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 Jedi Padawan Owen Nafeel[Done]

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PostSubject: Jedi Padawan Owen Nafeel[Done]   Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:35 am

Name:Owen Nafeel
Planet of Birth Coruscant
Codename:Kido(only by his master)
Outlook(You can use Words to describe it, or you can post a picture too)
Nice looking 17 years old jedi.
If its Merc add the Class in here!!!<------
Following class Middle ground

Owen was born on Coruscant his parents abandoned him as a baby, he was found 1 day latter by some old lady.She too the kid to the police where they sent the baby to something like a camp for such kids.The life in the camp wasn't really good at the age of 7 he was beated up by some older kids for not giving them a toy.then his powers unlocked 2 balls blasted right to the bully's hitting them in the head.The school director ordered tests to find out how the kid did it, later he was located as force sensitive and as the other abandoned kids he was sent in the Jedi Temple on Corusant.There he started his jedi training, Owen Nafeel never knew his real parents and it was good for him to stay like this.They bout where Dark jedi, his mother called ''Empress'Teranica Nafeel and his father wit the name off Buvange Nafeel the 2 of them where acting against everyone but their main enemy was the Republic and soon they started to attack such planets as corusant not doing major damages but still destroying a lot of buildings and killing a lot of people.They had to abandon him on the planet of corusant one day after an assasin his mother started to have contractions and soon she had borne the young Owen he was born with blue eyes unlike his parents ones.Teranica had to leave the baby because few moments latter some police came near the building she said"Owen, you shall be great SIth one day!"Then she took a Neckless with the name of owen and she left it on his head.Then thet bout vanished in the shadows, his life in the temple was great every day he was waking up washing hes teath heading to the day classes and then when the afternoon was coming he was heading to the garden.There he was finding the peace near the waterfalls, owen never felt anger although he was really strange kid an awensome jedi but the strange thing was his powers they where like in the middle because of that he had to chose the middle ground path.

How did he became padawan:?
One day he was walking around the temple corridors when a young knight said to him to come over, he said "Initiate i have a task for you, some other initiate drop a saber in the training hall, can you bring the saber to me?"Owen smiled and noded then he headed to the Training hall to look out for the training saber.Owen never knew what was inside of the hall a group of training droids ready to tare him apart.He had few moments to think about it before get hit in the stomach by training saber burning him.He was beated up really abd before he can fight back.Then suddenly his powers released again soon the droids where defeated his body was with a lot of scars from the training saber, he took a lightsaber and few moments latter he was back to the knight handing back the lightsaber.Owen never remembered what he did or how he did it, it was like he lost himself reviewing other side.His eyes was yellow but when he came back on his mind they turned to Cyan again.The master said "Nice work initiate, i see that you have finally proved that your worth as a padawan."The master smiled and few moments latter Owen was a padawan.

His life after he became a padawan:
In the first few days Owen was staying in the temple walking around training even harder then before trying to make good impressin of his master, Master Bra'vu was looking at him as his own kid but the young Nafeel was trying to live on his own doing some bad things.One day Owen was walking around the temple lower levels, then he met a girl in Mandalorian armor, he headed right into her saying "Ey you there, what are you doing in here!?"They where arguing in like 2 hours made few duels because the young girl didn't back nor the jedi.Owen latter become even friend with her, he went in the cantina with her and the his first test started his master was acting like old drunk man.Owen passed the test without any problems because he was aways helping the one in need.Then his master left check with 5 000 000 000 on the table, Owen took it and then he looked around.Few moments latter his eyes was on Jade, Owen gave the check to her smiling and at the first attempt Jade said no but he somehow made her take it.On the next day he was sent utapau, where the mass battle between the droids and the Republic clones.He was assisting on commander Ord with number CC-569.His master was the General the battle was hard and Owen got show in the shoulder by some Commando droid.When he wake up he was on the medby with a group of droids looking at him, then he heard known voice and turned his head"Hey Kiddo, how are you?"He smiled at his master and said "I am fine master, thank you."Owen was deported to the temple to rest while his master was finishing the battle on utapau.Then he met jade again, he managed to make her go out with him and they went in the Temple garden near the small waterfall.Then Owen remembered his secret place and invited Jade to come with him.The Nice looking Twi'lek agreed and they headed to the hangar to find a ship.It wasnt long before they where in his masters personal Starfighter, Owen was desaster in the piloting but although he wanted to impress her and this caused him almost his life....The taking off was terrible but the piloting was even worse, he was spinning in the air and right before he land the ship hit a rock causing major dammages.He was scared from what will happen after his master find out but he was concentrated on Jade.They spent some time there having some chat.Owen never felt love to her he wanted her as a friend.......Few days latter when the manipulator started to attack they young jedi jade was attacked aswell his master came in right after jade shot owen in the shoulder.It was hard for her to see what she had done so she falled uncouciouns on the ground.In the next morning his master the ship tarred apart Owen was sent in his room to read a book it was the first time he saw his master angry, and after that he hoped that it will be the last time.

//If you don't think that this isn't enought for padawan say it right away so i can add more
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PostSubject: Re: Jedi Padawan Owen Nafeel[Done]   Sat Jun 19, 2010 1:39 am

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Jedi Padawan Owen Nafeel[Done]
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