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 Gunner System

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PostSubject: Gunner System   Gunner System Icon_minitimeTue Jun 15, 2010 5:04 am

Gunner Classes:

Rank 1 - E-11, Pistol, One special item(Grenade, Trip, or Det pack)
Rank 2 - E-11, Pistol, Repeater, 2 Special Items
Rank 3 - E-11, Pistol, Repeater, All Special Items and a new weapon(What you choose from the others)

Rank 1 - Pistol, Disruptor, Trip Mines and Detonation Packs
Rank 2 - Pistol, E-11, Disruptor, Trip Mines and Detonation Packs
Rank 3 - Pistol, Disruptor, E-11, All Special Items

Rank 1 - Shotgun, Pistol, Stun Baton, Thermal
Rank 2 - E-11, Shotgun, Stun Baton, Pistol, Thermal
Rank 3 - E-11, Shotgun, Stun bation, Pistol, All Special items

Rank 1 - Repeater, E-11, Stun baton
Rank 2 - Repeater, E-11, Disruptor, Stun baton
Rank 3 - Repeater, E-11, One heavy Weapon(Rocket or Conc. Rifle) Disruptor, Stun baton

Rank 1 - E-11, Shotgun, Jetpack(Not allowed for other classes)
Rank 2 - E-11, Shotgun, Disruptor, Thermal, Jetpack
Rank 3 - E-11, Shotgun, Disruptor, Thermal, 1 Rocket, Jetpack

Rules: When requesting a gunner charecter, please state what Class you want to be. The rank will be given upon approval by the admins.
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Gunner System
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