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 Kirana Solace - Jedi Knight

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PostSubject: Kirana Solace - Jedi Knight   Kirana Solace - Jedi Knight Icon_minitimeFri Jun 11, 2010 9:59 am

Name: Kirana Solace

Age: 21

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Family: Younger Brother(Missing), Parents(dead)

Eye Colour: Blue

Faction: Jedi

Rank: Knight

Homeworld: Onderon

Force Sensative/User: Yes

Force Powers:
Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Jump: 3
Push: 2
Pull: 2
Speed: 2
Sense: 2
Heal: 2
Absorb: 1
Protect: 2
MindTrick: 1
[Force alignment]
Light Force Enlightenment

[0] <---
Dark Force Submission

Appearance: Kirana Solace - Jedi Knight N47374269811_781

Bio: Kirana was allways a quiet girl.....very shy too...her mother had no choice but to give her to the Jedi, Kirana was never told why...she spent most of her life there...well....acctually her whole life there...Kirana was taught by several masters in training sessions....she had a rivalry with one of the other students called... Anoria Conamira....Anoria and Kirana were allways the best in their lessons they were good a force combat and saber combat...its like
They were the of the knights had to pick one of the Younglings to came down to Kirana and Anoria.....the knight picked Anoria.... Kirana was sadened by this.... so she keeps on training at her best....she even met Jainia once.... although Jainia thought i wasnt time for her to train Kirana....yet anyways....

Whenever Anoria is around Kirana she feels upset...sometimes angry that Anoria was picked...Kirana ran away one night....and was hiding below in the shadows of Courscant....Anoria was sent to find her.... same as Jainia...a thug ran into Kirana.... and took her to a cantina... the thug took her to a hutt on the planet as a bounty... Jainia and Anoria
Got there just in time.... the hutt tried to escape while his Subordinates defend him....the thug attacked too.... Kirana ran into a corner crying...Defenseless...

Once Jainia and Anoria killed everyone.... the thug grabbed a gun and shot Anoria.... Kirana was shocked.....she picked up a sword and thrusted it through the thugs heart.....Jainia watched as it happend.... when it was over.... Kirana went with Jainia to the temple carrying Anoria's dead body.... Kirana kept Anoria's lightsaber along with her training saber so she will remember her... ever since that day... Jainia has kept an Eye over Kirana as she
Trains her best so she will nearly be as good as Anoria was.

A few years later Kirana had been picked by Jainia after watching over her and seeing how well she was getting on with her combat. Kirana's been on missions to Ossus, Corellia to uncover a weapons smuggling deal, Taspir, Chandrilla and Fondor. She's been trained on the Ice cold planet Hoth to be able to cope in Cold Climates and taught survival tactics, also for the same
Thing in the Dune Sea on Tatooine, Created two Lightsabers; Blue and Green.

2 years after that Kirana had been Ranked up to Knight. She sees Jainia occasionally, mostly for a friendly chat or incase she wanted help on missions... it was like Jainia was a sister to her. three days after her birthday she was given a mission to go to Onderon to solve a series of murders that have been occuring all of them had been choked to death.

Kirana set out two days after prepairing herself going from house to house to investigate the murders. They all died of some way of Choking althought nothing was found that they could of choked on... one day she came across a young boy along with a hooded man standing over a dead body, the boy was holding his hand out in a fist, the woman was choking on the floor, she barely managed to say the words 'Help Me'.

The hooded man turned around seeing the two lightsabers on her belts, ''Ah... i see the Jedi have actually come to see what's going on...'' The young boy turns around, she notices the name Solace on the boy's Necklace, shes in shock, The hooded guy pulls out a metal hilt, igniting a red blade and attacks Kirana. Kirana defends herself with her own lightsabers entering into a lightsaber battle. It went on for several hours untill the hooded man felt he could no-longer carry on, he grabs hold of the boy and sped off to his fighter, Kirana chased after him but he was too fast. Kirana then goes back to her own ship and sets off for Courscant.

Diary Comlink Entry Recordings: Hoth.

Entry #1: We landed on Hoth. I can feel the coldness already, its making me shiver and sent chills down my spine and we've managed to set up a camp near the ship, anyways got to stop writing... a snow storm's coming soon...

Entry #2: we've been here two days now, we've almost ran out of supplies... mostly food, so we've had to find any creatures that might live on this planet and eat them when we run out of food supplies... I've sort of gotten used to the coldness but still the blizzards are ALOT worse...

Entry #3: Master Jainia has sent me out to find food and whats worse is im doing this in the middle of a blizzard!! *Static* *Roar* wh-what the hell?! hmm... wonder wahts in there *Roar!* uhh... bad idea...*Static*
*screaming heard* *more static* AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Entry ended*

Entry #4: *static* ugh.... great... some... Thing just came and took me to this... Cave, its feeding off of Tauntaun meat and what looks like... Humans *gasp* *more static* damnit got to find my little... blow torch...*ruffling noises heard* bingo! *something starts wistling in the background, then a thud happens* *more static* ouch... that....*static* hurt... uh-oh... now this is gonna get ugly! *Roar in the back ground and thumping noises* *a metal sound in background followed by a screaching Roar* wow... *ruffling noises* now then lets see what you are... * Scanning Scanning* a Wampa??... that could feed me and Jainia for quite a while...*more ruffling noises* right... lets pick you up *static* or drag you...

Entry #5: Master Jainia seemed impressed with what i managed to bring home... two tauntaun's and a wampa all dragged... it hurt my back, they were heavy too.. if i had a Lightsaber it would of been much easier...

Diary Comlink Entry Recordings: Courscant

Entry #1: Jainia's helped me find parts for my Lightsaber from other planets, She's even provided me with a Green Lightsaber crystal, although i managed to salvage a Blue one back on Ossus... I think I might have enough parts for possibly two Lightsabers i dont know... just see how it goes...

Entry #2: Finally i've been made a Knight, Jainia's taken me to a cantina to celebrate it *noises in background* shes like a Sister to me and a best friend she watches over me quite alot, apparently i remind her of her little Sister but... she past away at the age of 4, Jainia was only 17 at that time... but anyways I'm going on a mission to Onderon in a few days... something about mystery murders or something... *sighs*
guess i'll enjoy the celebration also its my 21'st birthday...
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Kirana Solace - Jedi Knight
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