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 Info for the server.

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Info for the server. Empty
PostSubject: Info for the server.   Info for the server. Icon_minitimeFri Jun 11, 2010 11:50 am



How to access ooc?

Open console by pressing ---> Shipt+~ and Then type:

/Clanpass ooc

/Say_team_mod clan

And press the T button to talk in ooc.

Talking in IC is really easy Just Press the Y, button and type something like(Hello there, how are you?)

Roleplay Colors:

Green:Its used for talking in IC
Yellow:Its used for action.
White:This color is used for Thoughts.
Red:Its used for anger aka Use it when your character is angry.
Purple:Its used Communication and Helmet talk.
Blue:Its used for NPC.
Black: Used Solely for Rift Speech
Cyan:Its used for Force talk

Common commands.
1. The grapple hook.
How to use it?Really simple, just Do the things bellow.

/Bind Key +button12 (main is G, You can set it with whatever you want.)

2.The Animations.
-As you may know Ja+ has alot of animations

How to find them all?
There is 2 way to do it, the first one is to type:
Shift+~(To open Console) and type/amhelp.....You will get every single command of the ja+

The second way is to Download Ultra-Utility made by boba fett, After downloading and installing the program you must run it.
1 onece in game You must press Y and type:
!Openmenu....You will get a menu with many options, Press the Letter for the animation menu and tadaam here you are...

Althou here are the most used commands in the role play.
2.1 The commands for the animations:

There is 3 types of siting in the game:

By opening console (Shift+~) you must type:

There are 3 types of laying:

For Leaning agenst wall you can use:

How to perform the Colors!?
Simple, Just follow this small tutorial.

^1 Red, Used for talking with anger.
^2 Green Ic chat you can just use the Y button for it
^3 Yellow Action, aka Takes out a lightsaberand turns it on.
^4 Blue NPC talking, Just use it when your role playing an convo with an npc or computer.
^5 Cyan Force talking, Its used When you have converstion with someone via the force.
^6 Purple Communicator, Used for talking in Comm or Helpmet.
^7 White Used for Thoughts.
^0 Black Used for Speach

How To Get Guns?
Simple, Just follow the tutorial and you will do fine.

You must connect to the server, then you must open the Console(By using SHift+~) and Type:

/amlogin merc
and then

This should give you all the weapons in the game with max ammo.
In game rules.

This is really simple, Practicualy it means that you give extra power of your character....Its not allowed Powergaming will get you Sleep for around 10 minuts with a waring after the 3 th warining you will be kicked from the server.

Example of Powergaming is this.:
Your a bounty Hunter.
The bounty Hunter enters in the temple surounded by 100 jedi.
Bounty Hunter:Hello Jedi, Now you will die!.
He Shoots 100 times in a second and blast all the jedi that are surrounding him.
Leaves the room, trows a tomato and blows up the temple.

Metagaming, Not allowed!
What does Metagaming mean!?:
Its really simple, Metagaming is like saying things your char doesnt know in game like asking a friend in the ooc where he is and then help him if he needs any help.
Other example of Metagaming is saying someones name aka you see someone that you dont know In game, you press tab see his name and you say it like this:
You press TAB, you see his name let it be Pala Shakar
You:Hello Pala Shakar its pleasure to meet you.
Pala Shakar:From where do you know my name, who are you and what do you want from me?
You in ooc:I pressed TAB and i saw your name, dont piss me off >:I.
This will get you Punishment, probably a sleep for 10 minutes.

Its when a lot of people are killing each other without a reason....Its not allowed and doing this will bring you sleep and if you continio doing it you will get kicked out from the server.

Disturbing the role play!Not allowed!
What we mean is, you cannot run into a role play and start shooting at random places and this includes jumping around like idiot wating for someone to start a convo with you.
Braking this rule will bring you sleep for 10 minuts.

Ads! Not allowed!
This is giving server ips on our server, doing this will cause you Ban forver!

Attacking an community or Atttacking another community for us!Not allowed!
We don't tolirate attacks versus other community's neither to ours!
Attacking other communitys will get you ban!
Attacking us will get you ban aswell!

Flaming,spaming and raging.Not allowed!
Starting a flame war isnt allowed no one likes to see One big Ooc spam with such a words like "FU KIss my ass newb ect ect ect" Spaming and flaming will get you silenced for 10 minutes.

And Less OOC More RP!

Copyright To Krisko
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Info for the server.
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