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 Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina

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PostSubject: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:15 am

Silena Kushina
Human/Miraluka(has the potentional to be one)
Jedi Knight/Jedi Sentinal
Physical Description:
(Wings hiddin in Clothes picture)

Mother(Deceased), Father(Deceased), Older Sister(Recently Killed from Dark Jedi), Older brother\Glen Kushina (The Dark jedi knight that killed her parents), Stephany Kushina(older sister/Missing)
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Skin Tone/Colour:
Basic, Ryl, Selkath, Hutteese, Jawaeese, Binary droid language(cant speak it but understands it), and Shryiiwook(cant speak it but understands it)
Theme Songs
Silena's Theme:
Silena in love with Martin/as well as Martins secret:
Silena Vs Glen Kushina:
Silena watching her loved one die/Silena seeing her Idol as a darksider: [url]
Silena and master Dorian Vertex:
Silena's Trials:
Silena Finnaly a Jedi knight and looking for an apprentice:
Kind, Shy, can be quite welcoming, is alone most of the time
Force Powers:
Mind Trick:2
Force Repulse
Force Blast
Animal Friendship(is able to communicate and tame animals, has known this ability since she was young with her older sister)
Force Visions(mainly of the future and some of the past)


At a age 2 for Silena Cervas, she had to witness the death of her parents luckily at her age her sister was age 18 and was legally able to watch and protect Silena Cervas. Her sister Serena was a Kind, protective and strong sister that always supported Silena every time a tough decision came along the way. Along the way Silenas sister Serena decided they should live on Onderon since it was a nice, calm and peaceful planet to stay and live. However little did they now there parents were also once jedi before their parenting lives, and thats when Dark jedi had found Silena and Serena. Their was only 2 Dark Jedi there one of them however was able to find Serena and kill her. When Silena saw and witnessed this she was devistated she took the lightsaber that she had practiced with every day and was able to take out the 2 dark jedi that seemed like they were both at the initiate level since they were both using Shii cho but not properly. When the fight continued and there was one last Initiate she finnaly beat to the ground, the dark jedi knight came over saying "My my... you have changed since you were born, but very good on defeating both my apprentices... now kill both of them" she looked over with her killer eyes wanting to, but she knew deep down her sister would want her to make a choice like this. From this thought she disignited and said "no... I wont kill them, I would be no better then them if I killed them". The Dark Jedi knight looked to Silena in confusion then said "its a pitty you say that little silena... your father and mother would be most depressed that you didnt kill them or your parents killer" he pointed to himself. Silena grew angry looking at his parents killer as well as his sisters killer she ran over trying to attack him as she charged towards him he grabbed a hold of her saber hand then her throat throwing her and pinning her down to the ground. He kneeled down to her on the ground saying "Dont be to overconfident of things you cant take care of yet, besides your parents would be mad to see you throwing your life away this easyily". However she got up kicking his hands away and bringing her saber to her hands attacking him as he ignited holding her there when they both placed hands to force push each other they were caught between both there own force attacks seeing who would overpower the opponent, of course because of how Silena was still an initiate to the force she was pushed back into a tree unconcious the Dark jedi knight kept himself up and walked off killing his own dark jedi initiates that failed him on the ground. He went on away and further away from Silena until he was out of her sight.

Silena Cervas keeping her saber in a hold with the Unknown Dark Jedi Knight

When Silena woke up she got up seeing the dead bodies she took whatever credits the dark jedi initiates had on them and ran off looking for the close by village were she might be able to find some help. She entered a local cantina nowing many freighter pilots were there to help her, the reason she chose to go by freighter pilots was because she knew this unknown dark jedi would probably be looking for her more and probably wouldnt be looking for her by freighter ships. When she found 2 pilots that could help her there was a fee 300 credits luckily from her experience from dark jedi she was able to pay for it and meet them in the hanger later waiting to go off Onderon.

Silena Talking to the Freighters for there help

When She finnaly arrived to the hanger and entered the ship the 2 freighter pilots took her by suprise bashing her head with there pistols and tying her up putting her in the back of the ship. When she awakened one of the gaurds were looking down at her he said "So beut thought you could escape the Dark Jedi's hand, why do you think it was so obvious we allowed you on our ship he planned this and is waiting for you, soon you will be in his hands" Silena looked up saying "You dont understand hes just using you he will kill both of you!!!". The gaurd said to her "ya and what proof of that?" she only replied saying "Hes a Dark Jedi Knight they can never be trusted" the gaurd went on thinking that for a moment, before the pilot walked in saying "the ships on autopilot to coruscant, we will be there soon" he then left the room watching the ships autopilot. The gaurd then asked "What is your name?" Silena replied "My name is Silena Cervas, what is your name?" the gaurd replied "Martin Stago... listen carefully Silena, I have a sick family if you could help me take out the pilot I will fly you to were ever you want to go and I wont bring you to that dark jedi". Silena looked up at this opertune moment and she replied "Ok I will help you but you will have to fly me to any planet I agree on" martin looked to her agreeing then he went over getting his pistol ready as Silena got her saber ready and when the pilot didnt notice she attacked the Pilot knocking him out, Martin came over and shot him in the head so he would not be alive any more then sat in the seat taking controls Martin looked at the controls in dismay saying "hes got us set for coruscant we have no choice but to go there", Silena looked up seeing this as a problem but went with it any ways making there way to Coruscant unsure of what was to become of both of them.

When the ship made it to the atmosphere of Coruscant it made its way down to the a hanger in the streets, Martin got off the ship and Silena took her money back from the dead pilot. When they made there way off the ship they were greeted by the usual hanger greeters asking for a fee for the parking they didnt pay for, they paid about 50 credits for the spot for as long as they needed it for then made there way exploring around Coruscant. After eating at a cantina they made there way to a hotel to spend the night however Martin was really unsure of sleeping was a good idea he was up the whole night however he spended doing so in a downstairs bar in the hotel. As Martin was down in the bar drinking Silena went on having visions of the future seeing Martin had been changed turned to the darkside, as well as the fact soon she would have to confront the dark jedi knight finding out a sickening truth. Meanwhile down in the bar as martin went on drinking The dark jedi knight grabbed him by the throat except for one difference of himself now he was trained in the miralukan ways he went deep into his mind then said "If you dont turn Silena... I will kill you with one thought" then Martin said "But but but but... what if i cant turn her!?!?!?" the dark jedi knight replied back to him saying "Then you will kill her..." he let go of him disappearing into the darkness.

As Martin was walking with Silena in the alley ways he looked alot as if he was hiding something from Silena, at first she noticed such asking if everything was ok with him he only responded that "yes everything was fine" at the moment, and then an idea came to Martin he asked if Silena would like to go to Naboo. Silena thought that would be a good idea nowing they had nothing to do at the time, so they made there way to there ship heading to the Naboo. Martin did everything he could to make it special for her, and at the same time Silena grew a little suspicious as to why he was acting this way at first, but got use to it a little later on. As night came and they both had been drinking one of the most magical moments that silena knew happened they were kissing in love a little. Martin everyday however found it harder and harder to kill some one he had fallen in love with until the point when he sensed the Dark Jedi Knights Presence was getting closser to there location.

Many months later as they got to now each other much better it happened the dark jedi knight found Martin, and he was most displeased that Silena had not been killed yet. He was holding Martin in the air with his saber ignited talking to him and cursing to him swearing he was going to kill him since he did not do so, and little did he know that Silena was watching him in the closet. Then Martin noticed she was hidding there, and quickly the dark jedi came up with the same idea she was there and he said "Oh Silena come on out... or I kill martin". It was less then a second she walked out, with the dark jedi knight looking at her he said "We have much to discuss on how much you have grown... got a boyfriend by the looks of it and your family" she only said back to him "I have no family left...". The man looked down to her oddly saying "so you think but very little do you now, you have an older brother out there" silena's eyes widened as she asked "WERE IS HE!?!?!" The dark jedi knight pointed to himself saying "I am him... Glen Kushina!". Silena said "Your... your lieing no Kushina would do this or act like this" Glen only replied saying "Im sorry but I am the only dark one of the family now hand yourself over to me or Martin dies...". She ignited her lightsaber as he dropped Martin attacking at her as the fight continued she was able to make him lose his saber as he used the force to throw her off to the side, and it was only moments till he retrieved his saber throwing it at Martin as it crushed through his chest she tried to run over to stop it, but was to late. Silena got really mad trying to go at Glen once more but she was stopped by him being thrown agaisnt the ground as he walked away the Jedi entered into the seen arresting him and taking him to there detention cells. Silena was taken to the jedi as well for training unaware of what would come next to her.

Jedi Initiate years

"Now the Real story begins..."

[color:dcb6=#fe0]As Silena was now growing up in the temple maturing more she learned so much more about the force and her hiddin ability to communicate and tame other animals around her she even was able to tame a small bird which she named "Tweety" to have as a friend. Now times were growing even more tough wit the work she was given but she stayed on top of all her studies preparing to become an apprentice and hopefully become a jedi knight. She mainly studied Saber stances since she already knew 2 stances which were Soresu and Shii cho. One of the masters watched her as she practiced alot on those 2 stances his name was Master Dorian Vertex, a sentinal in the jedi order. He became close friends with Silena, and later on became more of a father figure towards her helping her out in the jedi training. Later on, because of how he was so impressed with Silena's Initiate improvements he chose her as his new apprentice, and so she accepted learning the ways of a jedi Sentinal.

Master Dorian Vertex

Jedi Apprentice Years

As Silena was put into the hands to be trained by Master Dorian Vertex she was put through the toughest of training to be a sentinal since all sentinals were equal in all abilities that a jedi should know meaning knowing both the force and saber stances. However she never gave up she paid the utmost attention to her training, with the training there also grew many missions that she had to do with her master and when ever the most gravest of things happened she always turned out in the end to be saving her master or her master saving her. However on one of the missions she did with her master was the last she was walking down an empty corridor on correlia investigating a murder scene of a senator. She made her way down the hall to hear 2 sabers ignited fighting each other and when Silena made it to Master Dorian Vertex he saw his saber was red that of a dark jedi knights and Silena looked at it in disbelief that once again her very own idol was a dark jedi knight. Master Dorian Vertex said "Im sorry Silena I now you have suffered alot... but this is my choice and you can do what you want to redeem but I wont change". Silena being as angry as she was ignited her saber attacking and the fight began in the dark corridors as the fight continued much blood was shed and feelings were shown but she tried controlling them as much as she could until she accidently cut off his hand seeing him on the floor begging for mercy. She wanted to kill him so much but she knew this wasnt the jedi way if she did so, instead she had to suffer the fate of watching him in a detention cell but as her reward the jedi council thought it was time of Silena's trials.

Jedi Trials

As all jedi trials went she, went to the council room as asked and said the code of the jedi without making one single mistake but also since she was one of the only sentinals there she had to show them her skill she had learned from the time Dorian was not a dark jedi knight. She had to take on a tough hologram a Darth Malek hologram that was not very easy she barely defeated the hologram throwing him down to his doom, and that was the begginning of her knighthood as she was knighted. Now everyday she makes her daily visits to her brother and Dorian checking up on them and hoping soon to find an apprentice.

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PostSubject: Re: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   Wed Nov 24, 2010 9:59 am

I guess no one will bother making an Imperial Charecter anytime soon...Awaiting the major editing.


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PostSubject: Re: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:58 pm

well i can have her as also a representive of the jedi to see the imperials once and awhile
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PostSubject: Re: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:54 pm

Approved. Have fun.


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PostSubject: Re: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:02 am

im gonna num num this char
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PostSubject: Re: Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina   

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Newest Jedi Knight and younger sister to Stephany kushina
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