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 Jedi Rules((I got sick of your pitty way of Jedi/Sith rp READ THIS and don't cry if you get banned on the server))

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PostSubject: Jedi Rules((I got sick of your pitty way of Jedi/Sith rp READ THIS and don't cry if you get banned on the server))   Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:15 pm

Alright starting from here, so far i've noticed that most of your don't have even an idea what the jedi actually is.and I'm just making my point, i'll be fare most you are just random rp noobs that don't even read the wiki for the cannon thing in SW the Jedi!!!!

Rule 1, you're not anakin skywalker, you're not a cannon char....You're just a jedi, and you rp like a jedi not like the epic jedi that you want.
((For those that don't know what RP means it's actually Roleplay-Defination of roleplay is To play FROM the ROLE of the character, as it means once again you're not anakin skywalker.))

Alright, how to rp a Jedi...Really simple firstly i'll explain what the Jedi actually is.

Defination of Jedi:
The Jedi or the so called Guardians of the Galaxy has spent years in training just so they can protect the Galaxy from the very big danger that comes to them((Remember we are rping in SW keep it that way, this is not RL RP things don't go as you want them))The Jedi has existed since ages ago, as the main protectors of the galaxy the jedi knighs of the order has established their position as Guardians of the Galaxy.But what are the Jedi actually?Easy they are normal human beings with a bacteria in their blood as the ammount of the bacterias in the blood is higher then the one of the people concidered as normal((Not Sensative to the force)).Once the Jedi has been taken in the temple his training begins, they gather up on groups and begin their training as Younglings also known as initiates.As that doesn't mean that everyone of them becomes a padawan, those that fail within the years of 14 get established into diffrent classes back in the republic mostly they've became Temple guardians or Elite Commanders in the clone wars.The Jedi as a cult is something really strong as since birth everything that they learn is the force and why is it so important to them, and why do they have to learn it and obay it.The Jedi has no emmotions the passion and the Feelings are banned from their little cult thing.

Special Paragraph a bout the LOVE that you want SO much((Not going to happen)):
As they've been training since really early stage of life the Jedi as a group have managed to overcome the feelings and ignore them, as it's impossible for a Jedi to Fall inlove, DO NO LOOK AT THE CANNON CHARS, the only reason for them to be inlove is just so there can be some drama in the Saga made by that old lucas guy.
As i've noticed not only in here and mostly all over the JKA communitys people try to rp the jedi as something rather diffrent that they are, get it RIGHT there is no LOVE for the Jedi.Some people think that when their char gets exiled they can fall inlove, that's bull shit they may get exiled but the way THEY thing stays the same((Lets be fare if i'm telling you from 17 years that you are not allowed to do that this and this is good this is bad your pshyhic would rather change and you'll do as i say))The Jedi are not allowed to love, as if they do so that would prolly bring them their own death as it did with everyone that fell in-love.

Back on the main topic, how to rp a jedi and why is it interesting.?:
Firstly as i prolly sens no one of you have ever made a re-search a bout the Jedi and the way they do the things, you all go i ma' be anakin!yes, but you're not anakin so STFU and do as i say...The Jedi as a force sensative is something really interesting to rp, the only thing that you need to do is go to the wiki and read a bit once you do so you'll find out that there is more information a bout the Jedi then anything els.As you'll need few hours maybe days to read it all, but it's all interesting as the main idea of the Jedi is something diffrent something that you can't see.Fistly i noticed that most of the people don't talk as the way a Jedi would, they don't say "This is cool" there is no such thing for the jedi as cool they are dedicated to the FORCE and the Galaxy....NOTHING ELS!The jedi have more then 8 interesting saber stance and over 12 attacks used to disarm their opponents as they do pretty much good job, although mostly they use Sai-tak in most of the cases.They dedicate in the achiving of knoewledge and new information as they don't show no emmotions to no-one that includes brothers and sisters as well as mother father and such.They spent their day in learning and training, you don't think that this is fun?i'll point the reasons why it should be fun, as one fully ic training when you start to progress a character a jedi for an example you start in the temple all alone and such.You all gather up in the class room and the Jedi master starts his usuall class, every initaite in the temple begins to answer the questions and you all fight for one thing.To get noticed and become a padawan, you spent days in saber training trying to be the best so a master can notice you.((You're not good in the saber duels?No problem go for a force training, as lifting small object training your force mind control ability's on creatures and such or just team up with some friendly jedi and read holocrons a bout the force and compare your knowadge with each other to see who's better.)) as a Jedi Knight you'll obviously wont be no one, the people respect the Jedi Knights and they are greeted anywhere they go((As this counts for the Jedi side taking Planets, if you're in enemy planet you'll rp as a true Jedi and have go in a slow mood trying to be un-noticed))you're getting bored as you're in the temple and you're a Knight?Simple call your padawans make a class and let them proof who worths to be your padawan.((Don't insta pick up the one who's your closer friend as i know you do so, anyway.Wait few days even weeks if you want make the players fight for their rank as a Knights just so they can get interested in rping a jedi and learn why their jedi should be immune to those stupid rps that you're making on Galaxy atm))It's not fun to rp reading for a holocron?Why because in RL you're just a player that has no idea how to rp as a Jedi?Simple rp icly that you're reading a holocron, go on the freaking wiki and read one or just ask a GM to give you one.Every week there is a event in the Jedi Temple where the masters test the Initiates and those that show skills in one point get rather being padawans or otherwise guided by the master to go on if they are not sure for the padawans to being ready to gain the rank of a padawan.Remember you're just a padawan, when you go training you're nothing like a Knight or a master mostly you fail at the simulators, you don't have enough imagination to rp the simulator?Contact a GM to get few NPCS spawned for you, and rp with him, as the GM will rp the NPCS for you.Don't run into them emmote and if their emmote is better you'll fail and you'll need to learn something new in IC and try again, as remember this your character is a Jedi, trough meditation you can see things don't OP with it although in rare cases it's allowed to see a vision for something like a danger over someone((The vision must be clouded and bearly impossible to read, contact the GM team and ask them if they're able to support you in this rp as you must have a proper reason for it of course))

This is pretty much how you rp a Jedi, stay dedicated to the force team up with some jedi have nice time in rping.Try to proof yourselfs in-front of the masters and the other Jedis, no love no emmotions or such.

The problem on the server is that everyone tries to be Epic, not that you don't know how to rp a jedi.It's just that you try to be so OP and do pathetic Love rps that got no sens, in IC you don't go like Hey barby! Hey ken! Let's go Fuck!!!Sure, give me a moment so i can just fix my hair.Romance rp's are pretty much useless at my point of view as they get rather boring useless in time, and if you want to be able to rp romance then go for Non Force Sensative.As the Sith thing for the love is even rather stronger, the sith are people that look like shit and think for themself only GET THIS RIGHT SW INS"T THE LOVE WORLD THAT YOU GUYS WANT!Go roll a bounty hunter or a diplomat something that can get in the lines of the love, not a freaking sith or a Jedi.

Regards thanks for reading, no personal thoughs has been established in this post to anyone.I think that this clearly states that from now on there will be no stupid sith jedi love idiotic without point rps on the server.

-Galaxy Community Owner Kristifor Smile

The Epic guy Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Jedi Rules((I got sick of your pitty way of Jedi/Sith rp READ THIS and don't cry if you get banned on the server))   Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:33 pm

Now my part to add in here since this is the right place. We all like being unique and cool. Well you dont always need to be that, and you can start off from the very first and still be unique and special. Unique charecters are not meant to own everything and be epic, like my Empress and Lady Deathwhisper for example. The Empress rarely uses her forces for ANYTHING and she doesnt even have any personal guards right now. Lady Deathwhisper rarely even uses her powers. Her words are enough to persuade someone. To the point of what Im trying to say:

There is an Imperial Academy. No one has made 1 imperial charecter to play. You can start as a f*cking recruuit but your recruit will eventually rank as the time goes by. He can meat a Death Watch female for example, and fall inlove with her. As time flows by and he keeps training in IC he will get better ranks, he will be respected, and in the end he will end up with a fine family that has passed everything that it needed to be in IC.

Death Watch have an academy aswell. So far my charecter that is well progressed in stealth, spying and combat Jade Verza for example has a great life as a Death Watch combat and stealth instructor. How much people has she trained yet though? Zero. Because everyone likes to stay in their rat hole in the end of the Galaxy where no one knows them, kiss and make up and never come out. The Mandalorians aint there to look epic, they are a faction with its own training academy and base camp, aswell as the Empire. They are meant to be used for RP not as some bots and NPC's people like to own.

Bounty Hunters are possible a best choice of RP since they can be everything. You can be a gunman, sniper, demolition expert, machine gunner and everything so on and so on. There is no limit. You may be a hireable assassin, you may be a body guard or anything like that. Bounty Hunters are unique enough depending on a role and can easily handle a Jedi in my book. Use your weapons to your advantege IC, not OOC only. A DLT-40 blaster can cut a guy's hand off canon wise, and if its used agaisnt a Force User it can bassicly just shoot him in the hilt, which will obviously suffer a great pushback and and then blast the guy in the head in IC. You can use emotes to your advenatage, not only try to spam some random secondary shot and win. Emoting and ROLEPLAYING in that matter are a key to RP and IC combat. You dont need to be L33t with your OOC skill since people may beat you with their IC logic.

A SOLDIER IS A SOLDIER AND A SOLDIER CAN OUTCOME ANY FORCE USER IF HE CAN RP RIGHT. Highlited this since people dont bother reading anything else.

With those being my points thats that. Dont RP Jedi or Sith because they are epicly cool and powerfull, but RP them if you know how to do it and enjoy doing it. There is always something more unique then a Jedi and a Sith.


Thy Empress Suigintou
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Jedi Rules((I got sick of your pitty way of Jedi/Sith rp READ THIS and don't cry if you get banned on the server))
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