Daka smiled at Liandra and they discussed what went on and what they did before now, Daka admited he missed her and smiled giving her a hug afterwards he asked if he could be allowed to be her personal bodygaurd, Liandra thought about it at first and agreed...

As last known records say, Daka is on Illum with the Empress, General Nafeel and some of the Jedi

Done! and awaiting approval, please say if something needs changing in the comment section below Points to reply

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PostSubject: Re: Daka Tyria    Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:17 am

She didnt exactly leave but she did travel alot. Other then that its good enough. Daka has my approval to RP The Empress' brother so /clap well done. Waiting for Kris' approval.


Thy Empress Suigintou
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PostSubject: Re: Daka Tyria    Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:25 am

Alright approved.

The Epic guy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Daka Tyria    

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Daka Tyria
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