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 Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted)

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Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Empty
PostSubject: Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted)   Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 12:45 pm

Only for the Empress's and Cerian Leader's eyes

Full Name of Character:
Lura Minx
The Spartan
Characters Biological Age:
200 (Looks age 24 has been in Cyro Stasis/Carbonite)
Characters Species:
Characters Gender:
Characters Home Planet:
Ceria/Demon Cerian(is able to control her Demon Cerian self)
Languages Learned:
Basic, Cerian, Binary Droid Language(doesnt speak but understands it), Ryl, Rodianeese, Hutteese, and Selkath
Cerian Military/Galactic Empire
Rank of Character inside Faction:
Lead Commando
Character Appearance:
(Lura in Armour)
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Halo_master_chief
(Lura off Gaurd without the armour)
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) 258723_Anime-Cat-Girl_400
(Lura's Armour Program Marianna)
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) 220px-Cortana
Character Personality:
Quiet, Obeys Orders, clever, Finds a way around the problem fast, gets easily tempered when one mentions of her past family, Sarcastic and Kind
Characters Family:
Characters History:

Sora Minx enters the heavily restricted area with the one Cyro Stasis in the room she puts her hands agaisnt it and saysWe have the help we need... Now we just need something that will scare off the rest of the Demon Cerians and only you could do this by helping us get rid of the rest she put the code in to unlock the stasis so Lura would be freed, Lura awakened on her own after an hour she looked around the cyro stasis she used to be in then at Sora, she looked to sora as sora was saying Our first Legendary Cerian Hero Lura Minx... my Ancestor we have the help of a great army we have agreed to help we now know you can finish the job by taking out the rest of the Demon Cerians Lura's systems on her armour started rebooting as she started to gain back life detector on her screan, then her compass, light and many more came back Lura only said My Sister Cerian... What is the time and Date? Sora turned on Lura's date monitor on her helmet Lura only sighed in relief and said You have done well my great, great, great grandaughter I am so proud all of your ancestors were able to keep Ceria safe from the many dangers of the Demon Cerians but is this true of the new army you speak of? Sora stood up a bit more This is the Galactic Empire my Grandmother they have promised to help us as long as we help them in any way we can Lura tapped her helmet for a moment looking worried she said Weres My armour program Marianna?!?! Sora went through her pockets for a moment and pulled out a small box with a chip inserting it into a secret compartment in her armour she then said Ever since you have been frozen here we have used her for help in our battles but she figured now that the Galactic is helping us we could use your help as well to help finish the job Marianna awakened being in Lura's battle armour remebering it Lura! Ive been waiting so long for you are you ok your vitals are showing perfect and everything else seems to be working on your armour let me do a quick check up on you Lura did a bit of a chuckle forgetting how much she missed Marianna and after Marianna did a quick vital check up again her shields to her armour came back online Sora Minx then said You are now able to stand if you wish come with me there are some other things you have to get checked out for like a bit of a background check but we now you will pass it Marianna and Lura both sighed at the same time then Lura said This includes knowledge on my background tale on how I came to be the legendary cerian I am doesnt it? Sora looked over with a frown I now it angers you to talk of your past but it has to be done to insure for others safety it will be done quickly for you.

Lura when she awakened
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Halo2

200 Years ago...

The Tale of the Spartan Minx

This story is rarely told to the outside wolrd or any outside foreigners but now that the time has come the story must be shared of what happened of our first Cerian Hero 200 years ago. Let us begin with reconizing almost 200 years ago the jedi were in on a raging war agaisnt the Sith Empire a never ending war most thought until now but at the same time a greater battle was concealed on the lost planet of Ceria. Let us start out on how the Demon Cerians were created. On the same night that Lura was born her twin sister was born but with one difference her twin sister Meril was born with a rare disease were she would be empowered with strong abilities of the force and an obession with Violence because of this they tried to keep her away but at one point Meril could not take it and at age 18 she broke out killing her parents in front of Lura in cold because of the punishment she had got from her condition. She then watched as her sister Meril left as angered as she was she was only minutes away from being recruited into the Cerian army and she was placed under an heavily restricted plan for the Cerians. This was there most newest piece of equitment only the lead commando would wear she got the heaviest ammount of training for this she was ready for now anything that came at her and her motivation was to kill Meril Minx. However her mission was not that simple she started off by iflitrating her first Demon Cerian base by using there newest of cloaking technology when she got farther into the base she had to use Marianna to hack through door systems and what not to gain access to the control room. When she made it there she was ambushed among many but thanks to her hard training she did it all on her own her first succesfful strike she sent a detonation of the whole building to go blow up she made it outside running as she was considered more of a hero every da for that first succesfful strike but everyone knew that wasnt enough for her.

Lura Minx agaisnt the Captian of the Demon Cerians
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Kog_met_vs_hal

Half of something

As Lura made many victories with the Cerian army times got tougher and Darker as the Demon Cerians were planning a whole full scale planetary war. As each day seemed to pass Lura felt stronger and stronger it was a wierd development at first but she got use to it until the point were she finnally caught up to her sister it was on the Demon Cerians first battle ship they had up and running. Lura's objective was to simply destroy it before it to joined in the sith and jedi war raging on. She went on killing all of the crew on board trying to get to Meril Minx and when she finnaly made it to her she had changed alot her voice, her looks everything even her personality. When the fight began Lura was begginning to lose until a point were both her eyes went red even Marianna started to wonder what this was she could not even detect or identify what was happening to Lura Minx. The Lura got up lunging many heavy attacks agaisnt Meril until the point were they were still in the planets surface and she punched Meril out the window of the ship watching her escape to the planet running away from Lura. Lura calmed down landing the wrecked ship on the grounds Ceria near the biggest city of Ceria known as Isair were she was greeted with many cheers and applauds for stopping the Demon Cerians.

The Demon Cerian's first battle ship and the Cerians now taking control of it
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Daedalus_in_orbit

The Confrontation

As the victories went on and they were building more starships to make more bombing attacks on the planet were the Demon Cerians roamed they were starting to take more and more of there Territory back. Until a point when the Demon Cerians newest target was Lura Minx, Marianna and her Secret Commando armour as Lura got tired of these frequent attempts she went to there last negotiation were she went to find Meril herself. After many months of ilfitrating and destroying many of Meril's ships there came a moment when they finnaly got into a confrentation were she took out her modified Vibroblade and her other Vibrosword while Meril took out her double bladed vibrosword fighting her. The fight ragged on for many hours until one point were she used her vibro sword breaking her double bladed vibrosword watching it crack on the ground. When she tried striking her 2 swords were taken away and at this point she was really pissed shew as using her Demon Cerian Form they were starting to beat each other to a point were she started using energy to make a force blast, and she put it agaisnt her stomach watching her fly away to the ground having trouble getting up. Then Lura came running up and made her last strike with her parents pockets knife to her stomach she then turned back to her normal self seeing this. She went over to her holding her as Meril was saying "I didnt want it to be this way... you now... I just wanted to be with... you" Lura held her saying "It didnt need to be this wy you only made it this way by killing our parents" she kissed her forehead "and now they will go on for centuries like this were more people like you will kill innocent cerians and others. Merils last words were "I... Am... *has trouble sayingit* sorry more will come for the future... Until a greater army... Comes. Lura then closed her eyes and walked her out escaping and making a funeral for Meril.

Lura holding her modified Vibroblade
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Ngbbs46f0df3928be2

Hope for the Future

As Lura remebered Merils dieing words she had planned to have herself put into Cyro stasis/Carbonite till that time when a bigger army would come to help her destroy the rest of the Demon Cerians. She hid the program Marianna with the Cerian Military till that day came of a bigger army to help her get rid of the increasing Demon Cerian threat.

The last base she ilfitrated
Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Halo-3-master-chief-screenshot-big
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Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted)   Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 02, 2011 12:25 am

Spartan 117 Is approved.

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Lura Minx(Ancestor of Sora Minx/Galactic Empire/Heavily Restricted)
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