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 Glandor Trayce, Vigilante, Do gooder, Archangel

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PostSubject: Glandor Trayce, Vigilante, Do gooder, Archangel   Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:11 am

Name: Glandor Trayce

Age: 27

Planet of Birth: Onderon

Family: Both parents still alive, only child

Codename: Archangel, Vigilante, Do-Gooder

Race: Human


Height: 6,2

weight: 243 lbs

Outlook:;89251(Also Skin)
Under the helmet Glandor has white skin, brown hair and blue eyes, he's also quite handsome, plus a thin scar across his cheek.

Gunner, Sniper

Personality: Glandor is rather sarcastic in many situations but is polite if he likes someone. He has a strange outlook on justice however. "Harm them before they harm the innocent" is his motto, and usually he's very good at doing so. The only time people see him without his helmet is when he isn't in combat and trusts them well enough. He is also incapable of doing things the traditional way, always trying to come up with new ways to do even simple tasks.

Equipment and gear: One custom-made suit of heavy mercenary armor, one Distributor rifle, one blaster pistol and one blaster rifle. No special items unless picked up in the field for use.

Abilities: Glandor is a crack shot with the sniper rifle from his days in the Onderon security force and his life as a vigilante, he is very good with the pistol and somewhat good with the blaster rifle as he only uses it as a backup weapon. Most of the time one will see him running around using his sniper rifle as his primary weapon, he's very good with it.



Glandor grew up on ONderon just as any child would, he went to school he played with his friends, he was good at everything he did. However at the age of seven himself father and mother were taken hostage along with thirty other people, who were attempting to get a ransom from the planetary government. While eventually the captors were taken down by the Onderon security force Glandor had just watched seven men and women be excecuted before his very eyes. While this would traumatize many children, Glandor felt a distinct feeling...anger. This was not what was on the holofilms, this was real, and he hated it.

On the Onderon Security Force

Glandor, even after 14 years had still harbored his hate for crime and injustice. He joined the Onderon security force at age 21, however at a cost. His father and mother hated the idea of him doing such a thing, they had tried to push him to take a job that was..well...not what he had taken, and disowned him. That did not stop Glandor however, for he knew that he was doing the right thing.

His first assignment was mere patrol duty around the city, nothing exciting. However that changed when he saw a twi-lek woman being harassed by a drunk. He attempted to stop the drunk from doing much else and...well...the fight lasted five minutes. Glandor had a broken nose, the drunk had three broken ribs and a shattered leg.

This didn't sit too well with the administrators, they gave Glandor a warning that if he ever was this brutal again he would be fired...however little did they know that his brutality may have saved the life of the senator, for the next day they discovered that the twi-lek was an assassin sent to kill the senator for Onderon...yet Glandor never recieved an apology.

Glandor completed every task given to him by Onderon security happily and effectively. Stopping robberies, saving civilians, doing everything you'd expect an active security officer to do.

Hostage Crisis take two

One day at the age of 24, Glandor recieved a call in of a hostage crisis very similar to the one he had been stuck in when he was a child. He rushed over to the site, to see that it was indeed a very similar group. They had the entire place locked down, very heavy weaponry, the security forces were not equipped to deal with them.

Glandor knew that he couldn't wait for the administrators and politicans to sit around on their fat arses to make up their minds on how to deal with it. So he took matters into his own hands. He infiltrated the armory and picked up a sniper rifle and blaster rifle to go along with his side-arm, also taking a grappling hook. He had a plan, and he was going to see it through, with or without the help of his fellow security-forces.

He took a position on a rooftop, pulled out the sniper rifle and hit one of the sentries inbetween the eyes. He then took his grappling hook and used it to get onto the roof of the building, taking it nice and slow as not to draw attention to himself. After navigating the rooftop and the hallways of the building he finally found where the hostages were. There were three dead already and a young woman was kneeling in front of what looked to be the head of the operation. Glandor knew this was his chance to take these bastards out...he soon found that the room was also magnetically sealed, meaning that blaster bolts would bounce all over the place if fired just right.

He used this to his advantage, rather than aiming at the man himself, he aimed at the floor to the mans' left and fired, the bullet bounced and hit him straight through his torso, the round then bounced through the room and hit two more of the captors in various places. Glandor took his grappling hook and grappled to the floor, pulling out the blaster rifle and firing with one hand, his accuracy dead on, and with only a few more shots had taken down the rest of the captors.

Glandor had done a lot of intense training but he had never EVER been this good before, it was as though something clicked on in him.

Kicked out of the security force, and life as a Vigilante

The administrators were furious with Glandor, he had violated so many protocols, had gone against orders and had risked the lives of every hostage that was taken, and so they discharged him. "I only regret that I didn't act sooner." Glandor commented. He bought the cheapest ship he could find with whatever credits he had left over and left Onderon to see if he could do something, anything else to help people in his rather unusual style. His first stop was Tatooine, where he worked as a bounty hunter most of the time, only taking jobs that rooted out injustice, he refused to kill someone over spilled bluemilk.

Glandor had built up quite a wealth over the next two years, at the age of 26 he had killed 435 known criminals on Tatooine alone, and had caused a lot of problems for the Hutts, who wanted him dead. Glandor managed to evade their attempts until one day they had him cornered, nowhere to run, he had managed to hold out for two days before he began to run out of food, water, and ammo. He had only one choice, he had to feign death, which is what he did. After using a thermal detonator to simulate his "Demise" he left Tatooine and headed to Coruscaunt...just before the Clone Wars began, where he began to do what he was good at, killing injustice wherever it may be and deal with it...harshly...he's been doing this ever since, and has quite the bounty on his head...and the respect of the local security forces, despite his methods. The Citzens call him Archangel because of his good deeds.

Comments: This is heavily based off of Garrus from Mass Effect, and I admit this. Though I just find this kind of character fun to play, thanks!

Also please note this was typed up very quickly, I'll run a grammar check later.
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PostSubject: Re: Glandor Trayce, Vigilante, Do gooder, Archangel   Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:49 am

Ok, i see no reason for not approving this.I like it try not to uber the Character please.

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Glandor Trayce, Vigilante, Do gooder, Archangel
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