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 Fynn Sato (WIP)

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Morana Rempal

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PostSubject: Fynn Sato (WIP)   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:54 pm


Name:Fynn Sato
Planet of Birth: Glee Anslem
Family:One sister,mom and dad.
Outlook: Hot Hot Hot and hot

Faction/Group: Jedi Order
Rank: Knight
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Powers (If Any):
(The force powers that Fynn has)
Heal: 2
Mindtrick: 4
Protect: 2
Absorb: 0
Jedi Freeze: 3

Following class:Jedi Consular.
History: Born into a Nautolan's feudal society, Fynn was the child of Lady Sero Sava and Lord Kanora Sato, two of the planets most influential individuals. His family had played a major role in reconstruction after the Battle of his planet. Raised in a strict environment with his younger sister Nytha, the girl and the boy were to become the heiresses of the Sato estate. They spent much of their childhoods in finishing schools, advanced preschools,, and rigorous home studies with protocol droids. Both childs excelled for their ages, showing much promise as future man and lady of their land.

But as they grew older, Fynn started to become distracted from his studies. He began to see his studies as pointless, instead turning his curiosities to the world around him. Drawn by strange feelings, he would run off into the woods and swamps of his family's estate to explore, often leaving him nursemaids and guards in a panicked frenzy. He loved to learn about the plant and creatures of his world, often showing no fear when meeting a new animal.

It was this lack of fear and careless curiosity that landed Nytha in a Bacta tank. Fynn had convinced his younger sister to venture out with him, and a large beast had attacked them from behind. Strangely the beast had run off at the sound of Fynn's scream, but the damage had been done. Lady Sero Sava was furious at the injury of her youngest child, and restricted Fynn to the mansion. Fynn resumed his studies with a bitter Nytha, feeling as thought someone had taken away a part of her.

Months passed, and soon Fynn again began to fall out of pace with Nytha. Now it was the stars and sky that intrigued him. He spent much time with an old telescope, staring out into the galaxy wondering what was beyond his own world. But upon questioning his parents and teachers, they would tell him not to concern herself with the worlds of inferior beings. Fynn ignored them and fell even further behind in his studies as he daydreamed about exploring space.

Once again, the young Nautolan child's curiosity got him into trouble. While attending a formal function with his family, Fynn met a young servant boy who shared his interest in space exploration. Forgetting his duties, the boy led him to an unused room full of model spaceships. They played with them, pretending that they were traveling to distant unknown worlds. Lost in his imagination, Fynn began to daydream about being inside the toy ship, lifting off, flying out into space—only to be startled into reality when he realized the toy had flung itself across the room, crashing into a display case. The noise brought the host and his guests to the room. The host despaired over the broken models in the case, which had not been toys, but handmade replicas of the ships he had flown in his youth. They were Irreplaceable.

Sava and Kanora were outraged with their older child. They seemed to be angrier about his explanation than the broken models. They locked in his room, removing Nytha and her things to a separate room down the hall. They stopped taking him to parties, stopped giving him personal lessons. Fynn began to see Nytha less and less, growing apart as his sister blossomed into her parent's idea of a perfect child. Soon Morana only company were his nanny and protocol droids. Even his guards were replaced with droids. He was seven years old.

Fynn's ninth birthday. He stared out the window at the stars,
the small cake his nanny-droid had brought sitting ignored on the table
behind him. His parents and Nytha were out, attending yet another social
function. If they knew it was his birthday, they didn't care. He
hadn't seen any of them in days.
Earlier that night Fynn had thought he saw a ship overhead, but
where it had been going he didn't know. He just wished he was on
it. Distracted by his wishful thoughts, he didn't hear the door open
behind him. A moment later he felt like he was being watched, and
turned around to find himself staring up at a huge man. A human man. He
had never seen a real human before. Behind the muscular man, his
parents stood in the doorway. He could not read their expressions. The
human man bent down on his knee and held out a massive hand to him.
Hello Syrena. My name is Mace Windu.

He had marveled at his ship. When they took off into space, he
hadn't been scared. When they approached Coruscant, he had starred in
awed silence. During the trip Mace had explained to him briefly about
the Force, the Jedi, and the abilities he sensed in him. He told him a
little about his new home. Back on Glee Anslem, he hadn't hesitated even a
second when he asked him if he would go with him. It had just felt
right. When they entered the massive door of the temple, his hand in
his, he had gasped. Not just at the amazing construction or the various
species that walked the halls, but at the feeling that hit him. This
place was a place of happiness and peace, and he felt like he was
He spent half a year getting to know people, waiting and wondering
if the Jedi Council would accept him into their order. He had feared he would be sent back home, to his lonely, empty room with his
emotionless droids. But the day finally came when he was made an
initiate. He was given a blue-bladed training saber, which he
immediately grew fond of. He attended classes, bonded with Mace through
training, spent time with a Zabrak boy named Eeth Koth, and grew close to a Mirialan named Barris Offee. Well, as close as he could get to
the slightly insane gold girl, anyway. He spent much time in the small
archive, learning and growing.
On one dreadful day, a pair of wookiees attacked their peaceful
temple and ended up taking Fynn hostage. The incident ended, the
wookiees dead, one boy recovering from multiple blaster shots, and Fynn in a coma from near-fatal head trauma. Mace did all he could to
heal her, but still he remained in the coma. Eeth remained at his
side. He later awoke, having been drawn back by the sound of Eeth's
voice somewhere deep in her mind, and recovered.
Fynn's training continues, making friends along the way. He delved
deeper into his studies, making use of the large archives. He learned
new abilities and began to push his physical limits. He learned He
shared a bond with the young zabrak who had sat at his bedside. He
spent a brief time away to attend the funeral of Nytha, who died under
mysterious circumstances. He endured the pain of Marola Koranka suicide an event he has never fully recovered from. He became a
Padawan, and continued his training alone, withstanding the pain of
knowing that Marola should have been at his side as his master.

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Community Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Fynn Sato (WIP)   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:46 pm

So far is pretty good. Keep up the good work. Though just a question with I aint really sure: Can Quarren breathe out of water?
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Morana Rempal

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PostSubject: Re: Fynn Sato (WIP)   Fri Jun 25, 2010 9:00 am

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Community Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Fynn Sato (WIP)   Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:21 pm

Oh yeah, totally forgot that force power -.- Well same thing. Keep up the good work, this would most deffinatly be an approval(and its original, since no one else actually used Quarren species)
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PostSubject: Re: Fynn Sato (WIP)   

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Fynn Sato (WIP)
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