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 I lol'd at the fake syrena

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I lol'd at the fake syrena Empty
PostSubject: I lol'd at the fake syrena   I lol'd at the fake syrena Icon_minitimeTue Nov 09, 2010 8:45 am

ofcly about the fake syrena.. This guy is absolutly gay

[16:12] Síerrα: change your status.
[16:13] Woutervg97: not for fake persons Razz
[16:13] Síerrα: ...
[16:13] Síerrα: If im fake
[16:13] Síerrα: how can i be online ALLWAYS
[16:13] Síerrα: and talk to you?
[16:13] Síerrα: I don't see how
[16:13] Woutervg97: because U have no life
[16:13] Síerrα: comes from you.
[16:14] Woutervg97: Im not stealing anything.. I do have a life
[16:14] Síerrα: yea right
[16:14] Síerrα: I dont steal either
[16:14] Síerrα: i claim whats mine
[16:14] Síerrα: i made that skin
[16:14] Woutervg97: sure
[16:14] Síerrα: but never got published
[16:14] Síerrα: then Syrena exan
[16:14] Síerrα: why the hell am i talking to someone who fucks other men?
[16:41] Woutervg97: STFU
[16:41] Woutervg97: ur the one that acts like a girl


And that was the last time I spoke to this half girl boy.. VIVA PINATA

Cookies for the once that post a pwned chat on Syrenajedi Very Happy
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I lol'd at the fake syrena
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