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 Jacen Fesh WIP Imperial

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PostSubject: Jacen Fesh WIP Imperial   Jacen Fesh  WIP Imperial Icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 9:40 am

First Name:

Middle Name(s):

Last Name:

Characters Age:

Characters Species:

Characters Gender:

Characters Home Planet:

Languages Learned:
Sith'ese, Basic, Ryl, Rodian, Huttese,

Character Appearance:
As a Jedi and with his Ex-Girlfriend Amii Garata: Jacen Fesh  WIP Imperial Anakin%20Solo2
Him Originally: Jacen Fesh  WIP Imperial Mission-impossible-3-behind-028

Character Skin: Kotor PCs--Ambrom.pk3

Character's Theme(s):[/b]

Midiclorian Count: 10,666

Character Faction & Rank:
Galactic Empire | Informant/Spy [Ex-Jedi - Left of OWN ACCORD]

Character Personality:
Quite Civilized, does as told [At times]

Characters Inventory:
Equipment belt, Robings, Imperial Armor, Comlink, Hacking tool, 'Bugs', E-11, Lightsaber [Blue+Katak]

Characters Parents:
Dr. Igor Semesh[Human. Therapist, Geologist, Surgeon.] & Miss Imogen Fesh[Gurlanin. Teacher.]

Characters Siblings:
Jack 'Rabbit' Fesh: 19, Imperial Soldier
Jennie Fesh: 15, Imperial Academy Student

Characters History:

Jacen and the rest of his family were all born on Telos, Jacen however was a special case in his family, he went to school, grew up like usual but one thing happend to him that his family never had.

A Jedi just so happend to be stuck on Telos during a mission and his ship had been destroyed. He sensed a presance near by and searched and searched for it not finding anything untill he came across the 11 year old Jacen fending people off while his 3 year old brother Jack ran back home, the Jedi intervined persuading the kids to go back home while he walked Jacen home. Jacen was told of the Jedi's story and revealed himself as Jager Sahz a Knight of the Galactic Republic to bring peace and prosperity. Jacen, aware of what a Jedi was and what a Jedi could do seeing as word travels fast since the battle of Naboo [insert number of years ago here] and Jacen asks his parents [Who are not married!] if Jager could stay. They were told his story and the good Doctor and School Teacher give Jager permission to stay resulting in Jacen discovering his Force Sensative abilities which his parents had kept from him since he was quite young.

A year after it all, Jacen had a long talk about the Force with Jager who had decided while he was out there, to train him, himself. Jacen likewise, agreed to this as he would love to be able to control his new-found power

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PostSubject: Re: Jacen Fesh WIP Imperial   Jacen Fesh  WIP Imperial Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 12:56 pm

There is no E-11 anymore. Actually it was never created. Say DC-15a carbine instead ^^

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Jacen Fesh WIP Imperial
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