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 Corenth Shendo, jedi initiate.

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PostSubject: Corenth Shendo, jedi initiate.   Mon Jun 14, 2010 10:30 am

name: Corenth Shendo

age: 17

eye color: light blue, cyan

homeworld: naboo

species: human

gender: male

family: father(Rocen), mother(Revana), sister(Serena), brother(Theron)

character theme:

faction/group: jedi

rank: jedi initiate

force sensitive/user: yes

midicolorian count: 14,520

skin: jedi customization plus pack, easy to find on jk3files

language acknowledgements: basic, ryl(fluent without lekku's), can translate shyriiwook but not speak it, rodian, kel'dor

Light force enlightenment
[+45] <----
Dark force submission

appearance:blond hair, goatee, lightblue eyes, strong, courageous, muscular, brown robes over gold armor

attitude: can be very friendly if treated kindly, get into a fight with him, he goes dead serious, confident, courageous, not easily frightened, protective of friends and those he cares about, when he's friendly he can be very gentle

description & back-round history:


corenth was born to the family of a very wealth merchant king(he wasnt a real king but i think you get the point) named Rocen. His mother was Revana. his parents raised him greatly, teaching him how to be polite, how to trust others, and how to help those in need. at age 5 he was sent to school like all the other kids, but there was a difference. corenth was very intelligent, even for his age. a few months after he turned 5, his parents had another child, his only sister. she was called serena. he would do his best to memorize everything, although truthfully noone can remember EVERYTHING but he did his best. he progressed very well. there was one problem he always had in school, he was picked on by bullies every day. at age 10 his father decided to send him to a school where he would learn to fight, a martial arts school. He progressed through the ranks of the class. and he no longer had problems with the bullies. the next time he got into a fight, he defended himself and practically knocked out the bullies, they ran off after being defeated. he never had to worry anymore. what shocked the teachers was that he didnt use his fighting skills to pick on anyone, but to help those who were bullied, this he learned from his parents. at age 11 he grew a major interest in technology. he learned all he could about engines, hyperdrives, weapons, armor plating, sensors, etc.. he grew into an expert techy. By the time he was 12, his sister and shown she had powers, apparently force sensitive, but she couldnt control it at all, and instead of being sent to the jedi or something, she was locked away in a mental facility(you know, the kind they keep the nutjobs in). corenth was there when he last saw his sister before she was locked up, he knew that because he didnt help her, she was angry at him and their father. that was the last he saw of her.

(note, if anyone wants to you can make and rp corenth's sister, wont bother me in the slightest)

Teen years

he grew up to be a strong confident young man. reached black belt status at his martial arts school by age 15, but before that, his father taught him many useful things. he taught corenth how to drive a landspeeder, and eventually even a speeder bike. when he was old enough and ready, he went to flight school and learned to pilot starships and fighters at age 16. one day while he was walking down the streets of theed city, he spotted a few thugs beating on an old man for money. he quickly reacted and defended the old man. but he was far too outnumbered and they pushed him around. He grew angry at this. out of anger his force sensitivity revealed itself to him and he pushed all the thugs into walls, knocking them all out.(note, what he used was a force power called maelstrom, but ingame he doesnt know what it is yet, he'll learn once he starts his studies, it's a legit power, also, im not sure if it's considered a dark power or not, but im thinking not) he was shocked, and once again since his childhood, scared. after helping the old man, he headed back home and told his parents. his father knew of the new jedi order and knew it was the best idea to send him off. on his 17th birthday, corenth was shipped off to the jedi.
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PostSubject: Re: Corenth Shendo, jedi initiate.   Mon Jun 14, 2010 2:39 pm

Ok the bipgraphy is good ready for approve but on this era Jedi that where not taken for padawans till the age of 15 where sent elswhere depends on their powers...My advice is that to chance the age to 15 but if you want you can still stay on 17 there are few masters that take Padawans at this age...

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Corenth Shendo, jedi initiate.
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