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 Tannica Oms

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PostSubject: Tannica Oms   Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:47 pm

Name:Tannica Oms
Planet of Birth:Corusant
Outlook(You can use Words to describe it, or you can post a picture too)

If its Merc add the Class in here!!!<------None But Concidered as fist level Should have atleast a blaster.
Following class<----Non FS
She was born on corusant, her parents adopted her as a bady and she was sent to some sort of a camp....There she was treated with no good, the first day she went inside two other girls beated her up because she was looking better then them.....The ppor girl had no chance then to telll this to the director the guy was hearthles he said to her to go and give an nice excuse to the older girls.Then she started to cry and the director called 2 teachers to get her out...she was tortured every day from the older people there in the internats like this was there was no mercy the older was commanding the younger, she was finding her peace in the lessons and the books she was reading most of them where set on fire from the people that where disliking her.She wanted to go to school and when she became 14 she was chosen by some sort of company that helps kids in needs and went in a school for politic, there she was feeling very well the people where nice but not to her she was threated in some other way because she was poor the people there was son/daughters to rich and famous persons.Almost every day she where saying do you know whos my Mum/Dad? From some retarted kids that where thinking themself for better then the others...From the camp she had learned one thing in this life nothing is given at hands the reason because she was in this school was that she where reading so many books there she started to take money for good grades but still the kids was running from her...There was a child name Jeremus Deviago His mother was senator and the boy enjoyed the company of Tennica Oms and loved to have a chat with her, he invited her to his home it was buitiful she didnt step into suck luxary good.The place that she was living in was some sort of a abandoned building used to put the kids from the camps....Her clothes was old and it was seeing from meaters that she wasnt rich....In the day when she entered the apartment she was really shy because he was so rich and she was so poor.The boy laught a bit when he saw her not sitting on the luxary couch.He said "Come on Tennica, sit"She looked around and set on the couch in this moment 2 big guys came inside the room and a woman with nice looking clothes came inside the room.In the first moment she didnt pull her attention but when her son said "Hello Mum, i want you to-" The woman interupted him sayng "How dare you to took prostitutes in here!" Tennica looked down and greanded almost crying the boy noted and said "I am sorry mum shes not Prostitute, we are in the same class"The woman looked at her and said to the guards "Trew this scum out of my house its dirty." The Guard said "Yes, Ma'aam"The two big mans headed to them looking at each other grining a bit.They said "Excuse me master, you mum wanted to talk with you..."The boy looked at them and said "Alright...."The he looked at her and said "Stay right here, i am coming back"She noded and then after he got to the next room they guards looked at her saying "Miss you should leave now we have been instructed to get you out of here, the master said that scums like you are no more needed in this house"She was very insulted but she didnt cry, instead of that she said "B-B-bur- But He sai- Said to wai-- him here."The looked at her and said "We can do this with the easy way where you get out or in the hard way.."The first guy was new and he wanted to prove himself without even counting to tree he started to hit her with the electric stick shoching her.She started to screem and cry he where harmlesss The senator locked the door so he cant go to her.The boy said " How can you do this!?Shes my friend!"The senator answered "You will have no poor friends!"The guys beated her up and few moments latter she was on the street alone with 2 broken ribs and really damaged chest she was bearly breathing.It wasnt much till she was found by some street thugs, the girl was powerless and she wa easy target for them the first one stepped out to her saying "Hey little princess care to make some money!?"She was too scared to answer "The thug unziped his pants and then 2 blasters came after him.2 Police droids ran to her saying "Do not move!"She was bleeding bardly from inside after the robots took her into the jail she falln on the ground almost dead.The officer on route noted her just in time, he yelled "Medic, we need medic!"Two doctors entered inside the cell and started slowly to cure her.Few hours latter she woke up noting that She was covered with backtas.The officers entered inside the cell and started to ask her who did it...She knew that no one will belive her and decided to lie, she said that she falled from second floor.She thought that the trobbles with the police where over, but she was wrong...The officers didn't want to let her go before someone pays her act for braking the laws.SHe missed the school day and her comm was off to call her teacher, she where alone and scred inside the cell.The police officers where thinking her for bad girl and decided to make funny jokes with her.The officer said "Ey, you .....Yeah you do you want to eat this hamburger?"She didn't eat from almost 2 days and she where very hungry and said "Yes, please"The Offircer came closer to her saying "Call your pafetic mum to come and pay your Ticket, then"She looked down and the sit on the floor looking the ground, few moments latter she said crying "I....i d-D-d-dOnt know where she is *smirks* alone....i ve mmised the bus- *Smirks*"The police offircer felt really bad after he heard that and opend the cell sitting next to her.He was feeling gilty for making her go so sad he said "Kid, i am sorry i- i Did - i...Id didn't know you don't have a was stupid joke...."The man made her cry even more, she was afraid to look p and because of that she where looking on to ground smirking.The officer was ashamed, then his boss entered the room seeing him sitting next to her he made him come.Then the boss asked "Why is this girl crying, what happened?"The man was so ashamed he was voiding the eyes contact and felt afraid to lose his job so he said "Shes crying because we had to take her in here...we are waiting She was on orderen when the death star started to rise and the planet started to calaps no one knew about her mgic powers, she was avable to destroy a planet with her eye. for someone to pick her up."The boss smiled and said "Good job its better to be here then outside..." then he exited the place, the officer looked to Tennica saying "look, i cant let you go...i will...lose my job if i do it...Please understand me....I don't want to make you sad but you have to pay the you have money?"She was still looking down crying and said "No-no i don't have money..i don't have nothing y..."Then she ran into even deep crying.The man said "Look, where do you live...We can send someone to pick something from there for you maybe some new clothes and ...."The girl said "I have no other clothes i have no money my life isn't perfect as your leave me alone!"Her eyes where like waterfalls the man just didn't know what to say....he said "What are you eating do you live?"The girl answered "I am eating in the school...."The man looked down to his just bought hamburger and then to her "I am so sorry little girl , you can have it....your needing this more then me..."The girl was thought to never take something from anyone because back on the camp people where beating them selfs for food.She wanted to say no but she was starbing "Your not doing it because you want me to have it...your doing it because you saw that i am poor COME ON CALL ME SCUM!"She yelled in he rage crying the most of the officers looked him with bad eyes one of them said "I said to you that this was stupid joke."The officer said "Please take it...i don't think your a scum...please i insist....take it...."She had no powers left and suddenly fal on the ground, the officer ran to her sighting to the others to call the doctors.The doctors came inside and after few minutes one of them said "This kid is really bad, why did you think you should make jokes with her for food when shes starbing?"The police offircer said "I...just dont know...i thoght that shes one of thease girls that are hangind out with thugs."She spent the night in the jail on medby and in the morning the officer woked her up saying "Here eat this you will feel better, dont i wont take it for me just eat it.....the doctors said that you need to eat..."She was still afraid, then she noted that there is a letter for her and few mments latter she opened it.In the letter it was saying :Dear Tennica Oms, we have neen informed for your arrest last night and we are informing you that you where expeld from the school.Regards The Director" She readed it serveral time after the first 2 times she thought that this is a joke, buta fter that she noted that the letter is real and run into deep cry, Then one of the other officers said "Eh, excuse me your ticket was payed....your free...."She Looked around in panic "B-....But ...Whee t- where to go?" The man said "I dont know but you cant stay here anymore..."She was in panic and then boy entered inside the cell saying "Tennica, i am so sorry...ive payed the tricket come...let me help you..."She looked at him saying "How when you get me at your house for coffe and your mother send me thease 2 again!?I AM expeld from school!I have no where to go!"Then boy looked down saying "I am sorry i didnt want to happen like this....i am concidering you as a friend rich or nor this doesnt matter for me..."She noted that one of the guards was behind him and then suddenly she standed up in panic and ran into the corner saying "Please- d- Do- dont...i please!"The Police officer noted and said "Whats wrong?"looking at Tennica.She was afraid to look the guard in the eyes, few moments latter the boy told the guard to go and give her an excuse.The guard was ashamed to do it because he beated her up really bad, she was getting in panic every time she was reminding the moments after the first slash with the stick.The guard said "Um, know...i a...i am sorry."She started to cry, then the officer said "Miss is this the guy responsible for your psihical and fisical damages?"She noded scared, the police officer said "Turn arround, you have the right to remain calm everything that you say will be used agenst you"The guy said "Wait, i had orders from his mother i am her securuty i am doing my job and i have license for this!"The Police officer stoped "Show me the license"The guard took out lthe license and the police offircer took it for a check.He said "alright, but what dis she do to beat her up like this?"The man sayed"She stold a neckless..."She said "N...NO!I AM NOT A STEALER!"Can you prove this....yes...because of this shes expeled from the school"The boy was just staring at them trying to find whos llieng.He asked her "Is this true!?"She looked him in the eyes saying "I may be from the camp but i am not a stealer this guy beated me up like an animal without a reason!"The Guard laughted a bit and said "C'mon kid to who are you going to belive, to me the guy thats protecting you or to that little girl that wants money!?"She felt really bad, her temperature rised and the pulse goed faster then before.She starte to grin "Dont...b-"Her hart stoped she couldent take anymore insults the doctors ran into the place bringing tehnology.She woke up in the hospital she was alone in the room no one was there, the doctors said that someone left a letter for her it was saying "Take thease money and get away from my sons life!Next time i will order him to kill you"She Looked at the money and then started to cry.The Police offricer came to see her and he noted that she crying again, he said "Whats wrong?"She showed him the letter and he said "Hmm...are you going to inform the police?"She said "No!"The guy asked why she said "No one cares for me.....i am nothing....."The guy felt sad and said "Dont talk like this....ihad some connections in the school and i told them to rethink your removing they said that they are going to get you back if you dont cause trobbles."She felt happy because thelittle peace of light was on in her again, she even smiled and huged the officer ctying.The guy said "No need of that....i am the one that arrested should take cahrges agenst this senator"She said "No, i am nothing versus ther i will meet my doom if i try it...."After 1 week she was in school the years started to pass and she started to learn more.At 18 she learned Mandoa it was included in her Diplomaat speciality She where taking books learning 1 more language..She bought a small pistol because she had to work to the night to make money so she can as dark and she was afraid so she bought a pistol to be able to defend herself...The years passed she finished the hight school and from there with her good grades she where took in the Collage for diplomats and after 4 years she had become a diplomat.

After the school:
She spent some time on Corellia, there she where working on the local canatina and she was earning money to get a nice life...One day after her job she was staying alone on a table, 2 persons entered the Cantina and her table was the only free one...The two man was with Cheap clothes and almost every man in the canatina turned his head to see him...he was strong nice looking man, the 2 customers headed to her table because it was only free one.The man asked her "Hello, miss do you mind us to sit down?"She turned her head to him, a bit ashamed because the man was asking to sit on her table and she was kind of poor then.She noded with a head and the 2 guests set down on the table ordering 2 drinks.The man smiled and said "IF it not too much i would like to know your name miss."She said "Oh no, My name is Tannica Oms'The man smiled and said "Rephtor Baren, nice to meet you."The man excused for sitting on her teble but stilll she was looking at them man and he was known for her.Then she asked "Excuse me but i think i know you from somehwere...."The man noded with his head laghting a bit and said "You should...I ma the Republic senator Rephtor Baren"She was exited she where drinking coffe with the man she wanted to meet all of her life.Senator Baren asked her How old she is.She answered him and then he asked what edication she has.Tannica answered that she finished the Diplomat school on taris and now she aint working for no one.The Senater asked her why and she answered that they have sent her back from the GR with the answer try it when you get older.The Senator smiled and then said "I might help you what was your grades there?"she said "Everything was A+, i know several languages."The Senator was suprised that they didnt let her get an interview and said "Okay i am going to sent you on naboo so you can learn all the Gr rules information basicly everything for the GR.She noded and said "Ok."Few hours latter after long chat with each other she took the plane and arrived at naboo there she spent a mounth till she learn all the things that she was indeed of.After gratitude there she went to tatooine to take some things from her old house just to be sure that she wont lose everything she actually own.On tatooine she where attacked by thugs a Jedi Master saved her there and few hours latter she went into the cantina till the time of her flight come.There Tannica met Carik a nice looking man that set on her table uninvited he was looking nice and culture so she didnt sent him off he said "Can i buy you a drink?"She said "I am not drinking but alright if you want to."The man smiled and buyed a drink for her "Few moments lattter she was drunk and after several glasses he made her go to his ship.WIth the time she felt in-love with him.Weeks passed and she where leaving on his starship.One day when they where leaning and waching a movie her comm started to ring it was GR special number.She answered and the man on the phone said "Hello miss, I am Senator Baren, Chancellor Palapatine want me to give you interview.Can you come in the Senate to do it?"She noded and said "I will come right away"Few hours latter when she was ready he walked with her till the hangar door and let Tannica to go away there she was interviewed but a Senator, he asked her few questions for the senate and for the GR itself after the long interview he said "Good good, you will make a fine Diplomat for now who knows maybe a senator in the time."Smiling .She said "Thank you."The man gave her first assigment it was to be with Jedi Knight Kirana Solace , on some kind of diplomatic mission.

//This bio was copy pasted if it countains GC info concider it as Republic i will edit it tmmorow lol dont look at the story its kind of tragic and i dont mean it as bad girlfriend made this bio Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Tannica Oms   Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:33 am

Approved but one mistake.... Take out the bit that says Death Star

She was on orderen when the death star started to rise and the planet started to calaps no one knew about her mgic powers, she was avable to destroy a planet with her eye.
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PostSubject: Re: Tannica Oms   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:52 pm

Just saying its "These" and not "Thease" Wink
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Tannica Oms
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