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 Jasmine Brad

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Loading police record: Jasmine Brad


Jasmine Brad

Age: 19
Planet of birth: Coruscant
Family: Complete.. A normal average family on Coruscant
Codename/nickname: Jas (the a few people)
Race: Human
Gendar: Woman

Jasmine Brad
Jasmine Brad Katara10


What we found out was unclear and this woman is not the most sweet girl of Coruscant:

She was born in a small Apartment in west berduna, Coruscant. Her parents wheir most ordinary people we have meet. Though something must have gone wrong in her past, she has been arrested several times and was almost in jail for the rest of her life for murder


Five years ago: Arrested during a gang fight in the lower parts. Several cassualities, though she wans't responible for it

Four years ago: Arrested during a raid on a casino. Spoken free somehow...

Three years ago: Arrested at home Because we got a tip she had an illegal weapon under her bed. Two weeks jail..

Three years ago: She knocked down a patrol at the underground station. The two gaurds were only found with a head ache and She was spoken free because of "Self-defense"

One year ago: Arrested for the murder on Talisia bang. Spoken free two moths later, we still are working on this case..

Found out in Rp

//Everything people find out IC will be posted here. Very Happy

Im sure this still needs alot of work so come and post your comment!
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Jasmine Brad
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