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 Jade Verza[WIP]

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PostSubject: Jade Verza[WIP]   Jade  Verza[WIP] Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 6:08 am

Name: Jade Verza
Gendar: Female
Homeworld: Concod Dawn
Species: Twi'Lek
Age: 17
Personality: Depends on mood. Usually...Neutral
Physical Discription: Thin body structure, though stronger muscularity

Currently: Jade is sitting on a chair in the Jedi Temple inside her room, spinning a pistol around her finger. Drops it, then reaches down to get it. She notcies her datapad under the chair. Picks it up and looks at it. It seems there is a file opened from her birth:
It seems she is born in a Death Watch bunker. Her father is standing by her mother, holding her hand. In 30 minutes or so Jade is born. Her mother takes her and smiles. Her father is really happy, looking at his child. She is named after her mother, witch also carries the name Jade. Her father takes her in his hands, and after a few days they leave the Bunker. Jade is left there, because the Death Watch were summoned for a battle with incoming AT-TE and a Republic Strike Force. In a few days a few Death Watch return, with only her father. He sits by his child and begins talking to her: ''Your mother is gone Jade...Though that doesnt mean I will leave you...I will be with you, I will train you, I will look after you...My child. Then he takes her in hand and leaves to a Large Death Watch base to the east, on his speeder bike.

Jade scrolls through the files. She stops when she sees herself 8 years old, holding a pistol:
Her fathers voice is heard: ''Come on, you can do it.'' Jade fires a blast shortly after, hitting the leg of a training dummy. She fires a few others shots and it hits the body of it 2 times. Then she takes a second to aim and shoots it in the head, witch falls off. Her father claps. Then he hands her an EE-3. She takes it and falls over due to the weight, though she managed to pull the trigger, almost shooting her father. He laughes, and takes the carbine away from her. He takes her by the hand, and leads her to some other Death Watch warriors in training. They are atleast 5 years older, holding the EE-3 perfectly, and with precise aim. ''You will become like them, in time...Just need training, thats all.'' He smiles and takes her back to pistol training.

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Jade Verza[WIP]
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