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 The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)

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PostSubject: The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:07 pm


Name: Kiserius Solarius Darksaber

Age: Indeterminate, has the appearance of a man in his early thirties.

Planet of Birth: Corellia


Narvic Darksaber, Jedi Knight(missing, presumed deceased).

Codename: The Corpse Collector, due to his tendency to drain the life force from those who are very ill or otherwise near death.

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'1

Lightsaber Color: Green

Force Affiliation: Many assume that Kiserius, also known as the Corpse Collector, is steeped in the Dark Side of the Force due to his activities, but in truth he is really more of a dark shade of gray. This is because he uses both sides of the Force to achieve whatever mysterious purpose he seems to be up to. The reason that many claim that he is truly a Dark Jedi is due to his ability to drain the very life energy out of a person and store it in various artifacts to advance his plans. However, many argue that this is an overly simplistic view of his affiliation, as it appears he only uses this ability on those who are extremely ill, or those who are about to die, when it would be far more profitable for him to take the lives of those who are in robust health, hence his nickname "The Corpse Collector", since he only takes the lives of those who are going to die anyway. Still, this ability is indeed a Dark Side technique, so in traditional terms it would be accurate to describe him as a Dark Jedi.

Force Abilities: The Corpse Collector's ability to manipulate the force is indeed one which would force even a Jedi Master to at least acknowledge him. Jedi who have encountered him have described him as being a dam, holding back his abilities until they reach a critical pressure, and then releasing them in an unstoppable flood which is extremely difficult to deal with in a direct confrontation. That being said, The Corpse Collector does not place a large emphasis on offensive powers such as Force Grip or Force Lightning, preferring instead to use his abilities for the purposes of illusion and defense, which include Force Illusions and Force Phantoms( He is known to, in times of great desperation, break one of the numerous crystals he carries with him that serve to store the life energy he drains, and use the power therein to defend himself, although this does not happen often and he seems to prefer leaving before ever having to draw on such power, a curious reluctance for one who is supposedly "Dark".

Lightsaber Prowess: Despite the comparative lack of destructive power in the Force, the Corpse Collector more than makes up for it with his mastery of the lightsaber forms III and IV, Soresu and Ataru respectively. He will typically start off a battle in Soresu, preferring to analyze his opponent and defend himself while taking whatever opportunity to strike back that he can. If the battle seems to be drawing out to the point where it is beginning to get disadvantageous, he will switch to a furious offense with the Ataru stance, becoming a blur, flipping off walls, and aggressively driving an opponent back in an all-out attempt to end the conflict. The switch from such a passive defensive style, to such an aggressive offensive style, has led to the defeat of more than a few unprepared opponents. The Corpse Collector is known for having racked up more than a few corpses from those who were not prepared to face him.

Relationship with the Jedi Order: The Corpse Collector's relationship with the Jedi Order ranges from one of amiable disregard to furious anger(when they go out of their way to interfere with him). He seems, overall, to care little for the Order's imposed morality codes, nor for their philosophy, and tends to simply ignore the Jedi and get on with whatever it is he is doing. He does not go out of his way to meddle in Jedi affairs one way, or another, although he, or one of his various Force Phantoms, might intervene in a situation or observe the Jedi if the purpose suits him. He has fought numerous Jedi, but this is typically intiated by the Jedi and not by him, as there are always the Dogmatic Jedi who wish to hunt down any Dark Force user. All in all, he views the Order with mistrust and a slight disdain.

Relationship with the Sith: The Corpse Collector's relationship with the Sith, although very brief, is one that is quite tenuous. He has very rarely encountered them, typically only in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy or in some completely desolate temple in the middle of nowhere, but the confrontations usually do not end well. This is usually due to the Sith, who will inevitability grow jealous of/and/or/desire the power that Kiser has and attempt to subjugate him to their whim, something that Kiser is fiercely resistant to. Thus, The Corpse Collector tends to either avoid the Sith, and, if he cannot, always makes sure he has a force defense up and his lightsaber drawn, if not activated, when talking to them.


The Corpse Collector usually walks out into the Galaxy with a robe concealing most of his facial features, so that when he does travel without the cloak, he is virtually impossible to indentify. He appears to be fit, but not excessively so, tall, and lanky. He walks with a dignified, yet humble manner, reminiscent of a Jedi. His voice is mellow and kind, and his demeanor is typically quite passive and non-threatening. He seems to walk with a minor limp with his left leg, although whether or not this is fake to appear even less threatening has yet to be seen. When he walks, if one listens carefully, they can hear the jingling of the large amount of crystals which the Corpse Collector carries with him at all times.

Biography: (Was longer, but I cut it down a bit since I can't be bothered to write all of that again).

The Early Years

The Corpse Collector, also known as Kiserius Darksaber, was born as the second son of two powerful Corellian Jedi Masters who had eloped some twenty years before the events of the Phantom Menace. He was born into the powerful Darksaber family on Corellia, a family that had, for the past three hundred years, bred numerous Jedi Knights and Masters, to the point where the Jedi Council had a secret agreement with them: Every Force Sensitive child would be allowed to remain in their custody until the age of twelve, provided that both the parents(whom were to remain anonymous) instructed their child sufficiently in the ways of the Force as measured by a yearly inspector from the Council. The child would then be "transferred" to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant as a student from an "Offworld Academy". The child would never be able to tell others of his family connections, nor would he ever be able to be the apprentice of one of his or her parents. This arrangement was profitable to both the Order and the Darksaber family: The Order, in return for their leniency, would gain several powerful Force Sensitives without having to scour the galaxy for them, and the family could experience at least a little family bonding and were allowed more-than-average freedom with regards to love. It suited both fine.

Young Kiserius enjoyed a peaceful life on Corellia, being remarkably bright and determined. Non-force sensitive relatives took care of him for the most part, and he lived in relative luxury as the other members of the Darksaber family who were not strong enough in the Force to be Jedi were prominent Corellian Bankers and Stock Traders, due to their uncanny ability to sense flucuations in the market. During this time, he became very close with his older brother of two years, Narvic. He especially enjoyed the ocean and the swaying fields of wheat, and to this day remembers the time before he joined the Order as perhaps the most peaceful and happy time of his life.

Soon enough, however, his twelfth birthday arrived, and he was taken to the Temple on Coruscant, forced to remain silent about his family and to distance himself from his brother, Narvic, who had already become a Jedi Padawan. Yoing Kiserius worked hard in order to make up the sudden loss of family, and soon became an apprentice. For the next twelve years he would remain an apprentice, traveling across the stars growing in power and knowledge. At the age of Twenty-Four, he was officially promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.

After much consideration, he decided to enlist in the Jedi Shadows, the secret organization of Jedi whose primary job was to find, and destroy, those who wielded the Dark Side of the Force. This included various sith cults, Jedi who had fallen to the Dark Side, and other miscellaneous Dark Force wielders. He was not, however, as zealous as the other Jedi Shadows, for he had begun to have doubts about the claim of infallibility the Order seemed to have with regard to their doctrine. For example, they claimed that attachments and love were dangerous and not to be had, but Kiserius had experienced them, and saw nothing wrong with the idea of having a family, and thus he was not as faithful to the Code as he could have been. Nonetheless, he preformed his duties exceptionally well.

The Jedi Shadow

For two years, Kiserius carried out his duties as a Jedi Shadow with alacrity and skill. He clashed with Sith Cultist, Dark Jedi, and those who were not trained in the Force yet still managed to be a threat to those around them. As more and more fell beneath his blade, he began to have serious doubts about his position. Although the vast majority of those he hunted down could be considered evil, some were not so. Some of the so called Fallen Jedi had done nothing more than use the Dark Side to assist others, to defend those that they loved. He could not be convinced to see that they were entirely evil simply because they wieldeds both sides of the Force. Was that so wrong? Did they truly deserve to be forced to "repent", be imprisoned, or die? The Order had been wrong about many things, including love, in Kiserius' opinion, so could they also not be wrong about this? This question constantly plagued him every time he clashed with an individual who had done nothing wrong but wield the force in a manner that they saw fit.

At the end of his two years as a Jedi Shadow, Kiserius applied for, and was accepted to, the position of a Jedi Historian, ostensibly to learn more about the Dark Side in order to fight it. Many a month did he spend pouring over ancient Sith textbooks, and, eventually, was allowed to access some of the holocrons kept at the Temple. These seemingly opened for him with much less effort than it did for the other Jedi Historians, and soon young Kiserius was off searching for artifacts mentioned in the Sith Holocrons, bringing them back to the Temple. The Jedi Council praised him for this; many a dangerous dark artifact was removed from the Galaxy by his hand and kept for safe keeping, and thus let him have a very long leash. The more and more that he studied the various techniques, and saw the justifications and possible applications behind them, the more and more he wished to try them...

It was in the interest of scholarly pursuits that he visited Dromund Kaas, long believed to be a legend by those who were not Historians and those who had not been a Jedi Shadow and seen the documents and ideas which flowed from there. Walking down the abandoned, dark halls of the ancient Sith Temple, Kiserius began to finally apply the techniques he learned, feeling the power of the Dark Side run through him. Yet, he was not, as many would later believe, corrupted by it. Instead, he was awed by it, awed by the power it granted him. Such power could be used for the good of others, such power that was ignored by the Jedi for no good reason. Oh, there were temptations, yes, but temptations were a part of life and could be managed. Thus it was that Kiserius began to learn the ways of the Dark Side.

Break with the Order

It was after a considerable amount of time on Dromund Kaas that Kiserius returned to the Temple. He became much more withdrawn, ignoring the various meditations and rituals that a Jedi typically went through, focusing instead on his studies of the Dark Side of the Force in order that the Order better "understand" it. Yet, this withdrawal did not apply to a particular young female Jedi Knight, named Loiuse Valliere, of a prominent Coruscanti family. She was a fellow historian, and, after much consultation, agreed with Kiserius' view. They worked together for three years, plumbing the mysteries of the Sith and of the Dark Side, secretly eloping and gaining power, mixing both the Light and Dark Sides of the Force in order to assist those in need. And, slowly, the two began to fall in love.

Yet, this did not go unnoticed by the Council, and, after one of the Jedi Shadows who had been covertly following the pair noticed that they had finally perfected Darth Vevictus' technique of creating Force Phantoms, decided to act. They dispatched a team of Jedi Shadows, Two Masters, Two Knights, and Two Padawans, to Dromund Kaas in order to convince them to return to the Light or face the consequences. They thus arrived, and were greeted by the two rogue historians, who were then told to return to the teachings of the Order, or face imprisonment.

Kiserius and Loiuse argued with the Jedi Shadows, refusing to give up their work, believing that the Order was wrong, that the Dark Side could be used for good purposes, and that emotions such as Love were not in and of themselves evil. They refused to go. The Jedi Shadows, dogmatic and uncompromising in their view, decided that this heresy could no longer be allowed to exist, and drew their lightsabers. Kiserius and Loiuse, desperate, drew their own lightsabers, and the battle began.

The battle was furious, but it was even, for they were on Dromund Kaas, a veritiable fountain of Dark Side energy from which Kiserius and Loiuse could draw power, and from which the Jedi Shadows could not. They used all of their combined knowledge to drive the Jedi Shadows back, combining traditional Jedi techniques with those they had learned from the Sith, including Sith Sorcery and Alchemy. Soon, the Jedi Shadows were pushed back under the assault, with both the Padawans falling after the first seven minutes, followed by both of the knights in fifteen. All that remained were the two Jedi Masters. At which point, Kiserius and Loiuse, beginning to become exhausted by their constant drawing on the Force, attempted to reason with them, deactivating their sabers and begging for the bloodshed to be over.

The Jedi Masters took this as an opportunity when they both let their guards down, attacking with a combination of the Force and with their lightsabers. Kiserius managed to put up a force barrier in time to block a Force push intended to send him flying back against a wall where the Jedi Master could finish him off, but Loiuse could not. She was flung back into a pillar, and the Jedi Master went in for the finishing blow, stabbing her through the stomach. Kiserius, enraged, called deep upon the Force, both light and dark sides in a righteous fury, and attacked. Lightning flared out from his hands, striking the Jedi Master who was attempting to finish him off and sending him flying back into a wall, at which point Kiserius used the Dark Power Deadly Sight, literally burning the Jedi Master alive as he glared at him. He then turned his attention to the other Jedi Master, and launched himself at him in a fury with his lightsaber, driving him back from the wounded Loiuse with a fury. His lightsaber blurred with incredible speed; Kiserius used every inch of Force ability he had, fueled by righteous fury, so much so that he became a blur. The Jedi Master fought hard, but simply could not sustain the onslaught. He was driven back toward the edge of the Temple on Dromuund Kaas, and Kiserius, with a fury, broke his Force Defenses through sheer force alone and snapped his spine, then proceeded to cut the Jedi Master in half with his lightsaber, and pushed the remains off the edge of the cliff.

Kiserius was exhausted after drawing upon the Force so heavily, but he ran back toward where Loiuse was. To his horror, he realized that she was dying, past the point where he could save her. The Force could only do so much, and as he held her, her life force began to drain. Kiserius began to cry, began to refuse to believe it. Loiuse was before him, crying as well, all she had wished to do was to help those in need of the Galaxy with him, and she managed to mouth "I love you." before fading into unconsciousness. Something snapped within Kiserius, and with sheer force of will called upon the Force in desperation, in fury, drawing upon all of the Dark Side Energy he could find on Dromund Kaas. There was one technique, one of which he learned in the Holocron, he could stop time within an area, he could save her. Thus it was that he wove the time dilation field, slowing down time to a fraction within it, draining himself of every inch of Force energy he possibly could...and then he passed out.

When he woke up, nearly three days later, he, with relief, realized that the time dilation field had worked. Loiuse would not die. Not yet. Not until he could find a way to save her. He would do everything in his power to make their dream come true. Yet, he realized, that it was taking the entire power of the Nexus on Dromund Kaas simply to keep the dilation field up, and that soon others would arrive, either looking for him, or attempting to learn the secrets of the place, and in doing so, disrupt the dilation field. Thus it was that he decided to remain, and through his own power, keep up a Force Illusion to hide him and his lover from harm, until he could discover a way to heal her wounds. It was also during this time that, he realized, even putting the dilation field up in the first place had cost him much, glancing in a mirror, it would appear he aged at least five years in that desperate use of the Force...

The Corpse Collector and the Lost Child at Midnight

After a further two years of study, Kiserius had come up with absolutely no way to heal his beloved. Nothing, nothing on Dromuund Kaas, had enabled him to discover something to bring someone back from a place so close to Death. In addition, every day he felt the Dark Side grow weaker on Dromuund Kaas, the Nexus becoming drained daily by the strain of keeping the dilation field intact, growing ever so weaker day by day. Nothing in Sith Alchemy, nothing in Sith Sorcery, could save his beloved. Yet, finally, in an ancient tomb in a long forgotten language, did he discover a tale similar to his. An ancient Sith Lord, Darth Emilia, had become pregnant and had a child. Yet, the child was so sickly and ill that it was destined to die, and there was nothing that Darth Emilia, despite her powers, could do for it except buy more time, and even that was at a great cost, as if she stopped feeding the child the power of the Force for even a minute, the child would become deathly ill. Thus it was that she invented a device using the essences of the various slaves and sith acolytes underneath her to create a device called the "Lost Child at Midnight". Such a device would entirely replenish the Force Reserves of whatever it was placed in at Midnight, whether this be a large Force Nexus or simply that of a Force Wielder. An infinite source of Force Power, created through a mixture of both the Dark and Light Sides of the Force...

The Legend had ended there, but Kiserius had found his hope. There was a possibility, however slight, that he could replicate this "Lost Child" Device. If he could create it, that would mean that he could keep his lover alive forever, allowing her to continue on with her life as before on Dromuund Kaas, since the Device would replenish the Dark Side Energy of the Force Nexus entirely, allowing both of them what essentially amounted to an unlimited supply of Force Power, and possibly even heal her wounds. Even if she did die, Kiserius was sure, the Lost Child at Midnight could enable him to accrue so much Force Power as to actually bring her back from the Dead.

Yet, Kiserius faced a problem. He could not leave Dromuund Kaas in order to collect these essences, for if he did the illusion surrounding the time dilation field and the temple would collapse and allow the Jedi, or those seeking the Dark Powers of Dromuund Kaas, to discover them. Thus, he decided that he would use Force Phantoms to carry out his bidding, physically remaining present on Dromuund Kaas to maintain the illusion, but being somewhere else to collect the essences. He could manifest his lightsaber and the necessary crystals upon a host being, and begin his collecting of the necessary essences to create the Lost Child.

Yet, if he were to blatantly start killing people for their life essence, not only would he be noticed by the Jedi and be thwarted, he would draw the attention of those who were steeped in the Dark Side. In addition, it would be a violation of the moral code that he and Loiuse followed, a betrayal of his lover. Thus it was that he decided to only drain the life essences of those who were about to die anyway, as he figured it was no great moral wrong that their last essence should go to bring life back to another, and that such draining, while broadcasting a localized dark side signal, would not send a beacon across the Galaxy screaming that Dark Side magic was being used if he drained the lives of those who were fully alive. Thus, he began to cast his presence out into the Galaxy from Dromuund Kaas, seeking out force sensitive individuals whose essences would allow him to create the Lost Child.

Present Day and the Creation of the first part of the Lost Child

At present, the Corpse Collector can be spotted manifesting himself around the Jedi Temple's Medical Bays, draining the essences of Jedi who are about to die. Recently, a veritable whirlwind and distortion of the Force, a utilization of both the Dark and Light Sides of the Force, could be felt in the room of a Thousand Gardens at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. A large amount of Force power was drained from the Nexus beneath Coruscant, and the stored life essences of fifty force wielders, Dark and Light both, were felt being used up. Many a fountain and a tree is now broken in the Gardens, and an odd residual force presence can still be felt near the Bridge on the Garden. The creation of the first part of the Lost Child was now complete, a glowing orb of Force Energy which would serve as the catalyst for the creation of more force energy. How many more parts of the Lost Child need to be constructed is unknown, but the Corpse Collector will continue working toward his goal....

But, he is afraid. Should either the Jedi or a Dark Sider discover his true intentions and desire the Lost Child for themselves, he would be ruthlessly hunted down. For an artifiact of that much power can not be ignored, for if the Jedi were to discover it, they would destroy it, and if a Dark Sider were to obtain it, the very Galaxy would be in peril...

The Complete Lost Child at Midnight Device. At present, only the core is complete.

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PostSubject: Re: The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:57 pm

Whew, finally finished my "shortened" Biography! Ready for review.
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PostSubject: Re: The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)   Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:12 pm

Approved. This is an amazing charecter...
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PostSubject: Re: The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)   

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The Corpse Collector(Dark Jedi Master) (Re-post) (Complete)
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