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 Zereketh - Jedi AI Information

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PostSubject: Zereketh - Jedi AI Information   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:36 pm

Name: Zereketh
Age: 2 days old
Faction: Jedi Order - Republic
Programming: Give information and support
Weapons: None
Control: Can call for security through the intercomm
Location: Jedi Archives
Birthplace: Jedi Archives
Gendar: Not specified, though voice sounds female

The Programming:
A few Jedi work on programming the AI's interface. The consoles load up to 100% and the area around the Holo-projector began flickering. An image begins to show up. It has no actual color whatsoever. The light cathers up, forming a humanoid-like figure. The Jedi programmers move back a little. Purple-colored spheres form up on where usually humanoids eyes are. The console's energy gathers up behind the AI and begins to form a cyrcle of information, rotating around the AI's figure. The AI is now notable, due to the blue-like color the Information is. The figure now seems as a light-ghost like object. The console makes a strange sound. Suddenly the AI begins to speak in Dosh. The jedi move back to the console and change the settings to Galactic Basic. The AI makes a strange sound then begins to speak in basic: ''L-t-Energy...All around me...'' The Jedi look at the AI oddly and say: ''Hello...We are your makers'' The AI replies: ''Greetings, honorable masters...What can I do for you?'' The main Jedi programmer smiles and asks a few questions about the Jedi to test if the AI works properly: ''Of course I know where the Jedi we're born...They we're born on Tython with an uprising culture...The traditional Jedi weapon was the lightsaber, which, in the hands of a skilled wielder, could be deadly in combat, even against opponents armed with ranged weapons...Do you have any more questions, master?'' The Jedi replies: ''No..seem you work at 100%...Feel free to gather any information you requitre to instruct our initates and padwans about the Jedi culture and ways...You must be able to answer any question you have been given...'' The AI replies with a rather amused tone: ''Already aquired and processed any information in this temple that has been uplaoded into the Jedi Databanks...How may I be of more assistance to you, master?'' The Jedi looks at it suprised and says: ''Await your orders here. Anyone comes asking something, make sure you reply'' Zereketh replies: ''AI Interface unit is 100% functional...Goodbye masters.'' Zereketh stands there, flickering awaiting anyone to come in search of Information.

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PostSubject: Re: Zereketh - Jedi AI Information   Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:39 pm

Approved, i look forward to this Character.
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Zereketh - Jedi AI Information
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