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 Noony's Bio (Fixed)

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Noony's Bio (Fixed) Empty
PostSubject: Noony's Bio (Fixed)   Noony's Bio (Fixed) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 18, 2010 5:18 pm

Name: Zack Nadal
Age: 15
Planet of Birth: Zylonia
Family: Dead
Codename: Project 0001
Race: Human
Grander:Male/Female: Male
Outlook(You can use Words to describe it, or you can post a picture too)

No body has ever seen my face because I wear full body armour.

When I was 10 my planet was attacked by some banished jedi and I was taken to a ship and there I woke up and they told I had been asleep for over 3 years, they told me that they did tests on me made me ... "perfect" I asked them what kind of tests they did on me and they just said all will be revealed to me when I am 15. One night I woke up around 3am and I went for a walk around the ship which I was pretty use too around that time, I came across a door, it was open no lock, no guards, no nothing its like it was just put there for me to go in so I did. On the computer there were records of the test so I read them, in the records they explained that my heart was taken out and replaced with a force crystal so a year went by and these banished jedi taught me how to use the force and a saber. As soon as they found out that I knew about the tests they tried to kill me. And I don't know what happened I think it just made the force crystal in my chest go out of control and I killed them all ... so I am now 15 and I have been searching for the jedi temple for 2 years, I am hoping that the jedi can train the with the ways of the jedi side to give me the chance to use my powers for good, to help people.
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Noony's Bio (Fixed)
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